Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Mark Winters is a friend of mine. I have different views than he does but he has never
endorsed some of the racial and other lunacy of Yeagley. I am starting to think Yeagley is either insane or doing some form of stand up comedy and hasn't let the rest of us in on it.

The truth is that Bad Eagle was once a great place. It was great because of the people who wrote brilliant pieces. To a certain extent their presence kept Yeagley's demons in check. When a brilliant poster writes a post on a subject it raises the bar and keeps the discussion at adult level.

The reason I left has little to do with the rabid senile smelly mongrel Batty Ann. She is an imbecile and I suspect her degrees are from a rectal thermometer.

More amusing is her claim I want to be an Indian. I am an American and no other term is needed.

I want to point out the real beauty of America. I spent Friday night at a Guyanese community event raising money for an orphanage. I was there with the Tranquil Sea eating West Indian food, dancing to salsa, Indian and American music. I did laugh at the West Indian singer singing country music classics with an unusual accent. I also entertained folks with some borscht belt humor and my speaking in the West Indian patios is considered quite funny. Everyone banded together to raise money for a good cause.

The beauty of America is that we do not have second class citizens. Most of us live and love as our heart and soul dictates. The important part is that we respect these differences. I do enjoy
my time with the Tranquil Sea and being a father to the Sprite. As a matter of respect I do not eat beef or pork in their presence. I tend not to eat pork anyway, but if it is served I do not reject it. The reason is I respect the religion and culture of my adopted community. The subject
of my eating beef was discussed with the beloved Sprite. It is part of my culture that I do on occasion. I do not do it around you or your mother because we share a meal and bond together.
On my own I order poultry most of the time by taste.

What Yeagley misses in his warped paranoid mind is that Blacks and mixed race, multi ethnic people are very much a part of America. His aversion and notions of racial purity would have perplexed and been considered strange by the real Bad Eagle. I am reading the history of Western NY. There are scores of mixed race people who are considered valued community members such as Hon Yerry and the children of Molly Brandt. The heroic Green Mountain Boys
had Black members. There were patriots from every country of Europe including some Jews and Italians.

Of course the founding fathers were fighting for a set of shared ideals and those ideals and their example is lost on the clueless Yeagley.


Ducky's here said...

Your best friend on the web embarrassed you again, eh?

Yeah, GayEagle used to be a great place when he only dumped on Muslims, right you coward?

CM said...

Well, it seems yeagley has bragging rights now on being translated international. But it also seems the outdated and incorrect info about him still teaching at the University level still remains and of course he claims he does not know how to correct this! I've read more misinformation about him, written by himself. Hah..four degrees and bag claims he is brilliant yet he doesn't know how to correct info that makes him appear rather decent, yet he does know how to cry when he thinks someone is picking on him, same thing he does to them by the way...what goes around comes aroung!

He is telling posters to be careful in what they post because he wants to look good for these foreigners. He is too chicken to say "Betty Ann Owens what you post, watch YOUR mouth." Everyone but her seems to be adult about their opinions and when posting they simply will use manners, but she seems to be the only one who does not realize real people might be reading, nor does she care! By the way she is picking on another poster..Zepher, I gather a white female. Betty ann needs to realize yeagley has other friends, why he might even meet a nice Indian woman on his treks into Comanche Land, he might have already met her..betty ann think about that, why does a rabbit come to mind?
Oh yeah, "Fatal Attraction".

I noticed too that she is throwing her education up more so now that she knows foreigners are reading. I think its too late though, she ruined his site. He may have readers, but two or three posters, and I think they may be his family...on second thought, if I had batty ann as a friend, I'd ask my family not read the site...she is embarrasing. Yeagly is not a teacher, he has tried to re-write history, he fights the system already in place, he degrades the President of the United States, no one should allow him on any campus.

