Friday, August 24, 2007

What is Wrong with these people A Muslim Parade In NYC Two Days Before 9-11

I want to point out I support the right of Muslims to have a parade like any other group. However, placing the parade in such close proximity to 9-11 is not a great idea. This is an example of a situation where the common sense solution is to move this event a few weeks in either direction either before or after 9-11. The basic problem is that the political leadership in NYC is too craven to point out the proximity of the dates.

The leadership of the Muslim community should recognize that 9-11 is a special day, especially to NYC residents. Unfortunately, the political leadership of the Muslim American community is almost entirely inept.


The Merry Widow said...

It was deliberately chosen to test the will of the leadership. They failed! So expect more in your face behavior!


FLORIAN said...

Got to love PC and multi-culturalism Beak. If anything 9/11 should be a tax day for Muslims to pay their debts to the 9/11 families victims. This is almost on par with the GAY RIGHTS parade in Jerusalem. What a disgrace!

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

They should demand to hold the Muslim parade on Sept. 11th.

Seriously. What are they chickenshit? Are they scared of a backlash? Maybe a few VBIEDs?

Justin said...

When I first heard about this I could not believe what I was hearing and in fact I thought surely I heard it all wrong. I asked Rob and he asked AOW and nope I heard right my indignation was through the roof. I will not express the words that ran through my mind because I do like to come here and read and would not want them to take you off the air.

To think that in NYC of all places the politico would cave and allow this affront to not just the nation but to the people of NYC in particular. But, alas why wouldnt they?, when they will allow these swine to build a madrasa in the very heart of their public education system.

Florian, I have to disagree with you on the fact this is almost on par with the Gay Rights parade in Jerusalem. That parade pales beyond measure in the audacity and arrogance of these JACKALS. This is their proof to the people of NYC and the nation of what their true intentions are. This parade is nothing more than a ruse to honor those who committed this heinous act of 9/11.

Beak you said:

"The leadership of the Muslim community should recognize that 9-11 is a special day, especially to NYC residents. Unfortunately, the political leadership of the Muslim American community is almost entirely inept."

No, my friend the political leadership of the Muslim American community is not almost entirely inept. This is their way of showing us and the world that they care nothing about the peoples of NYC or the country. This is a deliberate assult on the memory of those who died on 9/11. This is their way of telling all of us that they will shove their culture and faith not only in our faces but down our throats and our poloticians will allow them to do it.

Getting away with this is just the tip of the iceberg of what this swine of a culture plan in the future.

I do not have the authors name but this says it all. Perhaps AOW knows the author and the book I read it some time ago and just wrote down these words.

"While Christianity is doctrinally concerned primarily with the salvation of souls, Islam seeks to remake the world in its image."

" Islam is in fact an expansionary social and political system more akin to National Socialism and Communism than any "religion" familiar to Westerners. Islamic politics is inevitably an all-or-nothing affair in which the stakes are salvation or damnation and the aim is to not to beat one’s opponent at the polls but to destroy him – literally as well as politically."

This parade is just another step in their plan to destroy this Nation if not from outside then from with in just as Rome fell.

I would hope that the good people of NYC would express the same sensitivity that these prople are expressing and turn out for their parade enmass and shower them with gifts of Rotten Eggs and Rotten Vegetables. Dont throw the good stuff to them feed them like you would the swine that they are.

beakerkin said...


I really wish the Muslim community would move this parade. It is an insult to the American people. There are plenty of other days to do this.

z said...

I'm very sorry the Flying Imams dropped their suit against the Americans on that flight, that John Doe thing. I'd have loved to have seen good Americans shown on TV every night being attacked in court for having alerted those in charge of keeping us all safe. Dropping the suit had to be contrived on the imams' part...they got the memo as clearly as the Mexicans here who flew the American flag upside down until the Villaraigosa gang told them it doesn't LOOK nice.

Re: this parade.... of course it's 'in our faces' to have it at that date. Did you check into who the Grand Marshall is? Some co conspirator in the first World Trade bombing...yup. But, of course, Alan Colmes says "he's decried terror against innocents since then". And, of course, muslims would NEVER lie to further their agenda, right? (tongue stuck in cheek here)

But, let's talk about the Flight 93 memorial, shaped exactly like the islamic crescant. Ya, a team of experts looked at 100 proposals and has selected a design which seems to honor that awful day... Some of the families are refusing to have their dead family members' names on it. This memorial STINKS and I believe it's a pay off, somebody threatened the committee to pick the Islamic Crescent. Would you believe somebody at FPM (dubya) thinks it's "just the shape of a moon, what's the big deal?"

Could WE start getting the same sensitivity that WE are demanded to show to muslims these days? just ONCE?

Anonymous said...

I am a muslim,and i live in NYC, and i am a fool blooded american.

so to all of you making comments about the people of nyc , and america, do not forget that there are muslims who live in america and NYC, and they are alos to be considered peopel of these place.

I will be attending this parade and not to commemorate or throw anything in anyones face. i will be their to celebrate islam , and be with fellow muslims.

