Sunday, May 02, 2010

Off His Rocker and out to Lunch

In a rant that is probably better suited to the comedy market the failed pundit accuses the UK of terrorism due to the oil leak in the Gulf. The notion that Oil Companies make a profit extracting oil and not spilling it all over the place must have eluded the demented pundit. Industrial accidents are part and parcel of our world and the best we can do is learn from them and make corrections.

In continuing his incoherent rant against the UK for its history against Indians. In general the subject is more complicated. Indians, French, English and Americans all acted in self interest. All committed atrocities against each other. The Indians often allied with the Europeans to get back at rival tribes. The tribes often took sides in external conflicts like the wars between France and England and the Colonies. The notion that the tribes were just simply minding their business is not accurate. This does not diminish the nature of the crimes committed against Indians or the need to live up to treaties. However, the notion of Indians acting in their own self interest or sometimes being cruel to fellow Indians gets lost in the narrative.

The UK did commit some serious crimes against Indians. However, there were times that they looked to the UK for protection. The history of this era is just too complex to be reduced into
cartoon form. Missionaries sometimes protected their flock, but there were a few bad ones as well. The history of the era needs more scrutiny than allowed by our Marxist University clowns
and Hollywood movies of the fifties.


Ducky's here said...

Remember, Beak, you call this moron "a friend".

'Fraid you're stuck with your history at GayEagle. Most of us spotted him as a lunatic after a single visit. This latest is a peach. I have to say,his conspiracy theories are even better than yours.

Happy May Day, comrade.

beakerkin said...

This one is quite amusing. I think he is trying to enter the comedy market. I think he is aspiring to a comedy series. Yeagley the failed pundit the non white white supremacist.

Actually, prior to the age of Obama the racial stuff was not as blatant. It was there, but as almost all of my posts were in the Jewish sections or HEAT I could have missed plenty.

Yeagley was a friend and there are many posts where I took him to task over his odious views. One could construe that as I comment on Troutsky's blog similar idiocy.
However, any reading of my comments there shows that is not the case.

I am fairly certain the site meter
picked him up. He does read these
boards every now and then. I am thankful he respected my wishes to
be left alone. His site has very few comm enters. Batty Ann harasses
all of the few who remain and has started again with attacks on Amil, Winters and Ajibik. That is about 1/3 of the board.

The place is a ghost town.

Yeagley should write an obituary for the site.

I spent the day with the Sprite. There are things more important than the Cold War. Kicking Communists tails will have to wait
till role model time is finnished.

The Pagan Temple said...

"One could construe that as I comment on Troutsky's blog similar idiocy."

Remember, Beak, proofreading your material can sometimes be your friend.

beakerkin said...


Fruedian slip there. Following the warped logic of the Duck I have commented on Troutsky and Renegade Kidney's site thus I must support everything they write. As I bludgeon both fairly regularly this would be

My opposition to Yeagley's racism is well documented in any reading of our exchanges. I will point out
that Yeagley is less odious than people who support terrorist and serve as apologists for a narco terrorist madman.

Lately, Yeagley seems to be doing some form of stand up comedy. His recent writings appear consistent
with some form of head trauma. Perhaps, he was off his meds when he wrote his latest rant.

Comparing Yeagley who suffers from some sort of mental illness to someone like Ren or Che Bob who are political criminals is apples and hand grenades. Troutsky suffers
from a very marginal IQ after spending days being outsmarted by fish.

The Pagan Temple said...

Yeagley will probably delete my last post there, of course there's also a fairly good chance he'll take it seriously and even agree with it. I'm going to save it here for posterity, just in case he does delete it.

The whole thing started with those god damned long-haired Beatles and their so-called "music". Before you could shout "Hey Jude" they were going around saying they were better than Jesus Christ and making kids take drugs and disrespecting their parents. But they were only the beginning. They were just the vanguard to what the evil British colonizers admitted with a wink and a nod was a "British invasion".

But notice everything they started. John Lennon abandoned his wife and child and who did he marry? A left-wing radical squint-eyed Japanese bitch named Yoko Ono. That's when the truth became apparent to all who had eyes to see, which was-

All of World War II was a big scam, a way to draw America in and drain us of our resources. And Britain and Japan were willing partners in this evil plot. You don't believe that? How many times did Britain and Japan actually fight each other in WWII again? Thank you.

But actually, even Germany might have been in on the plot as well, the proof of which is seen in the fact that one of the Beatles best friends, a bass guitarist named Klaus Voorman, also drew the cover for that evil and Satanically inspired album called "Revolver" (a clearly and cleverly placed subliminal message meaning America's time had come and gone and the end was now near).