Maybe these are the reasons why foreigners are translating him, to show that Citizens of the United States of America are given Freedom of Speech and Press, and how he disrespects this Freedom and uses it against the very Citizens he claims to represent, White American and the Indians. I think the Foreigners translating are smarter than he. Hopefully they know this is not the way the majority of Free America thinks, what do "they" really think? That would be interesting, but you won't get the truth from his site. He definately does not represent the Indians of America.

The Pagan Temple said...

Yeagley has gone absolutely bat-shit insane. I was reading his blog today, trying to find what the Duck was talking about where he mentioned the Beatles, and he was going on and on about that Arab woman winning Miss USA. How does any rational person come to the conclusion that this is somehow good for Hezbollah, that it is going to help them somehow. Could someone please explain this? Is it supposed to make us think Muslims are good people because one of them won a beauty contest, or maybe it will enrage Muslims against our corrupting influence, or what? Pure unadulterated insanity.

CM said...

Oh he is embarrassing me(his claim as an American Indian...damn)again challenging, on his blog, a very handsome young man Ahmad Rehab. Of course yeagley would like to meet him one on one, just look how handsome this young man is! Yeaglys hateful comments and calling her stupid is very Un-American....wouldn't it be a hoot if this young man took him up and beat the crap outta yeagley!

yeagly calls the new Miss America Stupid, a clownish, mascot for Muslims without Honor, without heart, the naked muslim mascot and much more.

The young lady is breathtakingly beautiful, I actually chose her, though I thought the Blond Miss Oklahoma would win.

Yeagley definately fell out of his Rocker onto his head. I just wish he would stop saying he is American Indian, all those not so nice Muslims might just be reading and profile all of us innocent real Indians. Oh Lord....he DOES know what he is doing, he actually hates being Indian and setting an ambush for all of us innocent Indians.

I'm glad he is wayyyyy up there in Oklahoma City all alone..........

The_Editrix said...

"Could someone please explain this?"

Read Debbie Schlussel's blog. I detest that woman, but she makes some good points of which he predictably understood only 3 percent, if that.

Actually, she is not beautiful at all, but as dumb as shit and incredibly vulgar. But the point is that Yeagley always drooled like a Pavlovian dog over those obscene events as long as breast implants on two legs who had a blonde mane on top or "Persian" women won it.

Go to the German forum and look for an old thread about a (probably Muslim) Persian immigrant becoming Miss Deutschland and Miss Europe. He almost peed his pants in excitement.

Anonymous said...

Excellent points, Nora. I too despise the lady for her sickening attitude. Along with her crusade against anything remotely genetically/racially "Arabic," and Islamic, she, like Horowitz, has enjoyed free reign in mocking Native people for absolutely no reason. She's a perfect example of what can happen when one believes the world is simply a narrative with themselves as the main actors, with all other people and cultures being second class citizens. In a real sense, she and Horowitze are simply higher functioning asshole narcissists than is our buddy David.

I actually remember that thread under German, now that you mention it. It's just another indication that everything within his life experience is sacrosanct and sacred, while anything that deviates from the supposed norm of his revoltingly unimportant life is viewed with mockery, fear, and hateful disdain. His latest cry-around over some Muslim labeling his site as 'kookery,' is funny. David attacks the man viciously and then reacts like he's been wronged beyond belief when the guy responds to his attacks. Oh, and notice how indignant he is, trying to act as though because this guy attacked him, that he must be anti-Indian? Delusions of grandeur much, Captain Comanche? Don't get me wrong, the Muslim guy is a nutjob as well. I just get a kick out of David's clinical narcissism rearing its head like clockwork in cases like these!


The Pagan Temple said...

I don't buy it. If anything, radical Muslims would be the first ones to either chop her pretty head off or douse it in acid. There's no way in hell they would support one of their women being a contestant in an American beauty contest. Debbie Schlussel is full of shit. I read her stupid blog. Practically every link she provides as a "source" is nothing more than a link back to one of her own earlier posts. She has posted this stuff on more than one blog, on different sites, with links back to her own main blog. She's an idiot.

Look at any blog post anywhere, and all of the links are traced back to her.

On top of that, she seems to be basing this insanity on the fact that she shares a last name with some high-ranking Hezbollah members.

