Sunday, August 19, 2007

Commies, Anarchism and the Mafia

As a NYC resident who earned a living in the fashion industry one does get to glimpse organized crime, communists and the most infantile of all politcal view points the anarchist.

Anarchists are the the apex of ignorance. Frequently this is a term that communists use to hide their stench. The other titles are progressives, greens, liberals, labor socialists and so forth.

Unlike the evil communists of the circus freak anarchists the mafia is well run. The mafia is a business that thrives on delivering outlawed products and services. Thus when Mayor Bloomberg or the Clintons raise cigarette taxes the mafia sees this as an opportunity. Cigarette bootlegging is a thriving business that was briefy depicted in the Sopranoes. The business was created when government placed obscene taxes on small business and the consumer. The person most impacted by this scam were the mom and pop convenience stores who need every nickel that they work for. The mobster delivers a product and allows the mom and pop store to get a wider roi for the product sold.

Anarchy presents great opportunity for criminals. The breakdown of the Lebanese government allowed a Narconazi organized crime ring Hezbollah to flourish. In the absence of law and effective government these type of activities grow larger. The reality is that FARC is a narcotics gang that spouts Marxist rhetoric much like a large scale version of the Black Panthers. Commies still venerate the Black Panthers today and turn a blind eye to executions, drug dealing and prostitution of the Panthers. In essence John Brown really is more Superfly than Marxist as he venerates these drug dealing elements.

Now lets turn to Communst countries and organized crime. Communist countries create more opportunities for large scale proffits via the black market than capatalist ones. A mafia criminal in the USA has little incentive to deal turnips as one can find them in the market place with ease.
However, in every application of Communism, including Hugo's blunder land, produce and consumer products are not available. One may actually have to resort to the black market to get products as mundane as turnips or toilet paper.

Commies see every downturn in the stock or real estate market as vindication of their warped theories. However, as they are imbeciles they miss the main point. Even at the height of the Depression food was readilly available and services adjusted to the new economic realities. New types of fare were created at low cost to serve the consumer. The problem was not product availability but a scarcity of jobs. Only Commies have created famine through collectivization, theft and nepotism.

If you see a mafia type selling produce in your country it is time to emigrate.

Beamish in 08,


Jungle Mom said...

My friends still in living in "Hugoslavia" tell me the shortages continue. And now the left seems to be oddly quiet about the new reforms to the Constitution to permit Hugo to remain permanently in power.

Hayduke said...

The statement "apex of ignorance" is apt with regard to this post. One would do well to more than "glimpse" the passing scene before expounding on something one knows very little about.

This post conflates anarchy, communism and organized crime, social phenomena that have little, if anything, to do with one another.

Anarchy is absence of the state. It has nothing to do with chaos, communism or organized crime. Anarchy is democracy taken seriously, rule by the people, not rule by an elite centralized few, as in the United States.

Communism is a form of socialism in which property is owned collectively by the people. Communism is the antithesis of organized crime, especially the organized crime of capitalist, central authoritarian government.

Throwing about pejorative terms with disregard for their meaning merely blocks effective communication.

beakerkin said...


Lets see the breakdown of the existing order has provided ample evidence of warlordism. Warlordism is an example of hyper organized crime.

Sorry if a coherent readings of current events does not follow the cliches of circus freaks. The folks in Somalia and Lebanon are aquainted with Warlordism. The folks from Sierra Leone and Liberia can tell the same story.

Anarchist are the stupidest of all the incoherent anti-capatalists.

Russet Shadows said...

I suspect that Hayduke has somehow managed to inoculate to or cocoon himself from the real world. I say this because he argues from definitions as though the people who claim those definitions acted by them.

To wit, communism. Communism supposedly let all citizens hold property in common. If that were so, why were there bread lines, Hayduke? If that were so, why did Lech Walesa lead a revolt against the communism? If that were so, why was there a Prague Spring?

Surely you know the answer to these questions!

Now if communism itself was no criminal state, then we can say that nothing that a state does against its own people is criminal, correct? You realize that this single-handedly justifies all manners of atrocities by using a textbook definition to avoid any sort of moral consideration. Congratulations -- you are an apologist for mass murder. How do you sleep at night?

Anonymous said...


I think you should follow your own advice.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

Who the fuck is this guy to tell you what anarchy is?

cwm said...

Your depiction of anarchism is totally inaccurate. I am anarchist and I have a blog. Check it out, if you want to learn a little about the tradition. It's here:

beakerkin said...


I will visit. However, the old joke of a Stalinist to an anarchist contains much truth. "Even a dog pack has a leader". The other classic line was said by a self described anarchist. "How many anarchists does it take to screw in a light bulb? Anarchists never do or produce anything."

Those who live in Sierra Leonne, Liberia and Lebanon know that absence of authority breeds warlordism and that is the ultimate apex of organized crime.

Moreover, hospitals roads and bridges do not appear without a tax base. Tax bases do not occur without government.

Do not get me wrong whereas Communists are uniformly evil to a man, anarchists are mostly clown like people who are taken advantage of genuinely malicious commies.