Wednesday, September 10, 2014

ISIS needs Poultry

It seems the arts crowd is upset with the poor production qualities in the snuff films made by ISIS.
We happen to know someone who is an expert on camera angles and who hates Jews more than the folks at ISIS. ISIS needs to hire Ducky, because there is no excuse for poorly shot and edited snuff films.

Sounds like the ISIS crew has been reading too much Pam Geller. Their inspiration for mayhem and extreme violence must be her writings. If she would stop writing and publicizing their greatest hits ISIS would take up origami.

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Duckys here said...

Hey Beak, did you notice that Likud admitted Hamas had nothing to do with the kidnappings NuttyYahoo used as a pretext for the bombing?

It's really neat. He knows he can kill with impunity and just flip the bird any time he wants without ever jeopardizing his welfare checks.