Friday, May 07, 2010

Maybe I am a Liberal but the Ends do Not Justify the Means

I am a tad uncomfortable with going after the families of terrorists in order to get them to talk.
Maybe, I belong to another era where law enforcement officers acted with honor. Even the mafia
traditionally left parents alone.

There is a difference between Americans and Commies like the Duck and Blood crazed terrorists.
We are men of law, while the hypocritical Marxist Duck defends show trials and rationalizes wholesale crimes against humanity. To the Duck and the blood crazed Jihadi the ends Justify the means.

I understand that terrorism is asymmetrical warfare and quite different from crime. Yet the government would never have threatened to audit the tax returns of the parents of Bill Ayers and Dorn. That tactic would not have worked in the case of commie criminals anyway.

If the family is involved with the crime by all means do what must be done. However, if there is no evidence of wrong doing than let us behave like people of law and liberty.


beamish said...

How did the guy who tried to blow up a car bomb in Times Square become a naturalized citizen of the US while on a terrorism watch list?

beakerkin said...

Here is the kicker, the suspect entered as an F1 student legally. Unlike many students he actually attended classes and fell into a loving relationship with a United States Citizen that produced two United States Citizen Children.

As a graduate of a US university he was given an h1b visa first. Why or how he got this remains unknown from media accounts.

A saner change would require students to actually attend classes. For example person X comes from East Marxistan and gets
admitted into Poultry U in MA. He never attends a single class but has made a legal entry ten years later he meets and marries a United States Citizen.

The student visa bit is another way
that commies in big education undermine immigration law.

The student visa law should be changed.

1) Students should have to attend a real University. No small language mills or test preparation
groups can sponsor a student for an F1 visa

2) Any arrest can terminate the F1
visa. The exception would be speeding tickets that are within 20
mph of the speed limit.

3) The student would agree to complete biometrics including DNA
at their expense upon arrival.

4) The students also must submit to yearly drug tests at random intervals at their expense. Failure
of the drug test or refusal to take one would result in a ticket home.

5) The University would be required to inform the government
when students dropped out or failed to attend classes. Universities that refuse to do this
would not be eligible for student

6) A 100,000 bond should be posted
yearly. As more credits are earned
the amount may be reduced. If the student drops out and does not leave the amount is forfeited. They should also be deported if they do not attend classes for more than a year.

beamish said...

I would think "your name is on a terrorism watch list" would be an autofail for naturalization applicants. Streamline the process.

But the Taliban themselves aren't on the State Department list of terrorist organizations despite us fighting them for 9 years, so that's probably asking government agencies to be too competent.

Ducky's here said...

Lieberman is most likely proposing his dishonest and unconstitutional law on behalf of the Israeli right wing. Rightwing Zionists have managed to get most organizations opposing Israel's colonization project in the West Bank declared terrorist organizations. They hope that then anyone who objects to the aggressive expansionary policy of the Israeli government can be branded as giving material support to terrorist organizations and so could be denaturalized and even deported from the US.

In other words, Lieberman, a latter-day McCarthyite, would like to do to the American Left and Realists what Israel has already done to the Palestinians, and render them stateless and voiceless.

But the bill is unconstitutional and has no support.

beakerkin said...

The Duck keeps proving he is an antiSemite with every remark. The reflex to call people who are in fact Commies in cahoots with terrorists victims of McCartyism is amusing.

Communists go great with tar and feather.