Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bloomberg for President???

I am starting to think this country needs a kick in the pants. It needs someone who is beholden to
no parties and has proven he can govern and run things effectively.

It is true I do not share Bloomburg's green mania or his war on Sodium. Those positions are abominations, but are better than the status quo.

We need an outsider who will look at our current mess and demand results. Bloomburg understands and hires the best. He is forgiving of people who make errors because they are trying too hard, but woe unto thee who is a slacker on the public dole. Our nation needs professionalism and accountability in government and Bloomburg is uniquely able to provide this. He looks to surround himself with the best and brightest administrators.

If he decides to run I may go to work for the campaign. This is not about left or right in my case. It is about a government that is unaccountable, unfocused and needs professional guidance. He has proven he can deal with intransigent unions and get the job done.

The question is what do we get for our tax dollars? What is the plan for growth and getting America back on track? Bloomburg can handle those questions even if his green goofiness and war on sodium are inane.


The Pagan Temple said...

How can you have a plan for growth that involves Cap And Trade and a liberal immigration policy that doesn't secure the borders before granting amnesty to illegal immigrants while denigrating the rights of border states to protect their own borders? Bloomberg is a Republican of convenience, running on Giuliani's record as a self-styled heir apparent.

If he were to run for President as an Independent, he would probably take more votes from Democrats than from Republicans, so its all good. I just can't see him running as a Republican. If he got the GOP nomination, my ass stays home. His judicial appointments would probably be of the same stripe we can count on from Obama and the Democrats. Sorry Beak, I don't care how good he might be in some regards as mayor of New York, as a President, he is definitely not ready for prime time.

I know all about his schpiel working across party lines and forging a consensus, and I know what that means. It means progressive politics with just enough largess thrown to moderate Republicans in the form of targeted tax breaks for businesses to make it palatable. Real conservatives get the shaft to suck on after its rammed up their ass for a while, and as for federalism, you can put the last nail in that coffin.

Thanks, but no thanks.

beakerkin said...


What we need most in this country is governmental accountability. Most of us have the sense of a government that has lost its focus. We need a return to professionalism and integrity.

The Obama administration has not improved these areas. In fact in most cases he has appointed political hacks like Van Jones who do not belong in government.

As far as immigration Bloomburg is continuing the policies that preceded him. In a major city we want people to understand that local governance is open to all. We do not benefit from having people afraid to go to the police when they are crime victims.

Where this is wrong is that the focus on getting rid of criminal aliens is not fast enough. There needs to be an expedited removal process for criminal aliens.

It is really not the job of local law enforcement to enforce immigration law. That being said once a person is charged with a crime then it is appropriate to start the deportation ball rolling.

beamish said...

Two words:

Hell no.

Bloomberg's views on gun rights and gun ownership alone disqualify him in my book, but the enviro-whackoism, and anti-salt initiatives just serve to raise the totalitarian warning flags even more.

America is a curious country. While no where in the country is there ever going to be a produced a Democrat worth voting for, there's just something about the northeast that makes Republican politicians way out of touch with the rest of the country.

It's more than just Massachussetts, where they've somehow figured out how to turn 120% of the state's population in to insatiably raging homosexuals (because Massachussetts being 100% gay wasn't good enough). Show me a libertarian / conservative Republican from the Northeast. You can't.

beakerkin said...

Bloomburg on guns is a concern. However, in large cities it is not practical for people to carry weapons. I am for lowering the restriction for home and business owners.

The war on salt is just silly.

He is preferable to Obama

The Pagan Temple said...

A concern? Yes, I would say someone that wants to trash the Second Amendment is one hell of a concern. The only thing wrong with gun ownership in New York is that only the criminals have them. That though seems to escape idiots like Bloomberg, who is actually a Democrat. He just registered Republican so he could be elected mayor. People were tired of Democrats consistently putting New York City deeper in the sewer with every passing year.

All the guy knows is tax, tax, tax. Let's tax cigarettes, let's tax fast food, let's butt in every area of people's lives we can butt it, and then let's invent some more ways to do it. That's one hell of a Republican you got there.

Oh but wait a minute, he's not a Republican anymore, is he, he's an independent, if I'm not mistaken.

If he ever does settle on a party, I know what it's mascot should be-a fucking weasel.

beakerkin said...

Bloomberg is an independent and this is the exact reason we need him. He is not beholden to Big Labor or the Country Club set.

The reason I am a Republican is that the Democratic Party is infested with fellow travelers who do not belong like Gomer Kerry and Charlie Rangel. They are in the pocket of far left big education and the party
has become little more than a joke.

The problem with gun ownership rules in NYC which were on the books long before Bloomburg is that they restrict the right of people to protect their homes. Having a gun in your home or business is different than carrying them around in NYC which is impractical. The laws allow Donald Trump and politically connected Judges to carry and not trained members of the public.

beamish said...

However, in large cities it is not practical for people to carry weapons.

Why not? Something wrong with the hands of people in large cities? Do they not sell holsters up there in New York?

Nothing impractical about carrying a weapon anywhere.

How many times has Bernie Goetz been mugged by the punk he put in a wheelchair since he shot him?

Seems to me NYC would be an even safer city if everyone was packing.

beakerkin said...

I loathe the current law because of its elitist implementation. You can get a pistol permit if you are a politically connected judge or celebrity.

I would like to see the right of people to keep weapons in their houses and business recognized. I would only want to have licensed people who have had rigorous safety
training and have been checked psychologically and criminally be able to carry.

What happens when we have a blackout is unknown.

beamish said...

What happens when we have a blackout is unknown.

People who believe criminal activities are easier when the lights are out would be more than numerically offset by people who believe if they attempt to commit crimes someone will shoot them regardless of whether or not the electricity is working.

It's a sick world we live in. Bernie Goetz wasn't even considered for the Nobel Peace Prize, as he should have been. Three of his four attackers were not paralyzed for life and went on to commit rape and robberies. Things that would not have happened if Goetz's aim were more lethal or he had a more powerful handgun than a wimpy .38 caliber.

beamish said...

the good shit

Justin said...

Beak Said: "in large cities it is not practical for people to carry weapons."

I live in a very large metropolitan area of Texas and there is no problem carryin a gun.

I have a saying 357 magnum dont leave home with out it.

Believe me most criminals are a lot more careful around here these days because they dont know whose carrying. And of course the sign on the outside of my house reads. "The Guy across the street is Anti-Gun" break ins at my house 0. Break ins at his house 4 last month. :)

beamish said...

.50 Desert Eagle.

"Go ahead, hide behind that brick wall. I'll shoot you anyway."