Thursday, August 16, 2007

Perpetual Victims

The attacks by Jihadist jerks against the Yezidis is part of a pattern. While the far left venerate a predatory people and contrive fake ethnicities out of thin air genuine ones suffer as they have ever since the Islamic invaders have colonized their lands.

The barbaric attack on the Yezidi is part of a pattern. We have seen Jews behaded. We have seen Churches blown up and the left talks of about Muslims as perpetual victims. We have even seen forced circumcision of gnostics in Iraq and the left just ignores the truth.

The Yezidi are one of many Non Arab people who have been opressed by Arab invaders. Commie stooge Saddam in a classic Soviet tactic forced them off lands they considered sacred. The left never said a world because the common name for the BAATH party is the Arab SOCIALIST party.

Thus commies sit in a state of dementia where the entire fate of the world depends on the contrived fake ethnicity Psuedostinians. The reality is that Islam was spread by colonialism and religious minorities were treated worse than Blacks under Jim Crow.

The above does not mean every Muslim is evil, far from it. However, the perpetual mutual victimization of Mslims is nurtured by Commies who seem to write the script. Thus we have lefties like the Duck who has endorsed ethnically cleansing Jews from Egypt on flimsy terrorism and spying charges. No doubt he then turns around and points the finger at Kahanist who urge the same policy for a series of exponentially crimes.

The fate of the Yezidis, Christians, Jews and even Muslim dissenting groups is nothing new if you read genuine history instead of Chomsky. How a predatory people with an unparalled, except for commies record of colonialism and grand scale human right violations become victims
remains a mystery.

There may come a day when the only surviving Yezidis will be those in Armenia and the West.
The Yezidi risked their lives to save Armenians durring the genocide. It seems that there are some acts too evil for even those dismissed by their Jihadi critics as Satan worshipers to consider.

Communists have zero regard for genuine indigenous people. Many of us criticize Ward Churchill and Russel Means. However, when the Sandanistas were butchering indians with mercenaries including oddly Pseudostinians they both took up arms against the Sandinazis.
Meanwhile Noam Chomsky was calling these very same genuine indigenous people fighting for their lives terrorists. Amazingly, AIM a group allegedly concerned with Indians expelled Means for fighting to save Indians.

Oddly Renegade Eye, noted Trotskyite clown correctly points out Churchill is an anti-semite. This is quite amusing in that he has been on record supporting the foremost anti-semites on the planet Noam Chomsky and Norman Finkelstein. Chomsky and Finkelstein have produced far more anti-semitic comments, but Renegade feigns ignorance. The party line demands that Muslims are victims, so the myth of Palestinian ethnicity goes unchallenged and becomes a communist staple.

Typically one can find a post about Yezidis on Ren's site. One of his communist flunkies presented honor killings as being typified by the Yezidis killing a girl for falling in love with a Muslim man. Ren and his cult of clowns deliberately took a phenomena that is almost entirely
Muslim and placed a Yezidi face on it. His clown like followers feigned ignorance at the history
of Yezidis whose women are frequently kidnapped by local Muslims. Likewise the history of Muslim violence and pogroms against the Yezidi in lands wich they and not Muslims are indigenous becomes a non-issue. Nor did Saddam's removal of them from lands they consider sacred in classic communist fashion rate a concern.

Maybe when the Yezidi are extinct Commies will get around to noting the Nazi like extermination inherent in jihadi louts. The Yezidi may be disparraged by some as Devil worshipers, but senseless genocide was something their morality did not accept. No doubt they are far too humane to retaliate by beheading Jihadis and their Communist PR core or tossing senior citizens of ocean liners.

The reality is that there is a group of Muslims dedicated to eliminationist type of predations against non-muslims. However, there are also Muslims like Stephen Schwartz who do not condone this gratuitous waste of life. The question is why does our media insist upon presenting
CAIR as the face of Islam in America?

The reason is likely the same as why the media presents Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson as the face of Black Americans as opposed to Thomas Sowell or Walter E Williams. Sharpton and Jackson preach the official Marcuse based victimology and provide good copy. Williams and Sowell talk about self reliance.

Beamish in 08


Anonymous said...

Hey man: you just came out from an institution for mentally disorded or what?

beakerkin said...

This is what passes for intellect amongst the far left. Sorry this blog does not cater to your kind visit Savage Justice or the equally disturbed Weazel's Revenge.

Anonymous said...

Another great post, beak. Think the lefties will ever come to grips with the fact the fact that the Islamicists of al-Quaeda wish to "reform" all Islam to the point where ALL Moslem's accept only the teachings of the first four righteous caliph's? That their jihad truely is a religious undertaking that leaves no room for secular commies? It's convert or die.

They stopped attacking the Shi'a because they were outnumbered, and the Shi'a started retaliating by killing their more moderate Sunni supporters. That left the Yazidi, a small minority upon which they can commit genocide without generate a "reaction" that might imperil their Sunni support in the region.

Ducky's here said...

Hey Beak, so what's your plan? Put a yellow star and crescent badge on all the "bad" Muslims?

Can the moronic talk about who "condemns" the acts. What are you going to do?

I'm really interested in your final solution for the Middle East. We know that the American military is use. They can hit the hornets nest with a stick but after that they're just another bunch of bozos on the bus.

How do you suggest we deal with this? Just sing Kumbaya with Elie Wiesel? Put up or shut up time, Beak.

beakerkin said...


You are 100% correct

Ducky glad you so casually dismiss the eliminationist jihadis with false allusions to the Holocaust. Your mental gymnastics remind us that commies are incapable of rationally looking at anything and are devoid of higher intellect.


1 Commies are agents of evil and they should be treated as such.

2 Muslims are in no definition victims and are far more apt to be agressors.

3 They need to settle their own refugees and respect others.

Anonymous said...

btw - The "news"papers love CAIR. They love Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Controversy sells many, many more "news"papers than does a boring account of the routine actual events that comprise 99.9% of all life's events.

z said...

CAIR will be presented as the face of American islam until moderate muslims start a group which better represents them. I'll be eager to hear from them.

Ducky....our military is "bozos on the bus". You'd be surprised at our military if the left didn't make them fight this war with gloves on, not shooting back at mosques from whose windows are shots coming killing our soldiers....God forbid a lefty embed saw an American boy shoot into a muslim mosque, imagine the NYTimes?

Justin said...

Duckfeathers said:
"We know that the American military is use. They can hit the hornets nest with a stick but after that they're just another bunch of bozos on the bus."

Spoken from the lips of true supporter of these dune hoppers who have no regard for any life.

So Duck what is your solution? I keep hearing you left wing cowards speak of solutions but, funny thing is I never hear a soultion from you. The only thing you people know is submission and appeasment. Oh but wait then that is the perfect religion for you bozos. After all Islam is the religion of submission.

Start packing your bags boy Im buying you a one way ticket to your Mullah.

Yankee Doodle said...

Good post, Beak!

Interesting, I just got done with a post featuring some of Schwartz's work, and this is the first time in a while that I stopped in at your blog, and there you mention him.

Always On Watch said...

Maybe when the Yezidi are extinct Commies will get around to noting the Nazi like extermination inherent in jihadi louts.

Mot bothering to hold my breath on that.

Muslims divide the entire world into "us" and "them." And many Muslims are dedicated to exterminating and/or subjugating "them" (non-Muslims). Therein lies the common bond with the Communists and the Islamists.