I know people who have died in 9/11. i was there to witness the aftermath of this travesty. BUt , you need to understand that not all even most muslims are not terrorist. and actually in the Quran it says that anyone who kills goes to hell, so killing is a sin.

And to the person who said that muslims should pay fees for 911 victims, this is abosolutely obserd. Because i did not do anything y should i pay.

Do white people pay the blacks for all of those years of slavery , of all the balck men and women and children that they killed and hug during the time of slavery? NO
because they feel they are not personally responsible.

So befroe anyone akes commits on islam , or muslims they should have information about the principles of this religion.

JUst like there are bad jews, bad christians there are some bad muslims but you can not judge all muslims according to a few bad apples. If that was the case, then i would say all christians are murders, because all the peopel on death row or who are spending life in jail say they are christians.

i have nothgin agaisnt anyone, i love all people for the sake of god. i judge each individual person accodringly, not for what others in their family, religion, or group of friends does.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This is not a rally against america. The muslims who live in america are here for a reason, mainly because they love america,a place where peopel can voet and be free to practice their religion, wether it be ISLAM, JUDAISM, CHRISTIANITY, HINDUISM , WIKA, etc.....

Why would you pray that anyone drown? Praying for the death of certain people is a grave sin in all religions. so by you praying for that you are just as bad and as guilty of terrorism as the people who actually have commited acts of terrorism. BEcasue you just like them are ignorant.

So what if all people judged your belief system according to what you say?

THey would have nothing but negativity to say about it, but in reality a persons belief system, encompasses more then a few peopeles actions, or words, and this is the reasoning i think we as people of the WORLD are missing.

you can not judges a tree from one, two , or even half bad apples.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous muslim, what are you thinking? Do you really believe we are so stupid? "I am a muslim, and I live in NYC, and I am a fool blooded american." You sure are a fool blooded something, but certainly NOT an American.

A muslim parade celebrating islam two days before 9/11, as if Buddhists or Bahais did the dirty deed? And you cannot see any arrogance, emnity, aggressive provocation, or blatantly malicious intent in the choice of the date & location? If you are truly too dense and "fool blooded" to see it, believe me, this is a mammoth afront to any REAL American. From your syntax and spelling, it is apparent that English is not your primary language, so spare us the deceit about your patriotism & loyalty to America. 365 days in the year and you muslims have to choose two days before the anniversary of 9/11/01 as the day to celebrate islam?

Don't even begin to make comparisons to Jews and Christians, because there is NONE, when it comes to Islam. Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas, and countless other terror groups are islamic. Due to domestic and international surveillance & intelligence, and even fortuitious accident, scores of other terror attacks in the name of Mohammed & Allah have been nipped in the bud. Thousands of muslims have been deported and convicted on terrorism charges, as well as muslim organizations exposed as fronts for recruiting and funding terrorism at home and abroad. No such threats spring from Judaism nor Christianity, only from Islam.

"So befroe anyone akes commits on islam , or muslims they should have information about the principles of this religion." Many of us know more than you apparently believe we know about Islam. We know that all real muslims believe sharia is the only legal system that should exist on earth and that it is the duty of every muslim to toil to bring about the universal domination of Islam, with it's barbaric 7th century sharia legal code. And then there are the dhimmi laws, where you muslims are to be our superiors in every aspect of life. Thanks, but NO THANKS!

Anonymous said...

Actually i am a white american female who was born and has lived in america her whole life. I actually converted from christianity during my second year of college.

So you are wrong about where i am from or my ethnicity.

Second this muslim parade is held every year on the same day each month , like how monthers day falls on the second sunday of each month. This was the 23rd parade , so we have been doing it way before 9/11 .

Anonymous said...

So befroe anyone akes commits on islam

so i guess you are not from america either from your spelling mistakes huh?

secondly, have you ever been to a jewish country in the middle east?

where they too commit suicide bombings?

you have no idea what is going on trust me.

and to add i am in the USAF, and i know things you would never know until the day you die. It id not what you think your ignorance is speaking for you now. you know what they say, forgive them for they know not what they do.

beakerkin said...

The parade should be moved out of respect for the people of NYC. There is zero reason or logic to hold this parade in such close proximity to 9-11.

I could honestly care less what your ethnicity and personal history are. There is a severe cancer in the Muslim community of America and to pretend that the two incedents at the WTC had nothing to do with Islam is to be an ostritch.

I do not blame every Muslim in America for 9-11. However, for Muslims to hold a parade in NYC in such close proximity to 9-11 shows a blatant disregard for the legitamate concerns of NYC residents.

The parade should be moved to another month. The issue is not the right to hold such an event. Muslim Americans are entitled to first amendment protections. The rationale of holding it in such close proximity to 9-11 eludes me.
Outside of Stephen Schwartz there is little sanity in the leadership of the Muslim American community.

I would also note that people who march with placards advocating violence are not protected by the First Amendment and are creating incitement. This form of speech seen mostly at so called "peace protests" is not a protected form of speeech.

beakerkin said...

Who are those questions directed at?

Anonymous said...

beakerkin i agree with what you are saying, what i said was in reply to the person named anonymous who said something right before my comment.

But i do agree and understand where you are coming from, mybe it is the way you stated it.