Friday, May 21, 2010


Once again we have a Democrat trying to boost their resume by telling stories about their service in Vietnam. At least Gomer Kerry actually served for three months and has stopped slandering the people who served with him for 33 years. Kerry is part of a generation that never grew up and defines itself by Vietnam. Horowitz, by contrast has learned from the serious errors and has evolved beyond cartoon form Marxism.

Long term readers know my birthday is coming up. I share my birthday with John Wayne, James Arness and Sissy Spacek. More interestingly and fittingly it is also the date of independence for my adopted country Guyana. I have been adopted by the local Guyanese community long before my relationship with the Tranquil Sea and the beloved Sprite. I have attended community functions and charity events and am looking forward to a trip to Guyana in the fall. Note where I am going is far from Hugo's crack den terrorist state. Should I encounter any Chavezistas they can not be killed and fed to local wildlife. As many Chavez supporters are huge drug addicts the effect of feeding drug addicts to carnivorous reptiles, fish and mammals is unknown. It would also represent unthinkable cruelty to animals that we do not endorse.

Maybe I can find a clip of John Wayne and James Arness punching out Commies in Big Jim McClain for my birthday.

I may do a special post for my birthday. We used to do an event known as a cyber roast. I will combine it with my tribute to radio host Bob Grant and call it a GAB post ( Get at Beakerkin).
Other than the banned commenters such as Greg, Gertie, John Brown, Uptown Steve, LWB and the satanic and hack writer Socrates you can let all the fur fly so long as you do not repeat yourself and are original.

I will do a smaller post where the readers can interview me below that.

There will be no B Team adventure Last of the Mobeakans or Beakerambo Stars is Hamlet and Eggs over Reds. Over Memorial Day I will see if I can round up Sonia and do another round of Slobs vs Snobs on Film. The focus will be entirely on popular films and the Duck will likely show up if only to skewer the host. In other words it will be those who view film as art vs those who view it as entertainment in that episode.


Brooke said...

A happy pre-emtive birthday to you, Beak!

How many swats are you lookin' at? ;P

beakerkin said...

Number 44.

sonia said...

it will be those who view film as art vs those who view it as entertainment
we could start by talking about Schindler's List...

Unless you're too offended to ever speak to me again...

beakerkin said...


I am not offended. I do not view film as art. I expect to get a decent story and be entertained. Films like Schindler's List and a select other few films were made with different motivations.

That type of film is rare in a medium best suited for entertainment.