Well shit, my last name is Kelley, I guess I'd better get ready to get hauled into court for machine Gun Kelly's past crimes. After all, I have to be related to him since I have his last name, and of course since I have to be related to him, its obvious that I just absolutely have to be just like him.

The woman is a fucking idiot, and it doesn't surprise me in the least that Yeagley would go along with such crap.

CM said...

Yeagley needs "REHAB"

What was said "and as always there is no shortage of Kooky blogs that feed off of this stuff"

badeagle was never mentioned, but yeagley took it very personal. He is guilty of being Kooky! He knows people think of him as Kooky, weird, strange. His site is not an educational blog, its a kooky blog. Yeagley readily jumped up and down goofyily accepting and claiming this discription and owning it just for attention.

He and bag think no one is capable of working toward Civil Rights but themselves, while they both post racial degrading comments against any one not White. She hates on the white woman one minute and loves her the next, he loves the white woman all the time.

If there were a contest for the Worlds most racist mixed up person, these two would win 1st and 2nd Place. No two people on the face of the Earth are more jealous of others' accomplishments, looks. No two people are so unhappy as these two hiding behind the computor with their HATE against the World. There is no love of the People and Country nor togetherness in his Blog or Forums, just critism and bad vibes against all they post on, and the two or three commentors I think are getting tired of him too. Time for him to make up some more goofy names for his Kooky site.

The_Editrix said...

"I don't buy it. If anything, radical Muslims would be the first ones to either chop her pretty head off or douse it in acid."

TPT, we (we in Europe, I mean) get our daily dosis of taqqiya from radical Muslims on a daily basis. I would put NOTHING past them. They are not as simple as you seem to believe.

"It's just another indication that everything within his life experience is sacrosanct and sacred, while anything that deviates from the supposed norm of his revoltingly unimportant life is viewed with mockery, fear, and hateful disdain."

Now THAT is an excellent point if I've ever seen one.

"I too despise the lady for her sickening attitude. Along with her crusade against anything remotely genetically/racially "Arabic," and Islamic, she, like Horowitz, has enjoyed free reign in mocking Native people for absolutely no reason."

I missed that because I hardly ever read her and virtually never go to her moronic blog just out of unspecified interest. She once said something absolutely vile about Germans and while I can understand even a general resentment of a Jew against anything German, I draw the line at blatant racism. She said something as well along the lines that those who like football (soccer) are enemies of America. Now how ridiculous is that? She is just a cheap attention whore and everybody who takes her seriously as a "pundit" ought to have his head examined.

"Yeagley needs "REHAB""


This is precious: " Name your date, Mr. Ahmad. I’ll meet you anywhere, any time. One on one. (Or, if you prefer to hide behind media, that’s fine. I don’t care about media.) Remember, I use only words. Can you abide in words alone? All I have is words. Words, and American patriotic intent, with a good dose of religious study in my background, as well as American Indian intuition. I’m only me. Can you stand on your own two feet? Are you your own man? Show me. Name the venue."

That translates to: "Anywhere as long as you make me walk differently the next morning."

Sorry for being so crude, but the old fag always brings out the VERY worst in me. He obviously hasn't the same disdain for male nudity he has for the female variant or he wouldn't have posted a photo of this ugly punk in the buff of all available photos.

Anonymous said...

I love it, Nora! There's really no way to be too crude when speaking of Yeagley and his disgusting hypocrisy on pretty much every issue he sticks his ugly face into. I just love when he tries to act like a tough guy. In reality, this is a weasely little coward that does exactly what he accuses other Indians of doing--acting as though criticism of him is tantamount to hating Native people general. Again, no doubt the Muslim guy in question is a turd gobbler as well. But for David to attach the man over and over and over, then act with utter shock and anger when his diatribes are responded to, is the height of scum-suckery and reveals David's persecution/delusion of grandeur personality issues.

