Sunday, March 01, 2009

The path of the Beak follow your heart and experience it all

I seldom talk about my life and where I came from. My parents became religious much later in life. My identity and friends were formed when I was plucked from them and placed into the world of the modern orthodox Jewish community. I remembered my friends missed them and the freedoms of the larger world. For six years I would dwell in that world where I never felt at home. I would journey to a private school that was non religious and feel equally lost there. My journey would take me back to a Yeshiva HS for one semester and then finally back to public school where I felt at home at last.I continued down this path and went to a non religious College and felt very much at home. I was blessed with very good looks and dated women from all faiths.

My journey took me to many jobs. I met many wonderful people and a few that were simply vile. The owner's wife of one of the companies was a vicious woman who made me long to be back with the criminals in the halfway house. I worked mainly in the fashion industry and am now a government officer.

I lived a life of freedom within my own moral codes. I experienced many things from different cultures. I willingly took what was freely offered, but never took what belonged to someone else knowingly. I never lied to get what I wanted and I was always faithful to whomever I was seeing.

I tried to be kind to others professionally and personally. I am a public servant with a dedication to the law and treating people as humanely as possible.

My soulmate is from a world I walked away from. Oddly, the things she loves the most about me came from those wanderings. I learned about romance from my father, but also
from the wider world. I am at ease beyond our community because I walk beyond it. I can walk anywhere and feel at home in NYC and likely beyond.

I lived my life following the calling of my heart and inner convictions. For me to sit respectfully in a Church has no conflict. For me to share a Christmas meal with Northwind's poor family was a pleasure until they started talking about marriage. Life is something to be experienced hopefully with a soul mate to share those adventures.

I am fortunate to have found my soul mate. There is no better feeling than journeying through life with a loved one at your side.

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