Monday, August 20, 2007

Being Defined bya Moment in Time and a Full Circle. My Early 9-11 Thoughts

Another year has passed and 9-11 grows closer to history. Those of you who are long term readers know my experiences and I will not bore you with repetition. We all know the story heroes, villians as parasitic crass political whores.

9-11 is part of my life as is the 93 blast. Those of you who do not read this blog may have forgotten the WTC was attacked in 93. As each year goes by our memories fade. Who other than UI remembers Ari Halberstam or Robert Stethem. Commies can remember Baruch Goldstein or Timothy McVeigh. How many of us can name the person who shot up the office in Seattle or LAX. Does anyone remember Hassan Akbar and his crime?

It is important we remember that day and all the other smaller crimes caused by Jihadism, Jihadis are like commies and your death is meaningless if it gets in the way of their Utopian scams. We will remember the crimes of Michael Vick for decades. However, the same people who rail about Vick rationalize severing heads, blowing up Pizzerias and killing Native Americans in Nicaragua in the name of Social Justice. What is wrong with people who endorse collectivist butchery of humans and then pass judgement on Michael Vick.

It is important to understand the roots of evil. Yet we should understand the story does not begin or end on 9-11. As Americans we should define ourselves by our Constitution, wonderful history, independent secular judiciary ( hopefully free of freaks like Ginsburg and the National Lawyers Guild) and our way of life.

Do note that the leadership of the Antiwar movement is Communist. They are practicing revolutionary defeatism right out of the play book of Lenin. They sneer at every action of our country while venerating Casto, Chavez or the butchers of Kulaks. They will rationalize and spin every action against the United Statesby any enemy, no matter how depraved and warped. They will make absurd claims to avoid their history, such as I am a Trotskyite. However, Trotsky was a war criminal whose record of human rights abuses was well known. Commies also depend on your historical ignorance pretending all genocide starts and ends with Stalin. This is not true and Trotsky lost a power play and any guess as to what his actions might have been is speculation. However, the record established clearly points to more criminality. Stephen Schwartz, a former Trotskyist ( He earned respect all others are Troskyites) claims evidence points Trotsky was on his way to testifying about Stalinist espoinage in America when he had a meeting with an ice pick.

Communists, Anarchists, Greens and Jihadis are the enemies of our country. They rail at our every action in a self righteous furor. Many of these people are trying to relive their glory days when their treason led to the brutalization of the people in South East Asia up until the current date. They feigned ignorance at the realities of communism. As reports of Killing Fields came from Cambodia people like Noam Chomsky called these eye witnesses liars based upon obscure Australian Communist Journals with three digit circulation. They pretend that Communism has improved lives, but the record of repression is clear. They were complicit with a criminal conspiracy and called their betters baby killers. The facts were refugees always went to areas
held by Americans and away from the Commie held areas. There were also no mass refugee camps until or boat people until Commies made the lives of poor intollerable.

What we should learn from our history is not to become cartoons like our Communist enemies. 9-11 is one of a series of attacks by a people who like Communists feel it is their right to rule the world. We do not want to walk around in a fog like John Kerry who spent three months in Vietnam and the rest of his life betraying his fellow soldiers and country. We need to understand
that 9-11 was carried out by a people who think it is their divine right to rule the world.

On 9-11 I reached a crossroad in my life. A simple trip downtown placed me at the center of the winds of history. It wasn't my first brush with this as I survived the 93 blast but did not know it at the time. In the aftermath I began to wonder about my life and life in general. Suddenly being a fashion manager didn't mean anything. I was just a part of a machine or a number in some remote leger sheet. Is this what most of us are? In reality we do touch lives in our families and even with that of our coworkers but this is human nature. I was too old to pick up a gun, so I looked for a job where I could serve the country I love and change lives.

I will be returning to NYC in a job located within walking distance from Ground Zero. Beaker critics note I will be working in terrorist target number one in NYC. The reality is that I do change lives each and every day but in reality larger question of policy sanity and the ponderousness of government remain. I am just a cog in another machine and the reality is government work is frustrating and we are limited by rules and endless red tape. Those who work in theprivate sector realize that you may make critical choices to achieve objectives, but in government any deviation can get you fired.

For me 9-11 was the critical moment in time where I looked back at my life and wondered about relevance. Those of you like TMW, Warren, Justin and so forth do not have to look for relevance in the same manner I do. Religious people serve a higher calling and the best live with a divine grace. Those of you who feel the love inherent in a normal life affirming religious experience have dealt with the issues of purpose and relevance long before I did. Educating a child like AOW or serving a lost soul like TMW or serving a community like Junglemom are all part of a meaningful life.

