Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Revolutionary Dementia

Most of the readers of this blog are religious. I am the exception in that I respect religious people even if I am not religious myself. My world is the world of honor and like those of the religious there are rights and wrongs. My world is driven by seeing a problem and then solving the problem within the laws of right and wrong. Like most religious people I accept Utopia as a concept for the next world. I do not know if I would enjoy a life without challenges, temptations and ups and downs.

The basic problem with revolutionaries is their infantile view of the world. The most extreeme clown like incoherent examples are anarchists who often align themselves with Commies even though commies kill them when they consolidate power. Anarchists have accomplished zero in their entire history. They are divorced from all reality and are comedic props at best. How Anarchists create hospitals, roads or even a functional hot dog stand is beyond their grasp. They want to shake their fist in anger at capatalists and return to lawlessness. No doubt the usual suspects will try to use obscure philosophical points, but anarchism is a dead end and Anarchists are morons. Anarchism is one of the labels commies sometimes use to conceal their identity. Noam Chomsky claims to be an Anarchist who supports Pol Pot, creates phantom US-Nazi alliances while ignoring genuine Soviet-Nazi alliances and rushes to defend every communist thugocracy on the planet. Chomsky defenders will point to a few sentences where he critiques specific parts of Communist history, but the fig leaf doesn't obscure the overall pattern.

Greens are mostly Commies looking for power via an alternative route. In the case of Greens it
is an eco-Utopia that is less real than Sponge Bob. Preindustrial man lived short lives punctuated by brutal work. The notion of a green Eden is essentially Paradise never was. The scare tactics are part of a religion designed by junk science to dictate global policy. Global warming is the new theme and in the 1970's it was a new Ice Age. If and when either happen it abssurd to think man has any major role as both happened before. Examples of Greens who are likely something else the incoherent Joel Koevel who writes on two subjects anti-communism and bashing Israel. The incoherent Joel Koevell calls Native Americans the first victims of anti-communism, those who object to communism are mentally ill, anti-communism is anti-semitism but anti-zionism is not anti-semitic. It does not take a genius to figure out the true political leanings of a person who should be doing stand up comedy. Then there is the world's most famous anti-semite Dr Norman Finkelstein. The failed four times fired professor does nothing other than attack Jewish scholars with inaccurate work. Benny Morris points out that he does almost zero original research and Finky's use of his material is worthless. Novick whose work is his inspiration for the Holocaust Industry has been critical. Frequent Israel - Nazi comparisons are Finky's stock and trade. "Israeli Jews are a Parasitic class" it doesn't take a genius to figure out what political group divides the world into classes. What is green about Finky? Maybe the huge amount of money from his books that were compared by the NYT Book Review to the Protools of the Elders of Zion.

Lastly we come to evil incarnate Commies and Jihadis.They are stikingly similar in the folloing ways

1 Both seek global hegemony
2 Both divide the world into believers and non believers
3 Both feel the right to lord over the unwashed masses in the name of their divine truth
4 Both seek utopia in this world. Their utopia comes on your back and perhaps your life.
5 Both believe in flexible morality to acheive utopia. Kulaks can be killed as a class (Ren still defends this) to build a workers state. Scores of Hindus who resist conversion are to be killed.
6 Commies have armies of informers who function in the same manner as the religious police in Islamic states.
7 Both commies and Jihadis resort to terror frequently. In fact elimination of both points of view would leave one or two abortion clinic bombers.
8 Both treat history in a Mad magazine manner. Commies and Jihadis scream bigot, McCarthyite, racist at any scrutiny of their history. They will play the heavy handed indict a civilization by its history bit with American, Israeli and Western Civ while ignoring their own history and Muslim history. How a colonial people with centuries of Jim Crow abuses become the official victims of the word defies logic.
9 The demon states. We are familiar with Iran's Great Satan and Little Satan. This is not too far removed from the world view of Commies. Recently the further left forum had a revealing poll.
"Who would you rather fight the USA or Al Queda". Then commies who are participants in such a forum wonder why people would love to see them denaturalized and sent to North Korea.
10 Both are venemously Anti-semitic and anti-christian. The only Christians commies accept are the usefull idiots of the Liberation Theology idiocy branded as heresy by two Popes. These same idiots praise Cuba a state that persecutes genuine Christians.

