Monday, May 03, 2010

Kudos to Pagan Temple

The Pagan has illustrated that either Dr. Yeagley is insane or doing stand up comedy. What better way to illustrate the inane conspiracy mindset than to make an even more insane conspiracy.
The only thing missing is that Yeagley did not deduce the comment was well written satire.

You can't make this stuff up.


The Pagan Temple said...

He thanked me for the post. I don't know, maybe that was just his way of downplaying it or something.

The_Editrix said...

You are all STILL crediting him with too much grey matter.

CM said...

Yeagley wants us to bow down to England? To the white Angle Saxon!

Slavery had its origin with the English Colonization of Virginia 1607.

Massacre was a work of Providence they say to justify for the almost complete genocide of the Powhatans, and the destruction of the buildings of settlements of their former towns. Their orders called for "A perpetual War without Peace or truce to root out from being any longer a people" , so cursed a Nation ungrateful to all benefatble and incapable of all goodness, steeped in Cabanist Theology. Reformed tradition best known for its predistination and total depravity, God freely and unchangeably ordained on Natives comes to pass!

This remineds me of what Mackenzie did to the Comanche, Kiowas, and apaches in Palo Duro, but you must realize this first act was in the 1600 the last was late 1800's

And yeagley puts his Puritan White Anglo Saxons on a pedistal like he does the tall and lanky White Blond big mouth instigator. No not short stumpy foul mouth bag, but tall lanky foul mouth annie get your gun!

Just my thoughts, How can yeagley justify his praise for English? May be out of place, but Ta Ta......


Alligator said...

CM I read his recent blogs and I think he was actually dumping on the English. He seems to resent the elitism that is often a part of the English society. This kind of fits in with his new mantra that the Celts are the original "Aryans" even though there is really no such thing as the "Aryan" race.

He said something about the Germans and Celts "rebelling" against the English. I understand the Celts opposing the English but is he suggesting that World War I and World War II were somehow merely rebellions against the English?

I purposefully don't say much about Yeagley anymore. But as a person of Scots descent with no great fondness of the English (I don't hate them though) I still find his recent blogs about England to be "unusual" to say the least. I find it rather entertaining and amusing to read his site now.

CM said...

Me too, amusing that is, but I really just skim through looking to see if he says something stupid on the Comanche or any Indians for that matter. Lately he's been kissing up about the Comanche Chairman and the Editor of our Comanche news, she has no use for him, he made fun of her efforts in the past, she knew all about him before I even knew of him!

Anonymous said...

Ok the diatribes of dr jackboot are easy to understand in the context of simple common sense. The way or the use of the bible as a source for his lunacy are also noted, A lost Fool no matter the phd WTF ever. I cite the book of cheech and chong, verse one, if IT looks like dogshyt, smells like dog shyt, then IT is dog shyt**** point being all the talk on any topic by folks who have no clue just rant and rave on race and the attacks on blacks, mex, et etc, show how LOST the gourd prancer is, but he has a degree but no dam sense about REAL LIFE as does the wicked witch of the north LOL, Naiche

CM said...

Hi Naiche,

I NEVER made fun of yeagley for being part Mexican or descendant of. You know who keeps claiming I did!!! Thats not an issue with me at all. I never denied my Father's Father was 1/2 Mexican....never, very proud of my ancestry, my Father was a Handsome humble man. I miss him to this day, like Alligator mentioned of himself, I wished I asked my Father more questions of his personal past, and his family. I, like many of my generation are orphans. I never had Grandparents alive to speak to, my older sisters remember the Grandmothers.

Today is Mothers' Day, for all those who still have their Mothers, Cherish, Protect and Honor them, but remember too, if you are a Mother, you are Special to someone, take special care of yourself so your children and Grandchildren will have you for a long time and that they will remember the things they did with you and learned from you....nothing but Good Things!

Anonymous said...

The premise is the 'shock jock tactics' used to get attention or more hits to that rag of a site. How in the hell does Ann coulter become a expert and asked for input on indians, shyt go ask hugo chavez to give his peps a 'free and honest' election. being part anything means the even fractions make the part of the 'whole'. Point his tactics are lunacy, or when he tries to give his view on VETS, well so much for dr jackboot, or this his remarks on or about Juanita have not been forgotten, but shyt he has no respect for himself, thus how in the hell can he have any respect for an ELDER. ta ta the shadow but jewish