Sunday, August 05, 2007

Blogs Freedom of Speech and Criminality

The recent events with Junglemom have served as a pointed reminder of the perils of blogging. Commie hacks like Renegade Eye try to cloth themselves as free speech martyrs while endorsing cyber criminals.

These are the relevant facts he has called an innocent missionary dangerous with zero real knowledge of the true story. At best Ren can feign ignorance at yet another Communist spammer who has threatened children. Having zero actual knowledge he deduces beyond belief that a missionary has nothing better to do than to lie about a Communist spammer.

Why is it that actual cyber criminals are drawn to Renegade's site. Ren hosts John Brown/LWB an actual neo Nazi spammer and now Slave revot.

Ren was never spammed. The readers in this community are familiar with actual spamming. Ren tries to paint himself as a victim, but of what remains unknown. Was his family or children
threatened. His approved posters seem to make this a regular habit. Was he treated to profanity? No but his approved posters seem to feel free to do this unprovoked to yet another Jewish poster.

I do not want people who threaten children at this blog. Moreover, I do not nor will not allow the antics of people who do that on my blog. Threats are not a protected form of free speech and Slave Revolt nor John Brown are practicing free speech when threatening children. They are engaging in criminal behavior and should be tossed in jail and do hard time. Moreover, freedom of speech does not include libel such as knowingly falsely portraying people as pedophiles and klansmen.

If Ren had an ounce of class he would appologize to Junglemom. This is not the first time he has needlessly wronged Junglemom either.

Ren likes to drape himself in the cloth of free speech based upon what is a mystery.


Batya said...

I hate to think of blogging as a danger. Seems so one-sided.

Good luck

beakerkin said...


Sadly far left types target certain groups. Jews who support Israel and now Christian missionaries. I am amazed at how the same leftists paint themselves as martyrs and condone this type of behavior.

Anonymous said...

I have been made a target by Gay activist types, but it's ok, they just look stupid in the long run, obsessing about me.