Sunday, September 28, 2014

Well I Sat this One Out

There was a nasty fight at my team meeting. The boss got yelled at by the rest of the team members.
Of course the first reaction of upper management was did Beakerkin start this fracas. In this case I was at home nowhere near this fight. No doubt had I been there I would have somehow made matters worse.

A great leader inspires their charges. My boss is lazy and ignorant and our numbers reflect her lack of effort. If our procedures require a sign off and our leader is out or doing extraneous work our numbers suffer.

In the real world sometimes we fail. The reasons for failure are varied. However, to fail because of lack of effort, poor planning and putrid training is not acceptable. In our case we are being blamed for
the actions of  a lazy incompetent. I pointed out that I am happier with a manager who is not as well
regarded. I pointed out when she fails it is not for lack of effort or because she didn't seek help.

In the real world people do fail. However, to fail because of poor effort is inexcusable.


Duckys here said...

It's always the fault of your boss.
Never yours.

beakerkin said...

As I was not present for this fracas I can hardly be blamed. In the case of my boss her absences and lack of skill were at the center of an argument for which I was not present.

When the entire team reacts this way pointing a finger at the team is illogical.