I agree about his using that picture; it's obvious why, isn't? I have a younger brother that is gay, but you'd hardly know by his overall behavior and way of carrying himself. I've shown him selections of Yeagley's writings and, while one cannot definitively declare Yeagley gay, my brother minimally sees the man as having extreme issues with sexuality and women in general. I don't condone calling Yeagley gay as an insult, but the man's writings and rants on women and "fashion" make this an acceptable topic of discussion.


CM said...

Chief "He who talks too much" aka David Anthony Yeagley, fake Indian.

Yet he says nothing constructive, just destructive, critical and raw hatred and cruel these are a few of the words he used recently.

He lusts using mans' most cruel disdainful words, seeking them and using them on whomever he disagrees with. He gets his fullfillment and satisfaction attacking with "WORDS" sad an existance.

Looks like bag is begging for sympathy 'butt' again! I don't feel sorry for her no matter what! She is as destructive as yeagley, if someonw was on their death bed....don't you think they would look at their past and correct it, not her!

Anonymous said...

dr jackboot or the gourd prancer is at IT again, boy yall have all the right info on this poor ole injun by need of ego and attention to get more hits on the rag of a site. The issue is how in the hell can a BREED go off the deep end on being against folks of color. Or maybe his degree in music and dvinity make him a expert on what who the hell knows, but with no real life experience in anything other than going to school, well again per the book of cheech and chong 'if it looks like dog shyt, smells like dog shyt, then IT is dog shyt, and as for the others whose lunacy is beyond reason, or maybe they just love to hear themselves bay a t the moon like the coyotes they are. but again it is the shadow and jewish ta ta

CM said...


I thought the bag was traveling to michigan to turn herself in to the psycho ward. Well she never went, she is still acting bad...even though she is in PAIN! hah. Hangover most likely.

Bag I am 125 lbs slim trim, very Healthy and full of life, ask the wannabee love of your miserable life. I had three children and yes I do have a stomach but but its all muscle. How many children have you had that you claim? 6 or 7? How is your gut, your so rich with all those white men husbands you married for convenience(your own words), not love, you can afford a lypo, I am all natural and I'll keep it that way. Don't be jealous, I like men, not puff and fluff flaunting himself and asking right on his site to meet up with another male. Remember he said it himself "name your date Mr. Ahmad, I'll meet you anywhere, anytime, one on one. Sounds like a proposition to me....

The_Editrix said...

"I don't condone calling Yeagley gay as an insult, but the man's writings and rants on women and "fashion" make this an acceptable topic of discussion."

I agree. Homosexuality per se shouldn't be used to insult somebody. I doubt that it is ALWAYS a lifestyle choice and as long as a homosexual is discreet I am not bothered by him. I expect other, heterosexual, people to be discreet as well and feel disgusted if people are, for example, making out in public. Sex is a matter of privacy. Full stop.

The Catholic Catechism says that homosexuals ought to be treated with compassion and respect, but that's not a one-way-street. I expect that THEY respect the society in which they are living as well, and if it becomes taboo to discuss even the POSSIBILITY that homosexuality can be "healed", something stinks.

We had a Foreign Minister in the Fifties who was rumoured to be homosexual. You see that his English Wikipedia entry deals almost exclusively with that when at that time it was either not known or nobody was interested in it (as it should be). Yet the English Wikipedia entry of a man, who came from an extremely interesting family and who helped shaping the Federal Republic, deals with his rumoured homosexuality and almost exclusively with that. What a sex-obsessed time this is.

Now we have an openly "gay" Foreign Minister and what is the result? He is not seen as a man, a person, a minister anymore, but as a "gay". He has asked for that by throwing his totally unimportant sexuality in our face.

Have times become better for it? You must be joking!

An enthusiastic sniffer of other peoples' crotches like Yeagley will have to live with the fact that other people look behind his proclivity for nude masculinity and his disdain for the female body, not to speak of women generally, and try to find a reason for it.

The_Editrix said...

"Well, it seems yeagley has bragging rights now on being translated international."

