Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Vermont wishes Beakerkin well

Today was my last day at work and I am unemployed until next week. I am considered in transit to NYC and not really out of work.

I was feeling miserable because I thought my leaving would be quiet. A couple of nasty sorts with big mouths claiming to talk for the whole building made me feel hated for a long time. Always remember that people ultimately speak for themselves.

I brought in 72 cans of soda and chips to say thanks to all of the many people who enriched my life in my two year stay. I would also like to thank my blog family for making my exile pleasant.

I left what I though was an uplifting message.

"When one door closes find another. Ultimately, our fate in the long run is determined by the person in the mirror. Be thankful for what you have as there are many who have it far worse than you.

I thanked all my coworkers for the patience and friendship that made my stay a pleasant memory.

The staff had a surprise party for me. I did my best to acknowledge everyone and work a crowd like a good guest of honor. There was much laughter, and I will miss many fine people. All the supervisors showed up to honor me as did a top manager. I am very proud of my unit and to serve under my particular manager. He was quite amused at my protests to return to my home unit. It was very important to me to depart as a member of this particular unit. I am on loan to another unit for four months. Had I remained this other unit would have been my home. That unit works under tight time pressures and only the elite members of our team are selected. One would think superior performance with a key unit would be a key factor in hiring but.....

The resturant where I eat luch every day had a smaller party and there was an even smaller celebration in the other building. Many menbers who worked with me now reside in the larger facility. It is also the headquarters I am loaned out to four months of the year. Sadly, my picture of Beakerambo's capture has become a mascot at the other unit. How Beakerambo will react to this news is unknown.

Tonight I will have my last meal with some close friends. I am close with the owners of a local Italian resturant. The owner makes me Moroccan food and it has generated extra interest in his business. Serveral people have inquired about the odd food and ordered it. Up here Moroccan food is a serious novelty.

I am somewhat sad to leave such wonderful friends behind. Hopefully, I will make new ones at the NYC office and I am somewhat nervous.

It will be a long drive and I will go at day break. I will be making this drive for the final time. There is almost a cliche like point of my going South when the first leaves fall. The reality is that people never get detailed from NYC except for training as it is a hot spot. I will have to see if I can meet some of you when I am sent on assignment in December. I am not volunteering to go but training is part of the job.

I think there is a subtle humor that many people will miss. A child asked me how I ended up in my present job and I told him a building fell on me. The perplexed kid had no idea why the adults were laughing.

My Vermont adventure ends tommorow. I will miss the friends, but NYC is my home and I look forward to spending the holidays at home. Maybe I might even sit in my seat.

Beamish in 08


The Merry Widow said...

Bet your family is delighted to get you back.
Unfortunately, change is part of the human condition, but you should do well. You are a basically upbeat person and will soon settle in with a new group who will become friends, and a few bad apples to keep you on your toes. Unfortunately again, some people wallow in envy and jealousy, so they try to build themselves up by tearing others down. Don't allow the few to taint the lot, or yourself!
Be yourself and youwill get over the nervousness.
G*D speed and happy landing! ;-}
Good morning, G*D bless and Maranatha!


beakerkin said...

I am within 100 miles of home. I will be there soon.