Commies have a feigned illusion of this nobilty of purpose. A woman like Junglemom will deliver education to the poor out of a higher mission. She does not interfere with the culture as much as possible save for the practice of infanticide or tending the sick. However, herding people onto collectives at gunpoint is not nobility of purpose, this is piracy and theft. Similarly, smacking planes into office buildings, severing heads and pushing senior citizens off cruise ships is barbarism.

For me the question of nobility of purpose began on 9-11. I did not want my life to be a number on a forgotten ledger sheet of forgotten companies lost in the sea of time. However, moving to government I am just on a different ledger sheet and the best lesson on the limitations of governance is to work in it. The laws and procedures serve as guidelines to protect us and set policy. The process is frustrating and slow, but ultimately it is better than the alternatives.

My life has gone full circle. The journey that began on 9-11 and has taken me to a remote section of Vermont has returned me home. All of us have these questions of nobility of purpose.
Some of us like Junglemom, Justin, TMW and many others did not need buildings to fall on them to ask those questions. There are many of us who ride the currents of life. Perhaps those who ride the currents are the norm. I learned long ago that ultimately only the person in the mirror can decide if you are happy and leading a meaningful life

Beamish in 08.

I have been noticing the Beamish in 08 slogan has been adapted by others. This is part of a joy at taking pride in our Americanism. Americanism is something we should be proud of. Some of us treat Nationalism as the dreaded N word. Let the self righteous freaks who tote Manifestos and Korans live their pathologies. I am proud of the history and accomplishments of my people
that inclde Reagan, Lincoln, Hamilton, Teddy Roosevelt and 99% of my fellow citizens.


Ducky's here said...

"until Commies made the lives of poor intollerable (sic)."

Then why do China and Vietnam have the highest economic growth rates in the world right now?

The flow of world events is so much more complicated than you seem able to see, Beak. It's just black and white to you and you keep spinning your wheels.

beakerkin said...


Growth is calculated as a percentage of previous years. The fact that Communism reduced the countries in question to the era of the Flintstones makes even the slightest improvement appear statistically relevant.

The growth you are discussing is pure Capatalism added after years of mismanagement.

It would appear basic math is beyond the Duck. You have made my point for me.


Anonymous said...

Uplifting post, beak. Save some of it for the beamish inaugural...

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

I consider it a death threat when someone claims they are a communist. It is, after all, my private property they're making designs on.

The Merry Widow said...

Exactly Mr. B.
Beaker-One of my defining moments was the first(of many) kicks from my son when I was pregnant, at that point I made the decision to not raise my child in fear. The first step? Face my fear and walk on it.
My second was rubbing my husband's feet as he breathed his last. Then I had a choice to retreat back into fear, or not.
As my presence on the internet shows, I walked on my fear.
Now I live, instead of existing.
It is a choice all of us have to make, my temperment reinforces fear, my choice eshews it.
And if my choice is to live, not cower, I also choose to encourage others to walk on their fear!
That is who I am.


FLORIAN said...

Ducky: Most of China's population lives on less than $2 a day--the thought of their "fast growing" economy is almost laughable--especially since most Chinese live in sub-standard housing. Why do you continue to defend the indefendable? Come on!

And Beak, thanks to liberals who enable terrorists with their PC views and multi-cultural BS we'll have another 9/11 in the near future I'm sure too. GW Bush could be to blame too though since he hasn't taken it hard enough to the terrorists--Afghanistan and Iraq would be glass factories by now if Patton and MacArthur were in charge of the military.

Jungle Mom said...

Very thought provoking! Evil is evil, however disguised. Truth is universal from one culture to another. We are instruments meant to make a difference in this time. We do not chose our times, we do chose how we respond to our times.

Any good I have done, is through my faith and certainly not of my own ability, but I do thank you for your high regard.
Thank you for being a part, a cog, if you will, in the machine that protects us.

Always On Watch said...

I was too old to pick up a gun, so I looked for a job where I could serve the country I love and change lives.

I remember when you came to that decision. You showed just how much you love America.

All of us have defining moments, I think--for both good and bad. But lots of people don't act on them. YOU did! Heroism, to my way of thinking.

That comment about your attending your husband in those last moments. Wow! Obviously, you had a wonderful marriage and had found your "soul mate." And you've gone on in His strength to live your life. That is heroism, too.

beakerkin said...


I thank you for your kind sentiments. I was there on 9-11 and in 93 when my city was attacked.

I pause before those anniversarries to reflect. I try not to let that day define me.


