Sunday, May 02, 2010

Finally some sanity from the Jewish community

There is a move by some Jewish charities to eliminate the funding for so called Jewish groups critical of Israel. Predictably fake Rabbi Michael LSD Lerner is crying. Sorry, but Communists have masqueraded as Jews for a some time. This game does not fool actual Jews who practice the religion. It does fool idiots like Hillary Clintoon who found out how unpopular Rabbi LSD is when she ran for Senate in NYC and dropped him quickly.

Lerner when not doing drugs can be found at every anti semitic so called peace protest and seeking media attention. His most recent foray was to offer his synagogue as a venue for the infamous loon Goldstoned whose popularity in his home congregation was zero. Goldstoned grandchild was having a bar mitzvah and protesters were going to protest his presence. The Rabbi of the congregation in South Africa ( not to be confused with the drug addict fake Lerner),
did work with the protesters to avoid a scene at the bar mitzvah. This did not stop the fake Rabbis and Lerner from crying victim.

The Forward points out that three of the four dead students at Kent State were Jewish. The article is surprisingly balanced and does point out the actual criminal activity of the communist protesters.Unfortunately, those who were killed were not the ones who threw objects at the National Guard. Left unsaid is how unpopular the communist protesters were with the general population of the USA. The "hard hat riots" was a direct response of actual workers fed up with
communist lawlessness. The myth that the nation endorsed the protesters is a sheer fable. It is no accident that children of the 80's and 90's turned the Vietnam Veteran into the hero. Apocalypse Now, Tour of Duty and good old Forrest Gump beating the crap out of Commie protesters are glipses of how the younger generation viewed things.


The Pagan Temple said...

Is Lerner the guy that used to be on CNN right after 9/11? Some Jewish lawyer with a long pony-tail used to be on there all the time criticizing Israel and standing up for the Palestinians. I mean he was a real radical ass hat. I used to think if Mossad was as bad as guys like this like to claim they are, I would have never heard of this guy.

JINGOIST said...

Beak you've touched on a pet peeve of mine: "Jews" who practice the Materialistic faith. Call it socialism, communism, or any sort of leftist radicalism.

Jews and Christians who are radical leftists only truly worship collectivism and the use of state force against individuals. It's the ANTITHESIS of what's called for in the Bible.