Monday, May 10, 2010

Around the Globe

Communist Drug Impaired Fake Rabbi Lerner whines about alleged vandalism of his home. Leave it to a publicity seeking clown with a history of violent activity to cry to the police about stickers.
More comedic is the rather clownish attempt to blame this on Alan Dershowitz. Real Jews ( not commies) have more than ample reason to loathe Lerner. Hillary Clintoon found out how unpopular he is in NYC and dropped him in seconds when she ran for Senate. Perhaps this clown should talk to the Venezuelan Jewish refugees about his master Chavez for an example of real incitement against Jews. Of course Lerner is silent about real Jews being persecuted yet again by Commies.

There is an interesting article in FPM about Communists terrorists and Anarchists being behind the violence in Greece. The police should be encouraged to shoot violent protester. There was an interesting article about an actual dog that does seem to attend most of these anarchist riots in Greece. What was left out of the article was that the dog probably has the highest IQ in any grouping of anarchists.

The Times Square bomber is singing up a storm. We may learn how closely the Pakistani Intelligence Operatives were to the Mumbai attackers. If Pakistan refuses to hand over the criminals India should invade Pakistan and the USA should fully support India. India should take territory and keep it as compensation for Pakistan's support for terror. This should also serve as a wake up call to Chavez over his support for FARC.

Failed English politician Galloway want to make Michael Moore type of films about the Pseudostinians in Gaza. It is ironic given the rants about Zionist media that he would run to Hollywierd that is alleged by commies to be Joooish controlled. As for his films they would likely be on a par with the classic Reefer Madness without the humor.

On this site we have the bird brained Duck worried about Tea Party terrorists when yet another Islamic radical has been caught again. We will let commies know when there is a credible story
that might fit the bill. Where would terrorist motivated from the right target? A faculty lounge in the social sciences at Tufts ???? An Aacorn office ???? The idea is as inane as the Duck himself.

Lastly, Jewish support for Obama has eroded fast. I am wondering how Chuck Schumer is going to deal with this on the campaign. He will be re-elected with ease, but it will be very interesting to watch if he distances himself from the Obama- Hillary Clintoon Israel bashing administration.

America deserves the best in 2012 Vote for Beamish. Communism goes great with tar and feathers. Break out some country music from anyone other than our very own Glenn Camel and apply them on commies near you.


The Pagan Temple said...

India should take Kashmir, and that's it. Leave Pakistan an independent nation and dumping ground for the forced deportation of Muslims from Kashmir and India. If they stay in India, some folks seem to think they should have the right to vote.

Ducky's here said...

Closer to home, your good buddy GayEagle is at it again.

Here's today's headline: "Barry’s Pick: Leftist Jewish Female Homosexual?"

He also reminds us that Justice Sotomajor s Jewish.

Ah, for the good old day's when Beak was one of the few non-Nazis (or are you) who wasn't willing to call GayEagle a friend.

beakerkin said...

Yeagley is not gay. We have parted ways over posts like this.

Yeagley has respected my wishes and
has not contacted me. That being said
his views are on a par with yours.