Sunday, September 07, 2014

Batman vs John Wayne

Batman is departing to a more appropriate task.He enjoys cloak and dagger and heavy criminality cases. I am not opposed to the heavy hand provided it is done to the correct people. If there is no reason to utilize a heavy hand than proceed as planned.

I do get those nasty cases. In my case I go by the book and evaluate the totality. When a heavy hand is called for I do it because the job dictates it. I follow the procedures by the book. If I make a procedural error, I do not defend an error. It did happen that a case was so heinous I acted with haste and supported the appeal. In this case careful search the regulations supported my original decision. Normally, out of procedural equity I will accede to reasonable requests.

My peer shows no such restraint. He seeks the limelight and uses off the wall interpretations of law. Over the course of my time in NYC I have had to rework numerous cases and the less said the better. I asked a former boss why he was giving me this ridiculous case when it has Batman written all over it. You will cover all the bases and get it done right the first time. Also the opposing attorney will have no grounds for any complaints. My reputation for fairness and following procedures is widely known.

Now some of my peers think I had a hand in the move. Batman himself loves the idea and is line for a major raise. My area is cleansed of his toxic and divisive presence. The damage of his presence will be felt for years. Officers without a clue will waste time and some will follow his poor example. If this is a punishment he is loving every moment.

Those who know me grasp I am not the type to be jealous over the good fortune of others. My way is good luck and good riddance don't call.

One trait that drives me up a wall is boasting. Do your job, do it well for its own sake.  Show class and humility and let others sing your praises.

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