Friday, August 03, 2007

The Beak Continues the Dicussion on Film and TV. Men Kicking back and watching

In the previous bit we heard from film devotees Ducky and Sonia. Now I will self interview myself on film as a regular guy in Khakis watching film. People who fall into the regular folks category should answer some of the questions. Women may add their versions of chick flicks.

1 It is 3Am and your lady is asleep. You finally have the remote and beverage of choice (Moutain Dew) and have the bag of Nachos broken out what movie are you watching. I am probably watching the same John Wayne, Eastwood or guys standards films unless something is notable on Fox movies or TCM.

2 Name Five Actors you enjoy watching and Why.
John Wayne embodies American partiotism and the American man as a doer. He did have an excellent role as a fallen hero type in the High and Mighty but that was the exception. Clint Eastwood is a man of action in a confused world where the line between right and wrong isn;t clear at times. Only the tough and the super cool survive. Vincent Price is like a benign Uncle who ends up mixed in in something dreadful. Charlton Heston the voice of moral authority rebeling against Rome, Egypt or Apes. Steve McQueen marches to his own morality in the Sand Pebles, the Great Escape and other films.

3 Five Actresses you enjoy watching Raquel Welch saved many a bad film. Claudia Cardinale is always pleasant to watch. Patricia Neal is very competant and is the type of woman in real life who is attractive but doesn't know it. Phobee Cates is not the best actress but if I want eye candy she is realistic in the manner of the girl next door. Maureen OHara anyone whose temper
and fire is tough enough for the Duke makes the list.

4 Name some great guy films for the couch at 3AM I will exclude Wayne and Eastwood as redundant. If the Searchers were on there would be no question of the channel
1 Papillion 2 Cool Hand Luke 3 Ben Hur 4 The Great Escape 5 The Dirty Dozen

5 Name your Favorite War films
1 Midway 2 ABridge Too Far 3 The Battle of The Bulge ( Telly Savalas was great in that film)
4 Kellys Heoes (Don Rickles was great) 5 Hamburger Hill

6 Favorite Commie Abuse flicks 1 Rambo 3 kill them Commies in Afghanistan 2 The Beast an excellent Israeli film also set in Afghanistan 3 Big Jim McClain the Duke punches out commies but a bad film. 4 Forrest Gump even dim witted people punch out commies Kick commie ass Forrest 5 Firefox Eastwood out thinks Commies steals a plane helped by the husband of a Jewish woman oppressed by Commie jerks. 6 The Enforcer Clint Eastwood kills Commie terrorists.

7 Unlike most guys I can endure a musical or two or three
1 The King and I 2 Oklahoma 3 Kazablan an Israeli West side story with humor 4 West Side Story 5 The Blues Brothers comedy with plenty of Music and fun.

8 Comedies you should be ashamed of watching but enjoy
1 Born in East LA
2 Any Revenge of the Nerds Films
3 Caddy Shack
4 Back to School
5 Oh God
6 Stir Crazy
7 Blazing Sadles
8 The Frisco Kid
9 Hear No Evil
10 Animal House Ultimate Frat Boy Film. Sadly they do not have an episode where Jim Belushi
goes postal on commies. However the scene with Belushi's reaction to the man singing I gave my love a cherry is what some of us wanted to do to Commie Folk singers.

9 Films you have Watched Dozens of Times
1 The Searchers Wayne at his Best
2 The Good The Bad and The Ugly (Eli Wallach deserved more credit)
3 The Great Escape
4 The Dirty Dozen
5 The Quiet Man

10 Action Films
1 Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade also very funny in places
2 Black Sunday
3 Live and Let Die Bond Jumping on Aligators and the Boat Chase are favorites
4 Death Wish
5 The Eiger Sanction

11 Kids Films Enjoyable By Adults
1 Monsters Inc
2 Shrek
3 The Harry Potter Films
4 The Incredibles
5 Shrek 2

12 Space Films
1 Star Trek 2
2 Star Wars 1
3 Star Wars 3
4 Flash Gordon I enjoyed this, excellent music by Queen. Classic look at the serial
5 Star Trek The Undiscovered Country