And now we are seeing the end result of what always was a long-ago conceived plot hatched in the secrecy of British tea-parlors and Japanese opium dens, to reclaim the American colonies for the British crown, and India as well, which was George Harrison's secret mission, which he went about accomplishing by pretending to be a devout Hindu.

And note how the Brits reward these devious double-agents who have ruined America and paved the way for her downfall. They have been knighted. So you have "Sir" Paul MacCartney who has been rewarded for all the work he done in the way of subverting America's youth. Then there is "Sir" Mick Jagger who encourages secual promiscuity and "Sir" Elton John who encourages innocent American kids to be fags.

If past trends hold true, I think you can expect a knighthood for the CEO of British Petroleum to be announced any day now.

beamish said...


The CEO of BP is on the board at Goldman Sachs, who of course helped the Kenyan-born Barack Obama become president, Obama legally a British citizen via birth in a former British colonial protectorate.

We may in fact be seeing the makings of a renewed revolutionary war against Britian. Obama did send back the Churchill bust and give the Queen an Ipod full of his teleprompter readings.


Alligator said...

Pagan, what a hoot! This is classic illustrating absurdity with absurdity. Great satire.

The Pagan Temple said...


Thanks. That was some old fashioned off-the-cuff bullshit writing. It was almost stream of consciousness.

CM said...


And in the Court. He sueing for someone saying his birth certificate is made up and he is adopted. All this he claims affects his extended family! I've always wondered why his family members(who would also be enrolled Comanche) never introduce themselves if they are so proud of him and being Comanche? I'm sure they receive our per cap, educations funds..etc, etc that a lot of us do fight to keep on our budgets. Maybe they do post incognito! Maybe some of those who agree with his every word are his brothers and sister?

He has labled and described very disturbing unattractive things of so many people(Cinda Hughs, Rudy Youngblood, Brent Michaels, Al Carrol, Juanita Padapony, Sharon Harjo, the President of the United States, Wallace Coffey, Opra Winfry, young beautiful Indian girls on the Indian Rez Calender of course me thats just nameing a very few. That is not including all the prior posters that quit his site when he started on them and the women whom he allowed his partner to attack with vulgarity constantly and made up lies!

Yet HE is hurt! He is suing, he's called these people Gay, and allowed his partner to say gay people stink, and much more to smell, you can smell the stench. He called people Black when he thinks they write Black, or "your not Indian". I would say he is racial profiling on the net just because of his outragious racist attitude against anyone not White Anglo Saxon Protestant.

I hope these people counter sue him and drag him thru the dirt. There is a lot of dirt out there in Black and White, he and his partner need to remember "WATCH WHAT YOU SAY". Of course a lot of the dirt was and is still said by his partner for him. I really never saw anything like this before in Comanche Land. I mean we are pretty Mean, but vulgarity isn't really that common in public. I guess I could give him credit for once...fighting his own battle! I thought he was a chicken, good for him, but I hope they drag him thru the mud if the Judge doesn't throw it to the curb.

Yes he may be enrolled Comanche, but so are others that do not qualify, their descendants were adopted by the Nation so they are descendants but no Blood. Yeagley mother may be part Comanche but not even 1/2 so that makes yeagley maybe 1/8 maybe.....less.

beakerkin said...


Yeagley is an enrolled Comanche. I do find the focus on what percentage to be unusual. In the days of Bad Eagle himself the tribe did not have these hang ups. Marriages and "adoption" or abduction did take place. If Bad Eagle were able to see the fixation on race he would probably be perplexed as it is a European thing.

I want to note every time the gay Yeagley stuff starts I defend him.
He should sue Batty Ann for starting the gay rumors.

If he says he wasn't adopted I have no reason to disbelieve him.
Perhaps the Dr. who is so up in arms would talk to the dullard who
has claimed I am Black. AOW and TMW
have met me in person and can assure you that I am whiter than Yeagley or Batty Ann.

The whole thing is silly

Alligator said...

I went over and read his blog about the lawsuit. Normally when you have a case in litigation, lawyers don't want you saying anything outside the courtroom.

I have noticed that many of the tribes in OK don't seem to get too hung up on blood quantum anymore. Truth be known I think that horse left the barn many decades ago. It is sad but there are so few "pure" full-bloods in any tribe, thanks to generations of disease, government policies of forced removal and assimilation. It is both amazing and fortunate what has survived of tribal cultures. A testimony to the strength of the human spirit. Most "full-blood" Indians I know are a mix of two or more tribes.

