Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Sometimes the bosses say what they mean and they mean what they say

Those of  you who are familiar with this blog know I hate braggarts. In general I loathe self described heroes who scream about their imagined expertise. In reality the person was an incompetent baboon who excelled in flinging feces. For seven years I listened to the boasting and the arrogance.

Do I give a crap if the guy gets a promotion? Hell no as long as he is far from my desk and does not foul my presence by visits I am okay. In fact I walk out of any room he visits. He never did actual work and left the rest of us to clean up his mess.

The boss told me the neighborhoods getting better. I may have to shift offices again but who cares. His old boss will likely draft one from my team. The question is if I can talk my boss into cutting me free, not easy.

In general have some class. Let others sing your praises and show some humility. When the top boss asked me to rank my position among my peers I told him top thirty and he told me top five. Dependable people who show up and have a lets kick some $5^&&& are prized more than those who shout from bullhorns and makes disasters.

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