Friday, January 08, 2010

Commies Perplexed

Commies frequently ask "why do they hate us" except that they never ask it about themselves. Commies live in a fantasy world where they think they speak for the planet.They attempt to co-opt a range of larger movements via subterfuge and pretend that they speak for entire movements.

Native Americans are a unique people within America. Commies pick out a few unhinged types and pretend that these extremists speak for all Indians. Then again plenty of American Indians serve in the Armed forces. No doubt commies will claim they served because of poverty. However, this rationalization is only another part of a series of lies Communists regularly tell. The crimes against Native Americans belong to those communities. Any attempt by Commies to advance their cause via those crimes is cultural theft. This is especially amusing when Mazzola Marxists play the America born in original sin for crimes against Native Americans while rationalizing crimes of commies in the 80's against Indians. Have the folks in the Hauge decided to try Daniel Ortega yet? While the butchery of Indians continued Chomsky, Gomer Kerry, Dodd, Rangel, Harkin and Ed Assner sung their praises. No doubt the Mazzola Marxists also ignore Communist butchery of the Hmong.

Communists also never get around to wondering why they have to create front groups and conceal who they are. Their history makes any claims of moral judgment comedic.
Commies claim to speak for working class people who flee their utopias as every opportunity.

When commies have to defend their record, history and hypocrisy they cry McCartyite
and have no response.


Ducky's here said...

Off topic but maybe you would like to comment, Beak?

Andy Warhol moved the Factory from 47th Street (the building was being torn down) to the sixth floor of 33 Union Square West, the eleven story Union Building across Union Square Park from S. Kleins, one and a half blocks from Max’s ... the Communist party still had their offices on the eighth floor.


Does this mean that Warhol was a commie? Say it ain't so, Beak.

Ducky's here said...

Barry Wants White Women Nude
by David Yeagley · January 8, 2010 · 13 Comments ·

Barry’s dream comes true.

Barry “Obama” Soetoro finally strips white American women naked.

The upshot of the new “Obama” homeland security plan is to strip women naked. That would be white, American women. Islam, then, has succeeded in humiliating the white American to the final degree: Islam has stripped America naked, in public, to be dragged through the streets of the internet.


That's right folks, airport screeners gone wild. Only on

Beak, you have to admit that he's hit a new level of weird with this one.

beakerkin said...

I don't get the gay angle either,
That whole post should have hit the cutting room floor. Everyone is going to be checked not just white women.

This one is more silly than anything else.

CM said...


Why didn't yeagley use a short fat white woman..betty anns' form for his example? Tall skinny White woman with exposed breast? Why not Janet Jacksons' exposed breast he protested? He can show more, yet he protests others!

This is for the safety of all travelers, they have a choice of pat down or full body scanner. I would not trust a tall white woman. The enemy has tricked us with so much, next he might use the much loved Tall skinny white blond woman next, when she doesn't have to utter a word and expose her accent she could be any Nationality with a wig! But men like yeagley will see her beautiful blond form and allow her passage. I would not give anyone a choice, use the body scanners or stay home.

Yeagley needs concentrate on the American Renaissance location, seems they keep changing it..even offering pseudonlyms for attendees. Too late for yeagley, he's so proud and eager to embarrass the Indians. If he fails in his speech to impress the white Nationalists, he will blame it on the Indians...When will he stop using us?


beakerkin said...


I did ask Yeagley why he would want to attend such an event. He said he needs to get his message out.

You couldn't get me in that room under any circumstances. Racial power
dolts are really the bottom of the barrel. Only communists are lower on the pariah meter.

CM said...


yeagley finially admits he is "NOT" something....Unbelievable!!!! His judgment of people,studying the People of color and comparing them with his white WASP Conservative Harvard beliefs while admonishing them when they cannot agree sounds like he is practicing with no license. Strange medicine man indeed...


The_Editrix said...

"Native Americans are a unique people within America. Commies pick out a few unhinged types and pretend that these extremists speak for all Indians."

Well, not only COMMIE extremists do that.

Apropos, as much as I hate to agree with the Duck, Yeagley's latest is really precious. Every time one thinks he can't sink any lower, he proves that, yes, he can. If I understand his drivel correctly, he is saying that Obama wants to see white women naked, but is really a tool of white male homosexuals and don't we all know how much white male homosexuals long to see white women naked.

Again, the pervert is projecting big time and lets all the world know in the process how sexually confused and vile he is.

"I did ask Yeagley why he would want to attend such an event. He said he needs to get his message out."

Yeah, right. And his message is that of jealousy and deep contempt for the Jews hidden under a thin layer of professed admiration. As if you didn't knew that, Beak! You are an ass to talk to him at all.