13 Best Adaptaion from the Book
1 Lord of the Rings Trillogy
2 Lord of the Flies
3The Godfather
4Grapes of Wrath
5 The Ten Comandments ( Not so accurate but fun)

14 Bad Films that are fun to watch
1 Superfly. Poorly written blaxploitation film. I enjoy the part where Youngblood Priest tells of the Commies from the Black Panthers. This is probably John Brown's real role model. John Brown Progressive Drug dealer of the people, societal pariah and clown.
2 Johny Guitar Dreadfully badly written and over acted. Sonia disagrees, but an excellent musical was made of this film on Broadway
3 Godzilla films
4 I'll take Sweden
5 Cheaper by the Dozen

15 Favorite Detectives TV show cops
1 Kojak Hey Telly ditch the picture of Mao on the desk.
2 McCloud
3 Quincy Coroner playing Detective
4 Jake and the Fat Man
5 Hawai Five 0. They never do kill commie Wo Fat

16 Sit Coms
1 The Odd Couple
2 Sanford and Son
3 Family Ties
4 All in the Family
5 Mash

17 Shame on You shows you enjoyed but shouldn't

1 Grizzly Adams
2 The Dukes of Hazzard
3 Green Acres
4 Different Strokes
5 Family Matters

18 Room clearing Movies, got to buy cigarettes even if you don't smoke
1 Yentyl should be shown in GITMO
2 Dirty Dancing
3 Cocktails
4 Eyes Wide Shut
5 Bolero proof a naked attractive woman can put most heterosexual men to sleep with criminally bad writting.

19 Get me out of the room annoying celebrities and performers

1 Barbara Striesand
2 Bette Midler
3 Rosie ODonnel
4 Ssan Sarandon
5 Jane Fonda

1 Sean Penn incoherent at his best playing retards
2 Al Franken Is he trying to be funny?
3 Ed Asner. Stick with playing Lou Grant and can it
4 Mike Farrel Knucklehead
5 Alec Baldwin Mark Levin is tougher than a teen age girl

20 Adult Cartoons favorite not lead cast.
1 King of The Hill That Dale guy is a riot
2 The Simpsons Apu is always fun
3 Family Guy Mayor Adam West
4 Futurama Dr Zoiberg
5 American Dad Klaus the fish

21 Westens
1 The Searchers That's be the day.
2 The Good The Bad and The Ugly
3 The Man Who Sot Libety Valence
4 Stagecoach Wayne's version Claire Trevor Was a Life Long Friend
5 The Magnificent Seven

22 Comedy Teams
1 Abbot and Costello
2 The Marx Brothers My Favorite is Chico who looks like Mario Cuomo
3 Martin and Lewis
4 Pryor and Feldman
5 Laurel and Hardy.

23 Great Casing
1 Zero Mostel as Tevye
2 Anthony Quinn as Zorba
3 Yul Brynner as The King in the King and I
4 Heston as Moses and Ben Hur
5 Wayne in the Shootist, Quietman and Searchers

24 Disappointing Films I looked forward to
1 Drums Along the Mohawk
2 Gangs of NY Both based on outstanding books
3 The Emperor Jones Dated Material. What is all the fuss about Robeson. Communist clown must have done better work than this
4Star Trek 1 We waited this many years for this. It got better with the next film Kahhhhhn
5 Conan Films Poor script with little of the substance of the Howard books.

25Reality Shows I Would Pay To See
1 Revolting America John Brown, Renegade Eye Incoherent Anarchist Larry Gambone preach class struggle in Wallmart Parking Lots, Housing Projects, Cuban and Russian Emigre enclaves
2 Who wants to kick Donald Trumps Butt? The average Joe compettes for a three round boxing match with Donald Trump?
3 The Unemployables University Communist Hacks work in Jobs suited to their lack of skills and work ethic Norman Finkelstein, Ward Churchill, Peter Kirstein, Noam Chomsky and Cornel West are tasked with jobs like selling hot dogs, washing dishes, janitorial work and so forth
4 Senior Citizen Rascal Racing and demolition derby. Contestants must be over 80 and talk WWE smack before events
5 A shopper brutality even like placing Designer Wedding Gowns for sale for 50 bucks. Let the blood flow.


nanc said...

my favorite chick flicks:

black hawk down

apocaplypse now




nanc said...

best musical:

paint your wagon

nanc said...

most erotic movie with nudity:


bruce dern was hot-hot-hot as an obsessed tattoo artist.

beakerkin said...


