Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Thanking The Readers

I want to thank the readers of this blog on the day before my birthday. It was an interesting year, but ultimately things worked out in the end. I have never been happier in my life.

I want to specially thank TMW, AOW and Warren for their patience. AOW was a wonderful host
and my trip came at an interesting time. Her poor students likely had to endure some of the books I brought with me. The restaurant we went to was my idea of a fine one excellent food and accommodation, decent price and killer fried zucchini.

The Tranquil Sea and the Beloved Sprite fill my days with love. I will be celebrating my first fathers day this year. I really did not think I was up to the task of serving in a parental role. The role just comes naturally. Sometimes, I amaze myself with the patience and gentleness that does not seem to be me. The Beloved Sprite is a great kid who never knew her biological father who passed away before she was born. She is more of an arts and crafts type than I. It is amazing how different she is from the nieces or nephews. Drummaster and Cheekseter were very similar
to myself and the Beloved Rav Roov and just glide through books. The rest have to work for what they can get.

Oddly, Son of a Beaker is probably headed abroad to study in a Yeshiva as his passions lie with theology. The kid does have a good heart, but being a pulpit clergyman takes real charisma and a large personality like myself of Rav Roov. He does not seem to have been given one. Having a large personality and stage presence is a blessing and a curse. I am always remembered and people always have an opinion. It is a lot easier to go through life as a vanilla faceless type. My career in government probably would have been easier if I had a smaller personality like Son of a Beaker.

For all of the difficulties we sometimes have moments that make everything worth while. I had a case where I was able to help a woman who had been waiting for 38 years for the right officer.
The job is often very magical. I can not describe another job where you walk in the city and people run and hug you and say Thank you Officer Beakerkin. Most of the time I do not remember them.

So I am off to find the missing Surf Rock CDS that annoy the Vegan. I am looking for a copy of Northwest Passage by Roberts in the used book stores. Even on Amazon hard cover is a chunk of change. I will also try and find a book or two on the Donme or crypto Jews of Turkey at some point. There is much discussion of their role in Jihadist and Joooo obsessed type circles.

Life is goooooooood.


The_Editrix said...

Beak, go to my blog at 0000 hours (your time) tonight!

Z said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! it's good to see your life is 'goooooood'! You deserve it! xx

Always On Watch said...

Her poor students likely had to endure some of the books I brought with me.

Well, MJB doesn't feel that way. He loves the book you gave him!

Happy belated birthday, my dear friend!

Come down my way for a belated celebration!