Sunday, April 01, 2012

A day in town

I want to leave final judgement on the Museum of the American Indian to Native Americans. If you are looking for heavy history you are in the wrong place. The Museum excells at showing the adaptability and artistic brilliance of Native Americans. Rather than be shown as victims we are given a look into the communities today. They do not gloss over poverty either. The star of the Museum is the brilliant use of architecture and landscaping. The grounds are better than any Museum I have visited. The wetlands park is so well crafted that you can see birds clearly that you are apt to see at greater distances.
We saw a red wing Blackbird a mere 4 feet from us.

The museum has the best food I have ever had in a tourist facility. The venison and turkey and deserts were outstanding. Americans really need to spend more time eating this cuisine and it is indeded our loss that it isn't more common.

The next time I visit AOW I need to bring exotic produce. NYC has many unique stores so for this trip I went to the movie memrobilia shop and grabbed a movie still from the movie Harvey and a reproduction of the movie poster, I also purchased two Bernie Schwartz photos and an original photo with Don Rickles and Buddy Hacket.

This time Johny Rockets was good. I would have gone to the cajiun place but the lines were too long.
My next rail trip will likely be Baltimore to the huge aquarium.


Always On Watch said...

You must see that aquarium in Baltimore. And there's other great stuff at the Inner Harbor too.

Isn't the museum's cafe wonderful? A lot of people go there just to enjoy the cuisine.

Mr. AOW and I didn't eat dinner after I saw you off at the subway yesterday. The Native America food with all those whole grains is really stick-to-the-ribs stuff!

Mr. AOW is sleeping in today. He's not even hungry for breakfast.

Thanks for everything yesterday, Beak.

Always On Watch said...

PS: I'm starting the cherry tree this morning. The package has inside a "mini-greenhouse."

beakerkin said...

The funnies part was the mob of nerds of Segways. I laughed my head off at those guys.


There was a group of hipsters on the train. They were more or less harmless.