The joke is do you need a building to fall on you before you mend your ways. All of us have those life changing moments. However, 9-11 is when I began to ask the questions about purpose.

The Merry Widow said...

AoW-Isn't that what heroism is? Choosing? With a 12 yr. old Daddy's girl and a not quite 14 yr. old son, retreating was NOT an option! Thankfully, G*D gave me strength and wisdom to walk out the choice! But HE wouldn't have budged if I hadn't.
I don't consider myself heroic, I had 2 ways to go, one was favorable, the other, unacceptable. Not if you love.
Beaker-Being a mother brings you face to face with a lot of things, you have many choices to make, and each one can and will change your future and be stamped on your child for eternity. Very sobering!


Ducky's here said...

Florian, most of India's population lives on less than the average resident of China or Vietnam.

Fact is that among the quickly developing nation's, China and Vietnam are doing the best with the possible exception of Brazil.

beakerkin said...


The baseline growth percentage is calculated by previous years. The growth rate is reflected by two factors Communist malfeasance surpressed GDP. The growth is due to the additions of private enterprise willing to exploit people used to living under communism for Chump change.

Long term the India has a far better future than either country. Moreover, with its superior Universities that are better than their American counterparts they will be in good shape. It seems IIT can graduate engineers and Commerce Grads without reading Marx, Menchu or Chomsky.

nanc said...

O.T. - sorry, beak - would you like to burn some textbooks?

beakerkin said...

Burning books carries a NEGATIVE
image so I would like to place copies of Marx, Trotsky, Chomsky in a vile of urine or make pictures of famous commies in elephant dung. Lets see how the left likes its own being treated in the way that they treat Christian symbols.

Justin said...

Duckbill: "Then why do China and Vietnam have the highest economic growth rates in the world right now?"

For an educated person you are pretty ignorant. Book learning doesnt make up for living but then I forget the left lives only in the mind.

The highest economic growth rate of China means what to you. Do you think the poor of China are partaking in this great growth? Well, I hate to pop your socialist lovin little bubble but they arent.

The only people getting rich off this is the Government Party leaders, the Customs officials and the Chinese Mafia, Yes, Ducky there is a Chinese Mafia and it would make the Mafia here look like little lord faunteroys.

People may own their house but they dont own the land it sits on and if the government decides they want the land out you go and down comes the house and no, you dont get a damn dime for it. You just have to move on and live on the street. Ask the thousands who have lost their house because of the Olympics.

You think the new factory worker is getting rich off this new economy. Think again factory owners are told how much they can pay and what if any benifits the workers get. Most workers wind up working 7 days a week 14 and 15 hour days just to get by. Ask me I know we own a factory there. We are not allowed to give incentive bonuses, health care, and Duck if we didnt have a cafeteria that we run for free for our workers many of them would not eat that day. Sometimes that is the only meal they get.

Now Duck just as to how well this Communist Government takes care of its people. You have heard of all the poisons in the food we imported right? You have heard of all the Toys being recalled because of Lead right? That is nothing as to what is going on in the populace of China and their government turns a blind eye. They do enough just for window dressing and that is it to keep the western powers off their backs but believe me the people are suffering far worse.

Yes Ducky China is a big economy but the poor people do not benifit. They are nothing more than cattle to keep the corrupt officials fed.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

We should be impressed that a sudden end of all trade between China and the United States would immediately reduce China's GDP by around 5% and reduce America's GDP by around 18%. We've got a lot of investment in our "most favored" trade partner.

But China's not going to do anything too reckless. For one thing, that 5% hit to China's GDP mentioned above is just their exported products that America buys. Another 2% hit to China's GDP would be Wal-Mart not needing to pay rent on warehousing over there. And so on. They need us far more than we need them.

We practically own the Chinese economy. 2.5 trillion dollar GDP? Wow, those hard working Chinese can almost afford to run the US government for a year and a half! But the real bottom line is no matter how cheap the labor is in China, America's one of the few nations on Earth that can afford it.

Get back to work on my disposable TV set, Hop Sing.

Justin said...

Rofl at your disposable TV Mr. B.

Speaking of Walmart and rent. One would be suprised to know that Walmart operates a huge compound in Shang Hai and they and the government call in various manufacturers and show them a product they want and tell them what they will pay for it. If the manufacturer says they cant do it for that price they are politely escorted out of the compound by securtiy and their chances of getting back in are NIL.

Now Ducky where is this government you say does so much for the poor people in all this. I will tell you getting rich off people like Walmart and Americans on the backs of these poor people you think are getting richer.