Monday, January 25, 2010

Thank You NY Jets

Even though they came up short they managed to capture the imagination of NYC. Coach Ryan and Sanchez have the charisma to take the city for a while. This city belongs to the Giants and Yankees. If you are the Mets, Jets or even Nets you need a special player with Charisma and rare talent to be relevant. Even Bill Parcels with his large personality did not make the Jets the top card in NYC. Coach Ryan has done this with
his energy, optimism and creative defenses.


The Pagan Temple said...

Why do the Jets stay in New York? They will never have enough support there to enable them to build a consistently top-notch team. Wait and see if the one they have now don't fall apart within two or three years at most, and then it will be another forty years before they have another one that will last a year or two.

They should go someplace where they'd would be appreciated, like say Montpelier or Bangor. Could they be any worse off

Same for the Mets.

Steve Harkonnen said...


Now you know how someone from Detroit feels about our Lions.