Monday, March 30, 2009

Trotskyite Duplicity

For the record this blog supports the State of Israel. We support the Democratic values and the right of a normal people to govern their own affairs without my input or that of Communist agitators. People seem to forget Israel is an independent country.

FYI Peace could have been achieved long ago if this fake Communist construct of Palestinianism
had been ditched. Those in Gaza have been and remain Egyptians and those on the West Bank remain Jordanians. A deal with both governments would have ended this farce long ago. However, Commies need victims and hence this absurd ethnicity with zero basis in reality is perpetuated.

On Freedom Now's site he says a comment off hand that should let all of you know where he stands. He says with glee that Iran is pressuring Israel to make concessions. Israel has made concessions long ago to be met with terror. Rather than saying to Arabs "get your act together and have responsible governance". He looks to tyrannical theocrats and terrorist goons as victims. No doubt he will prattle on about imaginary third forces as his kind spun tales of fancy about Vietnam after American withdrawal. What communist Death cultists seek is the destruction of the State of Israel. They are well aware of the genocidal rhetoric of Hamas and Hezbollah, but dead Jooos are needed to unite Commies, Nazis, Jihadis and Anarchist clowns.

How many ethnically cleansed colonial Arab states do commies need. Jews are the indigenous people of the land of Israel. I will remind Commies who invoke Indians while comparing Jews to settlers. The correct comparison is with the Middle East is asking Indians to give up yet more reservation land to White settlers with a brutal colonial history. FYI Commies deify and ignore Marxist butchery of Indians by the Sandinazis. Have the folks in Spain set up a trial for Daniel Ortega? Has Gnome Chimpanzee or BJ Honneycutt or Ed ASSner ever had to explain the mistreatment of Indians in the 80's by a government they glorified. Has Renegade Spleen ever been asked to defend persecution of the Indians by his messiah Hugo Crackpipe Chavez. He ignores and rationalizes the persecution of Joooos, Gays and professionals claiming they all tell identical lies.

The ultimate in commie hypocisy was said by Ren's good friend Marijuana Marxist Graeme Striecher the Shaggy Cartoon Commie. The imbecile lectured Junglemom who lived with Venezuelan Indians about their sanitary practices.

" I hate missionaries because they tell people how to think."

This is utterly amazing comming from a person who rationalizes herding Indians onto "collectives". This sounds quite like the Reservation policy commies usually condemn in American history. The collectives are also more intrusive than American reservations and aim to destroy a way of life. Junglemom brings education, medical care and supplies with the word of God and mostly respects local traditions. The exceptions are when the local traditions endanger lives.

Sorry but genuine Indians, Blacks and Latinos tend to be more religious in their Christianity than their Marxist elitist goons think. I never heard many Indians say bad things about Christianity
and many were devout Christians. I know many Christian Blacks and Latinos and a comparative few Latinos. When one looks at a collection of Commies it looks like an old time country club which has gone to allowing Ex jews and became pot infested slobs.

Commies are death cultists who will knowingly lie and form alliances with equally unsavorable sorts to further their goals. All of you are mere cattle to be milked and led to the slaughter for their power mad dreams.

Make America a better place send Commies to North Korea one way.

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