In essence a Commie could ditch his manifesto for a Koran and not miss a beat.

The question of who really helps the poor needs to be answered. Most people have some concern over the poor. One can talk with a sincere leftist like Jams about the poor and respectfully disagree but have similar goals. The difference is Jams doesn't seek to turn the world upside down.

People like myself and Freedomnow believe in balance of powers. Every power needs to be checked and balanced. Regulatory agencies oversee business or we may end up playing to the lowest common denominator. However, Church groups are very effective at helping the actual poor and troubled. Commies have a disconnect, in that if one talks about Churches in the inner City they are beacons of hope. Yet the same Commies turn logic on their head and demonize churches elsewhere in an Animal Farm like fashion. Junglemom has devoted her life to helping the poor. Yet commies who declare her evil herd these same folks onto collectives by force. Then commies rail at Junglemom for telling people how to think. How one justifies herding people onto collectives and rails at a person providing education and medical care for Indians is beyond incoherent.

Indians are inhuman play things to Commies who attempt to steal their history and speak in their name. Do actual Indians hate missionaries and Christians? Certainly not the many I spoke to at Bad Eagle on this subject or those who are familiar with the work of Junglemom. Even today Renegade Eye and AIM are still dumbfounded by Russel Means and fake Indian Ward Churchill move to protect Indians from Sandanista agression. Means and Churchill for all their numerous flaws showed more humanity than party line Commie hacks are capable of. The insane illogic of Commies on this one is indigenous people's rights are paramount except for when they conflict with Commie states or are Jews. Contrived ethnicities who are in fact colonial invaders become the world's official victims.

There are good people on the left like Jams who is honorable. There are plenty of good Muslims who just want the American dream and some are patriots like Stephen Schwartz. Then there are the incoherent and imbecilic Anarchists and Greens. Lastly there are those who seek Utopia on your back and are the embodiment of evil Commies and Jihadis. The rest of us need to start going on offense and treat commies to their own medicine. A bridge collapses in MN and commies see this as an indictment of Capitalism. However, empty shelves and consumer products are absent in workers paradises and we get excuses. It is time we no longer accept excuses or bandy philosophy. Communism and Jihadism should be judged on their history and history speaks of its failures with certainy. Nor is repackaging the same old failed philosophies
a viable answer to the inherent evils of Communism and Jihadism

Beamish in 08.


Ducky's here said...

Beak, give it a rest. You've written this identical column 20 times.

Preaching to the choir.

Remember, John Brown thinks I'm a conservative.

beakerkin said...

Ducky John Brown thinks anyone to the right of Castro is a Conservative.

John Brown is more mental patient than Marxist. At best Ren can use him as a bug eyed assassin to carry out class genocide and blame his excesses on revolutionary enthusiasm after thousands are dead.

nanc said...

first of all - i do not claim to be religious about anything other than must have a cigarette after my meals.

religion is what has divided man from the beginning.

i do, however, have the faith of abraham. and i'm not looking for some feel-good church that fits my agenda. i want to follow G-d's agenda for me (failure that i am), not man's - man's church is usually going to tell you "everything's gonna be alright..."

this subject appears to have everybody stirred up - even justin has made a post!

if i needed religion, i would say mormonism is a good one. but if a person is looking for pure biblical faith - stay with the bible alone and make the church fit the bible, not the other way around.

Russet Shadows said...

This is probably the first and last time I'll ever agree with Ducky. What you have to say is good, Beak, but you have done a good 70% of this column before.

Referencing John Brown and anything in the real world is a curious combination of opposites.

beakerkin said...


Seems to be a consensus

nanc said...
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nanc said...

nevermind on the last comment...

Anonymous said...

I don't think what beak says gets said enough...

wrkjlvf said...

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from yours. Sometimes it is better to differ each other because it gives a
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