Saturday, April 07, 2012

The True Face of the Left

Kieth Olbermann in his pompous and arrogant displays of bufoonery has shown America the true face of the left. Leftists like to talk about working class people but many have zero contact with them other than the cleaning person they regularly exploit and demean. Olbermann's antics of outrage because a limo driver had the nerve to talk to him are familiar behaviors to those who have walked in that world. He complained that another driver smelled and went through multiple companies.

Olbermann could have done himself a favor and driven himself to work. He would have to endure his own ego and would have spared the working class driver abuse. Modern celebrities like J Lo and moron extraordinaire Tom Cruise ban eye contact by the hired help. Barbra Streisand made hotel employees walk backwards in her presence. I contrast this with the love of the fans and working people shown by John Wayne who was modest enough to shake the hand of his waiter on many occaisions.

Olbermann should do a segment on himself as the worst person in America.


Ducky's here said...

Dear Officer Beak,

I am writing you again asking for assistance dealing with creeping sharia at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.

I went to view an exhibition of early French and English photography and hunger got the best of me so I hit the cafe.

I got a couple of slices and an India pale ale. Well, imagine my surprise when I noticed a Muslim manning the checkout register !!
She ad the nerve to resolve the alcohol issue by handing me an opener and letting me open the ale.

Otherwise she was very pleasant but I am outraged by this creeping sharia. Now Ducky knows how to handle a church key but what about elderly customers or others who are less able? This is clearly discriminatory and must stop.

I fear what will happen to my beloved MFA under sharia. Please help. I know you have power at DHS.


LanceThruster said...


Doesn't drive because of a loss of depth perception caused by a head injury. In 1980, he hit his head on the top of a subway door while running into the waiting car.

Never let it be said that the fact challenged Beak would let the truth get in the way of his inarticulate rants.

The idea of him mentoring anyone is cringe-inducing.