Saturday, August 25, 2007

Odd but true Eating with Beakerkin

My father and I love lamb which my mother never cooks. My friends at the local resturant prepared special food for my mother an eggplant chicken peppers and olives and Moroccan Lamb.

Oddly other tables started ordering the lamb at 18.00 a plate, Apparently lamb is very popular and almost nobody cooks it in these parts. One can find your cut and paste lamb chops or leg of lamb, but that is about it. The resturant served six other tables with the same dish and has a dozen orders for next week.

My parents got to meet most of my friends except Earl the Cat. I saw Earl at 7AM and I fed him a few sardines. He spends more time with another friend who has given him a home. He does not get liverwurst at 3AM or lobster tails but he will be safe for the winter.


The Merry Widow said...

Earl, the pass around DHS cat! Borrow him for a day or a year.
Aminable, isn't he?
That dish sounds wonderful, recipe?
I do a lamb stew in the winter that is quite good, sometimes I'll roast a leg, but not very often. It is rather labor intensive, and unless you go to a very pricy specialty butcher, you are more likely to get mutton with the accompaning smell!
Good morning, G*D bless and Maranatha!


Anonymous said...

So you've got visitors!

I guess Vermont isn't such a bad place once you know you're on your way home again. I bet you'll miss it.

beakerkin said...

Earl is very food oriented and eats unusual stuff. Liverwurst is a favorite of his.

Always On Watch said...

Nice that you've got family visiting! Are they going to help you move back to NYC?

I've had only a few cats which would eat liverwurst, one of my favorites. And the cats we now have--with the exception of Old Girl Sheba (age 19)--won't eat shellfish.

Of course Earl is food oriented! Feed a cat and he owns you. LOL.

You know that I'm glad to know that Earl will still have somebody to help him out once you move away from Vermont, Beak.

I've never developed a taste for lamb. My mother never fixed it, so I never acquired a taste for it. My neighbor knows how to prepare the best cuts, but lamb always tastes like wet wool to me. I'm highly allergic to wool, so maybe that plays in as well.

z said...

Beak, you must be part Armenian..we're big lamb eaters. Shish kebab, anyone!? Moroccan lamb dishes, couscous, etc., are fabulous. But, true, many people don't take to the flavor.

A Brit business partner I had (some day you might like to know that story, he was a Brit pop star of not little acclaim during the Sixties music revolution there) used to see an older woman dressed in a miniskirt and say "Aha, muttom dressed as lamb"!

Urban Infidel said...

What will Earl do when you leave?

Anonymous said...

You like cookies? Me do.

Elmer's Brother said...

there is a local bbq here that serves lamb sandwiches with a mint sauce that is to die for. I order lamb chops at some of the local Greek restaraunts too. Lamb is very underrated in America.

beakerkin said...


I agree with you 100%


Would you remind the Duck about your comments. He seems to think I am an anti Armenian bigot and Armenian Genocide denier.

z said...

WHAT? I'm trying to picture you even remotely being an Anti Armenian bigot or genocide denier. That's ridiculous. What prompted him to feel that way?

Whatever: You are cordially welcome to be my meshpukha. And we Armenians will be very proud to have you. !!

Elmer's Bro: that sandwich sounds so delicious ... nothing like lamb and mint. MAN!!


beakerkin said...

The duck thinks that I am an Armenian Holocaust Denier. He seems to think I take my cues from the ADL.

Obviously he must miss the posts on the subject.

Jungle Mom said...

Trying to catch up on what I missed while at the have been very busy!!!