Friday, May 21, 2010

In Defense of David Horowitz

David Horowitz is a respected author and friend. People like the antisemitic Marxist Duck do not like him because he speaks the truth. Communists are fairly similar to Muslims in that they are obsessive and petty to people who were fellow Commies who reject Marxism.

The charge Horowitz is a bigot must be amusing to a man who marched in the famed Civil Rights Marches of the 60's, worked with the Black Panthers and has Black in laws and grandchildren. Horowitz break with the left started when he was disillusioned with the Black Panthers who were little more than a criminal gang with great PR. Contrary to film stories violence including the murder of a book keeper who Horowitz recommended are quite real. One can read the true story in Pearson's shadow of the Panther.

Many of his critics do not bother to have read his books. I have read most of them except for his earliest writing. His books are all excellent and the only problem he has is that when he has written so many good books at a certain point you compete against yourself.

There are those who point at his publishing of the disturbed Dr Yeagley. Many of us wanted to believe in Yeagley. Sadly, he was just not up to the lofty goals of Bad Eagle. As soon as he found out that Yeagley was preaching idiocy about race he was dropped. FYI One can also see numerous examples of my dealing directly with Yeagley on this issue. One can not see any examples of the Duck taking Commies to task over the most blatant forms of antisemitism including claims that a Jewish Cabal blew up the WTC and he has supported claims of organ theft.

Onto Horowitz and Islam, some of us see a threat to America from the far left and militant Islam.
One can listen to the calls for racist revolution from commie turd Gochez of Larazza. The Duck
pretends that this is something else while in a bird brained stupor about Tea Party types. Similarly, there is a serious problem that exists in the Islamic community in the USA and abroad. Were every Muslim as noble and tolerant as Stephen Schwartz there would be no problems. Unfortunately, a religion that is based upon submission lends itself to all types of political opportunists who seek power via violence and want to replace our civilization with Theocracy. Communists aid and abet these fanatics by openly stoking mostly false history and grievances. One can meet plenty of rational Muslims who just want to live in peace. Unfortunately, commies like the Duck have found stoking populist Joooo hatred a force multiplier. Even far left blogs like Troutsky are openly linked to a Nazi blog that makes fun of the Holocaust and whose posts are printed on Stormfront. Unlike, my vocal criticisms of Yeagley
who has never commented here one can never see a critical comment by Commies against Nazis so long as he echoes the Bad Joooooo, Pseudostinian as the center of the Universe myth.

Onto the dishonest bird brained Duck. Chomsky first lied about supporting Holocaust Denier Faurison claiming his support was free speech. Chomsky when faced with the words in his endorsement of the book has stated Holocaust Denial is not antisemitic. He is also the mentor of the planets most well known and documented antisemite Norman Finkola who just happens to leave the Maoism off his resume. He is also the only Marxist who manages to get fired in higher ed multiple times. The later feat is his true achievement.

The Duck also has echoed the theme of commies that the Jooooos use the Holocaust to shake down money and silence critics of Zionism. As commies welcome people who make Holocaust jokes on their blogs and it takes zero effort to find Holocaust deniers at peace protests this is not surprising. More to the point the Duck would never dream of telling Blacks, Indians and Hispanics who use their history in a way that furthers his Marxist liberation theology agenda that they are using their history to create a scam. The Duck's real problem with Yeagley is he is anticommunist and doesn't buy into Palestinians as center of the Universe. David Duke's articles are printed in pro Palestinian sites in the UK. Only Harry's Place has ever held this group accountable. At various times the Duck has been less than charitable to Thomas Sowwel, Larry Elder, Condi Rice and Clarence Thomas. He feels his bigotry like calling Condi Rice Aunt Jemimah or calling Yeagley Gay is somehow justified.

Sorry, but I have donated to Horowitz and he has been generous with his time in responding to short questions. I am proud of those donations and of the good work he does each and every day.
Maybe, I should make my next donation in honor of the bird brained Duck.