I never considered being white as something that first and foremost shaped my identity. Let me explain what I mean: I recently came across an (Americocentric and fairly balanced) discussion about race at an Internet forum. A black woman there stated, that whites are jealous of blacks, because, different from them, who possess a defined "black" identity, whites don't have a "white" identity. I thought about it and it occured to me how pathetic and sad that is. Blacks in America have an identity because of their past as slaves and no idividual traditions and contributions to our mutual culture with which we whites, Scots, Germans, English, whoever, can identify. (And of course, in Africa, where blacks DO have different identities, they all love each other with a passion and sing Kumbayah together.) What Yeagley, the Stormfronters and their likes are doing is to reduce us to a faceless mass with no tradition and nothing to be proud of than our white skin. What a history-forgotten, undignified bunch of morons!

But when I see how critters like the Great Not-Quite-White Pontificator and his asswipes must hate every look at their not-quite-white mugs in the mirror, I look at my white face in the mirror and smile. People like that bring out the worst in me.

beakerkin said...

The Doc's latest is just absurd. I would concede this were he just stating the scans are invasive.

The rhetoric about white women, gays and Mulims running the white house are just off the wall.

The Black community is more complex than just slavery. The only connection of Obama to Slavery in America is that his white mother's radical family owned them. There is a large contingent of Africans in the USA, especially NYC and Caribbeans.

I have raised the fact that Yeagley is as White as Obama mathematically. How or why anyone would want to attend this event is beyond me.

The_Editrix said...

"How or why anyone would want to attend this event is beyond me."

How or why anyone would address the (black) President of the United States as "boy" is beyond me either. Well, not really. He'd say "niggerboy", but he doesn't dare -- yet and just. I still think that our German laws that protect our head of state from insult are a good thing.

Look at the bright side, Beak! Can you imagine how many attendees at that event will clandestinely wipe or wash their hands after having shaken his? Or will go out of their way NOT to have to? This amuses me no end. (Did I say that that ... man brings out the worst in me?)

Of course the scans are invasive. And largely unnecessary. If we'd, like the Israelis, focus on the travellers, and not on the potential weapons, all that wouldn't be necessary. But that would be racist, right?

This is interesting. Of course, they have air marshals as well.

(Yes, Duck, it's the rabid Kahanist speaking and you can come and get a good "Aryan"-Catholic asskicking from me!)

beakerkin said...


Obama and the economy has brought out the worst in some. The rhetoric
of Yeagley is wrong on many levels.
I am glad my country does not have laws where public figures are shielded from abuse. The Bush = Hitler bit was every bit as wrong as Yeagley's racial rants. I want to point out that on a certain level some of the Obama rants are precedented. Abe Lincoln, a President I admire, was derided as Ape Lincoln. A certain amount of this goes with the job.

Israel is a small country with fewer ports and real estate to guard. There is also much confusion
over what is or is not profiling and or probable cause. From a legal expert at work.

Person X comes from a country where
crime Z has been established. Crime
Z is a threat to national security.

If we question person X because he is convicted of crime Z this is not
profiling. The person needs to be investigated thoroughly.

If we do the same investigation of person X with no indication of criminal conduct or warning factors this is racial profiling and wrong. There is plenty of confusion about this.

Even a discussion over when we should ask for extra evidence from
overseas is complicated. The rule in such areas is reasonable doubt and probable cause. Many officials are paralyzed with fears of being called a racist or being sued.

Ducky's here said...

Sorry Editrix, I'm waiting to read something on Beaks blog about the deal Likud struck with British Gas (Brit energy companies tend to be even more disgusting than American) to control the gas fields of Gaza.

But pick a topic and this veteran of the Boston Catholic worker house will happily kick your fascist fundamentalist arse. It does become a bore because a drawback of fundamentalism is their dogma doesn't allow them to think.

beakerkin said...


You are more fundamentalist than any of the religious types you mock.

Development of resources is good. The folks in Gaza need to return to Egyptian governance.

Egypt needs to take control of the area, develop businesses and toss commies out. They did the planet a great service in tossing out Galloway. He needs to be deported to Iran because he is so in love with the government there.

The_Editrix said...

"But pick a topic and this veteran of the Boston Catholic worker house will happily kick your fascist fundamentalist arse."

*Yawn* Whatever topic, Ducky!

Ducky's here said...

Ah the Beak is holding court not unlike the old days where You could tell when a celebrity had made it out of Rehab when they showed up as ‘Mr. Conductor’ on Thomas the Tank Engine’s Shining Time Station.