Those are not exactly chick flix. However, you can enjoy most of them with your husband.

Paint Your Wagon was better than its reviews and features Lee Marvin, Clint Eastwood and Ray Walston in singing roles. They were better than one would expect.

Steve Harkonnen said...

I second nanc on best musical.

Off the top of my head, these great movies come to mind:

1. ANYTHING Stanley Kubrick did
2. Deer hunter
3. Von Ryan's Express
4. Trainspotting
5. Blood Diamond
6. Slade in Flame

beakerkin said...

I am sure the votes for Best Musical will get some remark from the Duck. The Von Ryan's Express with Sinatra was a better than expected film.

nanc said...

they are EXACTLY chick flicks!

beakerkin said...

I'll take your word for it. I guess a well made story can appeal to all.

Anonymous said...

Best musical?

Jihad, The Musical, of course!

Anonymous said...

I do a great impression of Dale!

I perfer Jeans, although I have to wear Khakis at work...blah!

nanc said...

it's either those movies or pop makes me watch john grisham's "a time to kill" and we both boo-hoo-sob like wounded babies.

steel magnolias was a very good movie - a treasure trove of characters.

Always On Watch said...

Off topic....You are named.

Warren said...

My favorite all time movie, "Blade Runner", It was nothing at all like the story it was adapted from, Philip K Dick's, "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep".

Its the one movie that I can say without reservation, was far better than the book.

"The Rocky Horror Picture Show", was a guilty pleasure. (Where's your fucking neck?) Bring a squirt gun, toast and a newspaper!

"Missing in Action II", I get to see my old friend, Haung San Nguyen, get killed, (not once but twice), by Chuck Norris.

I liked the First Conan movie but it was a disappointment to someone who had read all of Howards books and not just the Conan series.

I'm surprised that "Starship Troopers" didn't cause Robert Heinlein to claw his way out of the grave and commit mayhem to all involved.

The only DVDs that I personally own, (my wife owns I don't know what), is the box set of TLOTR series.

The Harry Potter movies, I've seen one and don't care to see the rest, I own all the books but the last and I intend to buy it shortly.

sonia said...


I agree about Blade Runner. (see nr 1)

I disagree about Starship Troopers. (See nr 4)

And I agree that most Harry Potter movies are quite weak, but there is one huge exception - The Prisoner of Azkaban is a genuine, bona fide masterpiece of cinematic art (by one of the greatest contemporary film directors)...

The Merry Widow said...

I never touched the Conan movies, the books were way better than what I saw advertised.
Starship Troopers was a VAST disappointment, I was a huge Heinlein fan and I was miffed to say the least!
My family decided not to buy it since I critiqued it throughout the entire movie! Drove my late nuts! Served him right for renting it!
And Beaker, I avoid chick flicks like the plague and leprosy combined! bleeeeech!


The Merry Widow said...

I did enjoy the Aliastar McLean movies though, have all his books!


Warren said...

Sonia, I'm not sure we dissagree about "Starship Troopers" or at least, for the same reasons.

In the case of "Blade Runner", Ridley Scott gave the characters a humanity that Philip K Dick never achieved in his novels, (IMO).

In "Statship Troopers" Heinlein gave each of his characters humanity and (IMO) the screenwriter or director, made the characters shallow.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

Blade Runner is a favorite of mine too. Oddly enough, my favorite character in that movie is Gaff (Edward James Olmos).

The Merry Widow said...

Warren-I agree, the characters were characatures(sic)!
Heinlein did give his people a why and wherefore for their thinking and actions!


Ducky's here said...

Best musical? Singing in the Rain.

No contest.