How does anyone take a person who regularly calls Condi Rice Aunt Jemimah seriously. Perhaps he can see how close his rant about organs is to the classic blood libel. Than again unlike lab rats commies do not learn until they ditch Marx.


The_Editrix said...

"Many of his critics do not bother to have read his books."

No I haven't. His dump of a website put me off buying one. What reason have I to believe that his books are any better?

beakerkin said...

His Website features mostly good articles that are quite interesting. As a person that has infrequently interacted with Horowitz. He has corresponded with me under my real name and is aware I am the author of this site.

He is very charming and personable in his correspondence. He is usually very witty and helpful.

His book Radical Son is an excellent book and well worth reading. The best book nobody talks about is the Second Thoughts
Book. You can learn much about Horowitz, Radosh and others there.

It was from that book I became acquainted with the brilliant author Julius Lester whose book Lovesong is probably among the ten best I have ever read. My sister in law who is a convert and does have very little Native American ancestry remembered reading it vividly decades later. My parents read my copy and enjoyed the experience. I would be very interested to know if this work was ever sold in German.

I did correspond with Lester who was amused radicals in NYC know him more for his Public Access Radio show decades ago than as a gifted author and University Professor.

The_Editrix said...

"The charge Horowitz is a bigot must be amusing to a man who marched in the famed Civil Rights Marches of the 60's, worked with the Black Panthers and has Black in laws and grandchildren."

*GROAN* Beak, that is the oldest line since "My Jewish friends are saying as well that [follows antisemitic crap]." Obviously, his black in-laws and grandchildren haven't kept him from publishing racist crap like, say:

"A Caucasian “curl” in Asian hair? A bushy Afro on a white woman? It was a PC faux pas in full fashion, so to speak, a perverse, racist notion of “equality.” How can the colored races be equal with the white race if they have to be doctored up to look white?

Entertainment stars like Mariah Carey, or Janet Jackson hardly exploit the Negroid characteristics of black, kinky hair or dark brown skin. Yet they are claimed by the black race. Black can be beautiful, especially when it looks white.


Superior beauty is in the white race, with its scintillating varieties of color: red, brown, amber, golden hair... green, blue, light brown, gray eyes. In the darker races, everything is always the same, dark brown and black―?a beastly bore.

The white woman is the prize. To a dark man, marriage to a white woman is the ultimate sign of “equality” in the West. These days the white woman is expected to humble herself before the darkie, or at least to explore her own sexual excitement through him."

Or that:

"It’s racism at Duke, all right. Racism against white students. Members of the Duke University Lacrosse team may have abused a black party girl, but, without any proof or trial, the Duke Lacrosse team was punished by the university, suspended from further games. So terrified was the administration of being charged with “racism.” The black female wins again. She is truly an ace on the field and in court.


So, that black woman said, “No,” eh? First, she’s in a profession where she’s expected to do tricks for clients. Second, she’s walking into a house full of young, drunken athletes, who happen to be white. Third, she called the police and complained once; then she went back, but then left. And then she went back again! That’s a peculiar way of saying “No,” it seems to me. These racist black people just want a role model victim, with mistreatment wreaked upon the weakest of the weak: the black woman. All she has to do is cry, “rape by white male!” and she rules the world.


But, exotic dancing—and then to cry “abuse”? This may be pushing victimhood beyond reason."

This translates to: A stripper, specifically a black stripper, is fair game and ought to make no fuss if she is raped. (Yes, NOW we know that she wasn't raped at all, but at that time we, including Yeagley, all assumed that she WAS raped.)

And do you know what? The fact that Horowitz deleted BOTH those articles from FrontPage while he let other more harmless ones by Yeagley were they are (although they are not linked to anymore), proves that he KNEW ALL THE TIME that it is vile racism and misogyny.

Everybody who does anything like that is morally corrupt and as genuine as a three-dollar-bill. And you are seriously suggesting that anything -- ANYTHING -- such a man wrote is worth reading?

