Friday, April 06, 2012

RIP Lou Goldstein

Earlier this week a comedic giant of the Catskills Mr. Lou Goldstein passed away. Lou Goldstein was the ultimate master of the comedic form of Simon Sez. His act worked on speed, misdirection and some of the best timing in comedy. His other routine was less well known whose the boss and what room are you the boss in. Goldstein was the entertainment director in Grossingers until it closed in the mid 80's.

Early in my career I had to learn how to interview. I incorporated much of my style from watching my fellow officers adding NLP with a touch of Goldstein's charm. In a tight spot his misdirection and speed have yielded positive responses. Goldsteins brand of ceberal wit and classic timing fit naturally into my own style.

 There is a short snippet of Lou Goldstein doing his act on the Dick Clark show. This is a smidgeon of a brilliant act that was best viewed live and in person. Long before people were doing improv, Goldstein honed his act based upon witty reaction to the people he was working with. The key to Goldstein was he used you as a comedic prop and you loved being a part of the act.

Rest in Peace to a comedic giant who was loved by all who saw him perform.

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Dave said...

My cousin Lou. Lou was also a partisan during WW@. Wife Jackie Horner. Dance teacher in the movie Dirty Dancing is based on her. Shes listed in the credits