Friday, May 28, 2010

RIP Gary Coleman

I was a huge Gary Coleman fan. He was fun and had parts in other TV shows as well. He was in Good Times and Buck Rodgers in the 25th Century. In later years he was down on his luck and did some appearances on TV. He even appeared on the Simpsons twice, Married with Children and the last episode of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

He was always making fun of himself. There was a comedy bit with the Gary Coleman grill. He was also in the Surreal life and ran for Governor. He was more qualified than Ariana Huffington.

In later years his life was filled with trouble. It was a sad end for a man who brought joy and happiness to millions. He was everyone's little brother.


Anonymous said...

I agree completely. He was a man of integrity, persevering against hard times to make the rest of us feel good and laugh. The entire Different Strokes cast suffered from bad luck, psychologically and physically (Coleman). He will and should be missed, both as an entertainer and human being in general.


beakerkin said...

When I was young people though Rav Roov looked a bit like Gary Coleman
because of the hair. Rav Roov is much darker than I am. My brother grew up but Gary did not.

The Pagan Temple said...

The people of California should have elected him. At least he didn't marry into the Kennedy family.

Anonymous said...

I can still see his cute face and look when he asked

"Whatcha Talkin bout?"

Saw him a few times speaking of issues, but he always ended with a grin. Must be tuff for some people, but he was tough!

Ducky's here said...

He'll be best remembered for an appearance of Divorce Court a few years ago.

beakerkin said...


He probably would have done a better
job than Arnold. Coleman was open that his campaign was a publicity stunt.

His motto was "Sometimes the least qualified does the best job".


He will be remembered for his years as Arnold Jackson. The show
dealt with serious issues at times
like drug abuse, death of a pet and blended families.

The Pagan Temple said...

Mary Cary would have done a better job than Arnold.

CM said...

I made the comment about "watcha talking bout". I keep punching the wrong button.

Anyway here's wishing everyone a safe Memorial Holiday. Comanche waterpark opens today for the season, I might float down the lazy river, but to old for the rest, Grandkids are already there, I will meet them later to go out and eat. Pow-wows and Memorials slated everywhere, always something for an Indians to do with other Indians....if they want. Monday will be dedicated to Honoring our past Warriors at our Ancient Comanche Otipoby Cemetary on the Ft. Sill Military Reserve. Descendants of many interred will be there to decorate graves, listen, tell stories, and of course EAT, pot luck! Its a good day to be a "LIVE" COMANCHE!

Safe Holiday to ALL!

beakerkin said...


Have a good Memorial Day.

I meant to ask you if you were aware of a musical number from the Pulp Fiction sound track called Comanche. It is a nice instrumental Guitar piece. The best of these Instrumental
tributes to Indians is the Shadows Apache.Maybe someday the Oneida will get a wonderful piece dedicated to them.

CM said...


No I was I looked it up and saw John Travolta dancing the twist contest scene, he is so fine. I like his pee herman move! Hey he should be on your wall....

I scoured the stores yesterday for the Searchers and Pulp Fiction, I have neither, but they said I would have to go on line to order. I know I saw Pulp Fiction in the stores not too long ago....well maybe it was at my son' house.........just called him and yes, he has it! I have time to watch it!