CM, he hasn't been translated. It shows up in the Google results if somebody has run a website through the automatic Google translation tool. I suppose there are people in Poland or Spain (or wherever) who read his crap in English and then have it automatically translated to then show to their non-English-speaking family what some clown in America writes. Something like: "Look here Malgorzata, you won't believe what this kurva is saying! Call the children, quick!"

CM said...

I want to add, I am NOT a beauty, never claimed to be, just a healthy full blood comanche....yeagley can call me a beastly boring Brown. I see him as a unhealthy white man claiming to be Indian and using religion and the name of God to do and say what he wants. We all live our lives going forward, but we still have to watch our backs because of people like him...and bag trying to change History for themselves. I am 4/4th blood Comanche, I care......bag claims 13/16th, what the HELL is that???? I enrolled all my children and Grandchildren because I am proud of my race, she claims she will not enroll hers because if something happened to her, she did not want the Indians to take them.......strange way to show your loyalty, go to your tribal meetings and learn from your people! Bag says she will not attend Tribal meetings because of the Elders.......isn't she an Elder? Strange woman!

CM said...


Hey bag, at least I am involved with my Nation, you sure look all over for me huh! Isn't that stalking? Don't worry so much about me and my looks. Take better care of your OLD STUMPY BODY yeagley might want to take you up on them finances again.

I have asked Dan Bigbee not to film me as I have asked "Q" not to for the very reason you have shown on your lovers site, HATE, HATE, HATE! Yeagley loves your foul ways he will never correct you. I already spoke with "Q" about this kind of thing, and I guess he spoke with yeagly who confided in you, so here you are stalking many months back was that film? You put your nose in Comanche meetin, butt won't attend your own tribal meetings. Like I said I am healthy 125 lbs 5'4" very brown never claimed to be a beauty, and yes I do have long grey hair, same as yeagley's but mine is longer. He cut his, but lately I see it's grown out again. Pick on him for his feminine buster brown locks why dont'cha. Hey did you see me on "Q"'s Media also, I was in black standing at the microphone there, of course being Comanche/Mexican, I use my hand language quite a lot, I see you noticed though.ta ta!

Why don't you sign yourself into the hospital and stay........

Sorry Beak.....

The_Editrix said...

"Hey bag, at least I am involved with my Nation, you sure look all over for me huh! Isn't that stalking? Don't worry so much about me and my looks."

CM, I don't quite know to what you are replying here, but anyway. Any reply means that you are descending to her level. Yours (and Beak's) is very probably the only attention Betty Ann ever gets nowadays. Actually, you are doing her a favour by communicating with her, whatever the communication line may be. You don't have to convince your friends of anything and you won't convince her anyway. That "you are old/fat/ugly" bit is beyond childish or ridiculous. It's up to you to stop it.

CM said...

Thanks Editrix,

I know, I haven't done Beak any favors.

I will leave yeagley and bag to their own devise, no more mention of her from me, I know that won't stop her though.

Everyone around Comanche Land knows my name and what I look like if any of them(which they don't) look in on his site, they would look down their noses at him further for what he allows, thats all there is to it.

Thank you again.

Anonymous said...

You know...thats is a pretty good video clip she keeps talking about though!

If you take the time to listen thru it all. The man Redelk and his partner Barbra Gooden just recently started sharing with the comanche the tapes and such, they have been in operation with a big budget since 06 and pay people to even come to their very closed meetings. Actually no one knows what they did, they have a handful of people who benefit and are paid over and over again. Its good information and the Chairman said it all...All Comanches know what I look like, they all know I speak up and out. To bad no Comanche even tune in to badeagle....she is fighting with herself again.

She really needs to keep with her own pitiful hungry drunken Indians. Oh I forgot, she is really a white woman, they don't even want her on the rez. She don't want to get herself dirty going to their meetings on the ReZ. Yet she brags and brags about her endeavors working with the white women who ARE ACTUALLY WORKING WITH THE INDIANS! You see...she has to use the White Women to cover her back! At least thats how I see it, thats my personal opinion, from what I hear from up that way!hah