Sunday, August 05, 2007

The Protocols of Renegade Eye

It did not take long for Renegade Eye to reveal why he permits an actual Neo Nazi to post. The comments of Neonazi LWB/John Brown reveal Ren to be a shallow and vain sort.

LWB: First tells serial stalker an societal pariah Slave Revolt who has threatened Junglemom and her children to pay respect to the Maximum Clod or Clod of the people.

LWB: Then tells Kahanist Mad Zionist to Fuck himself.

The maximum clod comes down from Mount Olympus and thanks LWB. It seems so long as you kiss his ass he will permit Neonazis. One can look for profanity in this blog or in my comments bt it isn't there. Lets see if MZ decides to respond to the Neonazi or deduces Ren accepts even the most rabid forms of anti-semitism he will find himself banned. Only a halfwit like Renegade could deduce that a Kahanist seeking to create a "Torah State" is some type of moderate. MZ is many things but he is not a moderate.

Then the Maximum clod goes on a lecture about plaing real names on his site. He seems to have zero problem when John Brown does this. Lets see Junglemom is dangerous because she placed a serial stalkers name in public who threatened her kids several times. However, John Brown is permited and encouraged to post on his site using the alias Mullah Beak that alleges I am a pedophile.

It is time for Ren to come claen about his relationship with LWB/John Brown. Is he so vain that he needs to have his ring kissed by a Neonazi. I would rather have the Duck who does at time go into personal attacks speak his mind than permit base bigotry on my site unchallenged.

First of all we should all stand by Junglemom who has been maligned yet again by Renegade Eye. She has never displayed anything less than being a gracious hostess and person.Those of us who are lucky enough to call her friend need to tell Ren to appologize. Moreover, nobody I know of has ever called her a liar. Slave Revolt is the second Commie hosted by Ren who has threatened children. Ren has knowingly hosted John Brown/LWB who has threatened to molest the children of Elmer's brother. Why is it that commies willingly host Nazis and people who threaten children? The answer is to kiss Ren's ring and hail the maximum clod.

Shame on you Ren and if you had any class you would appologize again to Junglemom for your stupidity.

The truth is that moderates like myself and to a lesser degree Freedomnow are far more threatening to Commies than conservatives. Moderates are less inclined to put up with the delusions of feigned noble motives of commies or brand x mental gymnastics. Whereas a commie could try populist cliches on someone like MZ for his Flinstone like social views it does not work on a moderate.

Moderates like myself know the empty words of commies who talk smack about America, Israel and Christians without knowing the slightest bit about anything. Commies talk about aiding the poor in their quest to become fuedal lords always accompanied by piles of dead assasinated by bug eyed followers like John Brown. Junglemom, TMW, Nanc and many other Christians have devoted much of their time, life and resources to selflessly helping the poor. Only these Christians are way too classy to get up on a bullhorn and say so. Moreover, doing so would not be a Christian thing to do.

Moderates also know the mental gymnastics commies perform to justify their power trips.
The basic tactics are as follows

1 Deny you are a commie. Claim you are a progressive, green, various types of anarchist or the new variant a socialist liberterian. I will leave the laughter at the last claim for Jason Pappas who must be laughing at that claim.

2 Pretend you are brand x communist with no history related to prior communisms. Proclaim yourself a victim of Stalinism, Maoism, McCarthyism and Tony Orlandoism. This is amusing especially considering those who revere Trotsky want no part of a discussion about Kulaks, planned starvation, class genocide and neoslavery in gulags. Trotsky lost a power struggle and absolving him of the crimes of Stalin or his own are wishfull thinking.

3 Form Communist led and directed front groups like Code Pink to try and obscure the stench of Communism. Sorry but those active members of Code Pink are members of a front group. Most of them get defensive when questined on the topic.

4 Ignore the most odious types of bigots and lunatics and bring them into the coalition. Anti-semites who talk of Jewish conspiracies to rule the world and 9-11 as an inside job are encouraged to join the ranks of the freak parties.

5 Try desperately to steal the language. "Don't you want peace and to help the poor." If I did I would get behind Junglemom or any of the Christians. I certainly would not rationalize brutality
by Castro, Chavez, Mugabe in the name of the poor.

6 Demonize people who flee commie states like Cuban American, Poles and others who know first hand about life under communism. Watching Commies run to the Police who they called Pigs seconds earlier is always good for a laugh.

7 Pretend each new communism is a noble venture and deny that the despot is Communist. Chavez is a turnip he is part of the mythical third force commies always invent in their party talking points.

8 Feign noble motives when the repression becomes obvious.

9 Deny you were ever a supporter of the regime and claim you were behing three Trotskyite Albinos while moving on to the next communism and repeat the process.

10 Knowingly lie about history. Commies in favor of multiple parties. Is this after the class genocide and theft has eliminated opposition, shipped them to gulags or coerced them to flee.
Palestinians have an ethnicity but what it is based upon remains a mystery. Or Trotsky never urged revolutionary defeatism. In fact he urged his followers to do so in WW2 seeing the allies as no different than the Nazis. This is only true if the party is the Soviet Union.

11 Add extraneous commie classics to antiwar freak fests like Mummia, Pseudostine, Anti KFC
and other standard commie idiocies.

A moderate has no need to appologize or pretend that commies are anything other than the embodiment of evil. I do not alow them to form coalitions in my name.

Beamish in 08


Anonymous said...

I've had it with slave revolt's attempts to silence and intimidate others. The coward doesn't even link to his own blog.

The guy is a blog terrorist and a flaming hypocrite.

The Merry Widow said...

I haven't gone anyplace he has posted, except JM's.
Flaming hypocrite? Yes. Liar? Yes. Stupid intimidator? Nice try. Flagrant fool? My, my, yes.
To be insulted and scorned by him, means we are doing something right!
You can be judged by your enemies too, and I'm proud to have such!


Jungle Mom said...

I really do try to stay out of trouble;)

nanc said...

it should occur to a person to apologize without being asked. demanded apologies are rarely sincere.

The Merry Widow said...

When someone is that crass and insensitive to others, they are rightfully shunned by decent people.
JM-As a Christian, all you have to do is show up!
Nanc-That's where crass and unaquaintance with common courtesy shows the caliber of person you are dealing with. And it has NOTHING to do with, education, money or whatever. It is strictly the ability to place oneself in another's shoes!


Graeme said...

you have an unhealthy obsession with these people. If you never go to Renegade eye's blog again, I am positive he won't come to yours.

No one has control over LWB or John Brown except LWB and John Brown.

beakerkin said...


Renegade Eye is a liar and hypocrite. He has bee in control of LWB/John Brown from moment one,
He does frequently talk with LWB off line.

Moreover the disgusting antisemitic displays of LWB are permitted so long as LWB kisses Ren's ring. Moreover, how one plays a victim of free speech while celebrating the worst cyber criminals is amazing.