Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Bittersweet night

I enjoyed the final celebration in the Italian restrant. Many friends turned out to wish me well.
It is very hard to close the book as I am sentimental. Life changes were not meant to be easy.

I packed the car in the blazing heat even at 11pm it was dreadful. I went to my favorite gas station just before midnight. I got out of the car and I ran into Northwind. I haven't seen Northwind for a while and things have not gone well for her. The normally aloof Northwind cried and asked me if I was abandoning her. I showed her my orders as she assumed this was a vacation and it dawned on her I will not be returning.

The conversation did not make me feel too good. Northwind stated her love and it was hard for me to see her like this.

I drove back feeling pretty bad and parked my car. Out of nowhere came Earl the cat. I reached into the glove compartment for a can of sardines and Earl jumped in the car. I fed Earl and we sat for a bit. Then Earl looked at me and jumped out the window and vanished into the night.
This was the first time he has ever jumped out of the car window.

I guess these life moves were never meant to be easy. The look of Earl the Cat stings at my soul
as I depart into my appartment for one last night of sleep and for what promises to be a difficult night of sleep.

A awake at dawn and prepare my last VT post. The air is bearable and the birds are singing . I notice a sight that would ordinarilly elude my perception a V shaped formation of the dreaded Canada Goose honks in the distance heading South. They are two months early.


nanc said...

that is quite early for the geese - the farmer's almanac says it's going to be a bitter cold winter for the northeast - remember earlier this year, i mentioned somewhere that the geese were already heading back north in february if i recollect correctly.

odd events for the odd days we live in.

incidentally, we are in the u.s. largest fly zones for migratory creatures - the butterflies and birds are magnificent!

The Merry Widow said...

Beaker-This ought to tickle you, apparently DePaul is sick of Finklestein too, finally! They have cancelled his 3 classes this fall and closed down his office! He is threatening to show up anyway, I guess he really wants the cachet that comes from being arrested for trespassing! LOL!


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to read Chapter 3.

z said...

me, too, farmer john.
almost haunting to read that Beak ran into Northwind and sat with Earl and said goodbye. I got kind of emotional just reading it.
I know Chapter 3 will be fantastic.
God bless you, beak. xxx

The Merry Widow said...

Beaker will do well, he has a knack for getting to know people. And he is intelligent and approachable.
These steps in the journey of life can be hard, and we all carry the bitter-sweet with us. Without them we are shallow and empatiless. We are only shadows that leave no imprint on the soul.
You were blessed to live for a time in a beautiful part of the country, now you can rest yourself at home for a season before seeing somemore of this beautiful land we call home!
Maybe it will be sometime in Georgia where you and Florian can meet up, or Texas, where Justin lurks with his red button, maybe passing through Arkansas and Missouri to see Daddio, Nanc, hopefully myself and the redoubtable Mr. B..
There is a lot of life yet, drink it up!
Good morning, G*D bless and Maranatha!


Always On Watch said...

Earl knows, doesn't he?

You're going to miss each other, I think.

beakerkin said...

I miss the ever hungry Earl. He often jumps in the car window and does ride in the car. This was the only time he ever jumped out.

He must have known. Neil will take good care of him. Howie the cat doesn't have the same ring.