Monday, September 08, 2014

Sorry to Spoil the Drama

A rather inane spoiled socialite has kept a watch on me for more than a decade. In my case I have never had a dream or wondered about her. The relationship was a mere detail for me no more memorable than dozens of others. If I wished to contact you, I know your address and your phone number, but I won't call or visit ever.

She usually drafted an Aunt to inquire about my whereabouts. If my mother were truly capable I would tell her to say I was deceased so you would go away. On rare occasions she pesters my mother at an extended family event. I never attend those functions. I didn't attend them before we met either. As a relative I am seldom seen and barely mentioned.

After a dozen years you got your chance as I finally was in the vicinity. Unfortunately, I know you quite well and understand there is something you wish to say.I remember how you prepared for these events and rehearsed everything in your mind weeks before. You always had to look perfect to make that connection with people who could care less about you.

 Sorry, but if you think I am  apt to listen, you never knew me at all. I kept you at least fifty feet away by using the crowd to my advantage. No doubt you can spin this into some type of victimization and get some attention from your siblings for a week or at the next gathering.

My life is complete with a loving step daughter and grand kids who adore me. My life as an officer and family man is much better than the time we shared. You can add me to the lists of lost loves and opportunities you bore people with.

I did not accept my cousins generous invitation because I have better things to do.  It was my daughters first day of school and I surprised her by being home when she walked through the door. You can't buy the look of love I get when I return home to my family. Even the toddler old step granddaughters  scream my name as they walk through the door. One cried as I had to leave for a short while to bring back wings and ice cream
for our small party. I had to sit and tell her I would be back shortly. Has anyone ever seriously cared about you like that.

There will be no dramatic scene, no matter how much you desire it. There are things money can't buy or gloss over. You mistake wealth for class and you come up short on the latter. Your mother came from a distinguished family, but your father never worked one day in his life. He is  an uneducated baboon who has no social graces. You have nothing to offer me as you are ignorant, classless, vain, shallow and above all a bore. I would sooner live my life with a real woman who is interesting than you. Our home is humble, but it is filled with love.

I do understand why you dwell on this failed relationship. My family treated you like an equal and genuinely cared about you. You had an intact family where you finally fit in and were valued instead of being pitied. Those family moments with my family where we doted on you meant everything to you. My aging mother giving you a hug is as close to real love as you will get. Your own family treats you like an afterthought and as they are shallow the best you can get is pity.

You will be able to say what you wish only in dreams. I don't dream about you or care about you. The only time your name crosses my mind is when you pester my family. The other day I bumped into someone we apparently knew. I had to be reminded we lived together because I really don't think about you at all. I barely remembered him and we worked together.

Relationships come and go and you were not even close to the great love of my life. If you wish to apologize for something it is long forgotten like everything else about you. Even if things ended on a good note, I would not be the type to permit this type of contact after the relationship ended. I am not one who looks up old friends or dwells on the past. Moreover, as you know women are vain and would not want you around even
if you had noble intentions.

You have a current relationship. Focus on him and forget all of the past relationships. I know some of us yearn for magical moments of passion and family love. You need to create new memories rather then live in the past. If this person is the right one for you than look for someone new.

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