I find it nice as well if a renowned author bothers to reply to criticism or praise, but that is just that: NICE and POLITE. It doesn't make him a GOOD person.

Frankly, Beak, I like you and think you are a deep-down decent man, or I wouldn't be here, but your taste in "friends", from Yeagley and his asswipes to Horowitz, isn't much to write home about. Stop wasting your time defending people who aren't worth your spit.

The_Editrix said...

Beak, this is the only book translated into the German by a Julius Lester I could find. It seems to be on the esoteric side. Will that be the Julius Lester you mean?

Z said...

when you meet him in person, and I have a few times, he can be crusty and a little anti-social, but I find him kind and SMART. A BIGOT? NO WAY, no FREAKIN' WAY

Ducky's here said...

At various times the Duck has been less than charitable to Thomas Sowwel, Larry Elder, Condi Rice and Clarence Thomas. He feels his bigotry like calling Condi Rice Aunt Jemimah or calling Yeagley Gay is somehow justified.


And don't forget the accent on Tom in Thomas. I love SCOTUS seesions, Scalia yelling "Hey Slappy, run out an get me a double decaff latte. I'll write your opinion as usual."

Thomas Sowell is so dumb he needs to follow someone home. I call him the Black Beamish.

Anonymous said...

He's just another wannabe tough guy nowadays, where he'll conveniently never have to actually fight in any of the wars he so strongly adores and supports.

He's a one trick pony at this point, attacking anyone and any group that refuses to see the universe as one big squabble between Israel and the Muslim world. His experiences with non-white groups in the U.S. are skewed by his almost religious need to label others and equate their causes with Marxism, not because the facts fit the verdict, but because he feels they need to for his own sick rhetoric to be relevant.

His concerns are his to disseminate, but when he and like-minded numb-nuts comment on issues outside their expertise, that's when I have a problem.


Randall Patrick McMurphy said...

Before we rush to judgment, let us examine one of Horowitz's recently published articles picked up at National Review Online:

If that isn't one of the best treatise on the era and "Corn", the pseudo-academic, then the Aviatrix will eat her own brown striped shorts.

Randall Patrick McMurphy said...

For your edification, here is the link to the entire article at the NRO web site:

Ducky's here said...

Notice that the true Bea comes out. As long as Yeagley rags on Arabs he's just fine in Beak's eyes.

Gay Eagle can write like he's had a little too much fire water but if he's dumping on Arabs then the rest of the bigotry is fine and he's Beak's bestest buddy on the net.

You got some 'splainin to do, Beak.

Randall Patrick McMurphy said...

Bitch bitch bitch, Bitch.

The_Editrix said...

"His concerns are his to disseminate, but when he and like-minded numb-nuts comment on issues outside their expertise, that's when I have a problem."

There would remain very little if they wouldn't do that.

beakerkin said...


Kindly write under your own name.


Unlike you I have directly confronted Yeagley on the racialism
bit. As a well known patriot my words are sufficient.

I owe no explanations for any words other than those I write.

I will point out his words are the product of a mental disorder. Your
comments about his orientation are
the product of malice. Would he be
more or less odious if he were Gay.

Then again a person who calls Blacks Slappy and Aunt Jemimah is closer to Yeagley than they presume. I will also point out your comments about organ theft are the new blood libel.

The only difference between you and Yeagley is he thinks he worships Christ and you worship Marx and aid every enemy of our nation.Yeagley's problems are mental illness and ignorance and yours are deception and malice.

beamish said...

Clarence Thomas' written opinions on the Supreme Court display an admirable level of intelligence behind them, far in excess of the leftist view that black men are somehow genetically incapable of.

Comparing Thomas Sowell's economics knowledge to Ducky's is unfair... to Ducky, as most third graders could squash Ducky in an economic debate. Sowell too is extremely intelligent and puts the lie to Ducky's race-based leftism currently reinforced by a black President who actually may well be too stupid to write the imbecilic things he reads off a teleprompter.