What I also see is people being identified on the basis of family relationships and if they went through a naming ceremony under the elders. I personally know of one case where a wannabe "authority" was giving paid lectures claiming to be a member of a specific tribe. In his audience was the real deal, who was a historian and member of the tribal government. She did not know this guy and introduced herself after his presentation. He got a little paler. Then she asked, "Who are your people?" He replied, "Why I am a _______ of course." "That's not what I asked you, I asked you who your people are." He fumbled and stumbled and turned even paler and finally fled. He didn't realize she was asking about his family and clan relationships. Of course he had none so he was exposed as a fraud.

CM said...


I was thinking the same thing, about him talking while its in litigation. Most likely they just want his money, his donations! He really does not seem to have a case. After all, he has lied extensively his own self about the Badeagle Myth! He would also be in the same situation as this wannabe you mentioned if he ever gave a speech in Comanche Land. He would be facing the Real Deal, not a computor screen! I would like to see him use his tactics in person to the Comanche people at a council, he would not dare speak publicly about this history to us. He would be asked questions and would start stuttering...for the right words.

Just coincidendally Even now I come across history that crisscrosses his myth and tells the truth. Comanche Land is a small world, everyone knows of someone and their family, no one knows of badeagle as he tells one!

Very little full bloods its true. I have a list but misplaced it and we are going to our creator all to swiftly.

Alligator said...

"Just coincidentally Even now I come across history that crisscrosses his myth and tells the truth. Comanche Land is a small world, everyone knows of someone and their family, no one knows of badeagle as he tells one!"

CM, I don't have any Comanche contacts other than you. However, I have sat with elder women of another tribe and heard them go through family histories and "scandals" just as you described here. It is indeed a small world, even in large tribes, and everyone does know something of everyone else's family...and some of this information goes back almost 200 years. That's a big difference between American Indians and white Americans. Indians have a sense of community. Most whites no longer have a sense of community and don't even know their next door neighbors. My wife was absolutely amazed at the strong sense of community the first time I took her to the reservation with me.

Yes, and sadly, all of the full-bloods are going to the Creator too swiftly. I see this precious tribal information being lost with each one. Too many Indian kids, just like their white counterparts, are getting too caught up in pop aspects of modern culture. I've seen some who show interest in tradition, but the modern American lifestyle makes it hard for even them to sit down and listen and retain the oral and family traditions. I hope there is more going on than I know, but I've heard too many elders lamenting the loss of the deeper aspects of the culture and language to be optimistic.

I look at myself now and wish I had asked my grandparents and elder relatives much more than I did when they were around.

CM said...


The mention of degree isn't so unusual when it comes to speaking of yeagley, after all thats his M.O. any time a person who might show a little interest in being Indian on his site. He labels them "not Indian" or you must be "Indian" prove it, whats your real name or a liberal College Degreed Indian. When you are Indian, your Damned if you are and Damned if you are just very interested in the Real Deal on badeagle. Us Real Indians take it as a compliment when we meet a new face and when we ask each other "what family and what Tribe are you". Its just a natural as putting on your boots, or moccasins! yeagley on the other hand, not really belonging to the People, digs and digs, hurts, degrads and belittles a stranger who enters his castle with even stranger requests from the visitor then proceeds to tell them "GO AWAY, YOUR NOT WELCOME HERE, IF YOU CAN'T KISS MY ummm feet",(of course this is my version of how he makes a newby feel.)

I mean...why stay? Unless of course you finance/pay him to be able to post therefore allowed to say anything you want however detrimental to viewers.

I would not give him a red cent I find on the ground, they are too special too me, and I am a very generous person.

beakerkin said...


Batty Ann is upset about Yeagley being parodied on this site. I couldn't resist the image of him dancing with gourds at a crossburning
singing "Some Enchanted Evening". The man is a loon and his site is finnished.

CM said...

Wannabee commentator/interviewer did not even know his partners' sisters' name, he called her Sandra!

Its special when a person remembers your name, especially if your a woman!

Her name is Sonya! She is a kind girl, just gave him a look, not bothering to correct him. I don't blame him, he was so excited, and actually I am too....for Nick. yeagley is just a user, who knows...there may be hope for him in being Comanche after all!

Yes, maybe he thinks he is on to greener pastures.

At any rate, he will have to humble himself a wee bit. The Great Comanche Nation will not tolerate his misbehaving sioux queen if he decides to bring her into the Camp. Too many lies, Trickery, deceitfulness and nasty vulgarity would accompany her. The Comanche people will not tolerate her in person the way she conducts herself on his site. He would not be able to use her in person the way he uses her on the Net on his forum.