Saturday, May 29, 2010

The reality of Gays and the law

The United States does provide some avenue of relief for people in abusive relationships known as the VAWA act. The abuse need not be physical and there is some legitimate discussion about what is and is not non physical abuse. A spouse that flaunts adulterous affairs and is not named Clinton qualifies under the law. It is a law with good intentions, but there are serious questions as to where we draw the line over what qualifies.

The problem is that some gays and lesbians often to not live in families that resemble Ozzie and Harriet or even the dysfunctional and borderline criminal Bundy family. The reality is that by not recognizing the reality of these relationships via Civil Union or Marriage we are forcing some people
to stay in violent relationships needlessly. The problem is also worse than one presumes because many times the gay or lesbian applicants are estranged from their families.

I am also not a fan of laws that encourage otherwise honest people to break the law because there is no legal redress. Thus an officer has to endure Will and Grace fakeries from Gays trying to remain in the USA to be with their real loved ones via fake marriages.

I am still pro civil union. Unlike some of my peers I am ready for the day when a change in the law will remedy this situation. We will judge the elements of the Union as we do for other couples
and the process won't be much different.

Officers work with the laws that are on the books.When the laws or policies change we adapt. I
would remind people that criticize the folks in AZ that the policy of benign neglect has not alleviated the problem of illegal aliens. The legal residents of Arizona have a right to enforce existing laws. Perhaps if the administration hired and deployed enough ICE agents and Immigration Judges who enforce the law the furor would die down.

Remember that all laws have consequences and human faces behind them.


beamish said...

The reality is that by not recognizing the reality of these relationships via Civil Union or Marriage we are forcing some people
to stay in violent relationships needlessly.

That is a bizarre thought. If fags and dykes could marry, they could get out of violent relationships?

What are they fighting about? Who gets to keep the gerbil when they break up?

The Pagan Temple said...

Beamish, if they allowed them to marry, then in a divorce they would probably share joint custody of the gerbil, or one person gets full custody of the gerbil with the other partner getting visitation rights.

The way things stand now, one partner can just tell the other partner to "take this gerbil and stick him up your goddamn ass". Otherwise, the poor gerbil gets stuck in the middle and is the one that has to suffer.

CM said...

Why does the Government not concentrate on the group of men that can have 20 or more wives and hundreds of kids. All these kids are cousins, 1/2 bro. and sisters, and they all look like the village of the damned.

Do what the Indians did long ago, just wrap a blanket around your chosen one and be done with it!

Hmm is that why we are called Blanket Indians?

You should see our new Comanche Pendleton, no one gets mine, though I did give one as a gift to my nephew when he married, they had a blanket ceremony but it was legal.

Whats up with gerbils?....on yeagleys' site this one poster(she's gone now) kept bringing them up too!

beakerkin said...

It has to do with a legend involving
Richard Gere and some ahem create use of gerbils for intimate relations.

The government will spare no effort if they catch a person practicing polygamy. They really do take this very seriously at my level.

CM said...

Well, I did read the group I speak of moved to Canada....but there are others, and they ain't American Indian.

Gerbils and Richard Gere! I never saw anything in him either, I see him as digusting for sure.

Off to the Cache Indian Creek Cemetery to check for last minute cleaning, just one of the many Indian Cemeteries my family have family laid to rest. Its my duty since my Mom is gone. Its handled with love and respect!