Sunday, August 26, 2007

Free Sppech and the Radio

Those of you who are regular readers know that I do listen to talk radio. My personal favorite is Bob Grant whose historical insights and acerbic wit have entertained me for 25 years. Those of you who are in range of the Mark Levin show can appreciate much of the style of Grant without his interviewing skills. Levin and Hannity both credit Grants influence.

I was somewhat ammused by the firing of Don Imus. Imus was originally a very funny and creative fellow with brilliant comedic skits such as Moby Worm, Beavis and Bob Dole and the never ending phone calls looking for Pappa Idi Dada. His comments were illadvised and just not funny, but clearly a failed attempt at humor. His show had gotten worn over the years and the only funny part was the skits with a Mayor Negin immitator. The real cause of the furor was the constant lampooning of Negin who is a national joke.

Now comes an uproar over Michael Savage's comments. I want to point out in NYC I would never listen to Savage because Levin has a superior show. His comments about illegal immigrants were unfortunate. However, we do not see liberals ever come under fire for outlandish comments. Has anyone ever been disciplined at LIB for their off the wall remarks?
Was Rosie O'Donnel suspended for her remarks about 9-11 or mocking Chinese people?

Savage's words were certainly not points I approve of. However, they do represent a frustration
many of us have with an often incoherent immigration policy. Why should I have to pay to educate and medicate people who do not belong here in the first place? Maybe if the services were denied we would not have so many illegal aliens here. This is not to say we should kick people out of emergency rooms.

The sanctuary laws are more complex than presented. We do not want to deport crime victims.
However, this protection should not apply to criminals. The real tragedy is that a person charged with a sexual offense against a minor was on the streets. They should have been incarcerated and placed in a jail. Countries that refuse to take back criminals should have servere tarrifs placed on their exports. People who are convicted of felony offenses should face deportation.

Savage like the rest of us is frustrated with a mindless policy that never seems to get fixed. His comments in my view are the product of frustration that many of us feel.


Justin said...

Beak, in the left wing mind set you have to understand where they are coming from. You have no right to question their character,and you must always belive what they tell you.

The other night I heard a Democratic Lawyer mouth piece talking about illegal immigration and the fact that they do not want anyone challenged to show their documentation allowing them to be here.

When pressed as to why it was wrong to ask for documentation he answered.

Because if you do this then there will be vast sweeps of neighbor hoods and a lot of innocent voters would get deported. The key word in that sentence was voters.

He went on to say when pressed as to how any innocent person would be deported he said "Because there are a lot of illegal immigrants here that are law abiding citizens.

The entire mindset for them is that well yeah, they are illegal immigrants and they broke the law to get here and by staying they are still breaking the law but, for us they are law abiding voters. Why question their status.

They are better conspiracy theoriest than even I am. They truely practice the old addage of,
Never let the truth get in the way of a good story. :)

Have a nice day

Ducky's here said...

Yes sir, the situation is pretty dire. We are in danger of running out of 85 I.Q. butt hats on talk radio.

It's a national emergency. Yessir, Michael Savage, Don Imus, real Horatios at the bridge.

As for Rosie O'Donnell, anyone heard from her since her 9/11 crack? Would they did the same thing to all the pollution that's on the airwaves these days.

beakerkin said...


Michael Savage hold genuine doctorates and is no dim bulb. Mark Levin is a practicing attorney. Anne Coulter has an Ivy Law degree. Sean Hannity attended NYU.

Only Rush Limbaugh has not attended colleg because he worked real jobs.

What is Rosie O Dumbell's training.
Her termination was a contact dispute unrelated to those vulgar comments.

Don Imus clearly has more talent than O'Donnel even when he was frequently on drugs. His skits were genuinely funny but over the last few years he has forgotten the comedy and taken himself too seriously.

The question should be why a linguist who called eye witnesses to the Killing Fields is viewed by anyone as anything other than a doofus. Has Chomsky ever paid for forging Truman quotes. Let me know when Arthur Schlessinger joined the right wing conspiracy.

We can also add the glamorous Monica Crowley's PHD. What degree does O'Donnel have?

Ducky's here said...

Yeah Beak, they are all geniuses. On the air talking about staying the course in Iraq as if these morons know how we can stir salt out of our coffee.

Talk radio is the realm of shallow commentators and shallower listeners.

beakerkin said...

Except that income and educational demographics of talk radio listeners routinely exceed averages.

Of course this is all part of the feigned intellectual superiority that the followers of Marx delude themselves they posses. Sorry Ducky but the unwashed masses don't need you and your kind to play God with their lives. Your authoritarian fantasies will have to wait some more.

Justin said...

"Ducky's here said...
Yes sir, the situation is pretty dire. We are in danger of running out of 85 I.Q. butt hats on talk radio."

So that is what happened to Al Franken & Air America and the rest of you mensa types with an I.Q. of 85 or less.:)