Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Description of American Campuses from Khalid Tomeh

A recent observation of an Israeli Arab journalist describes a point I have made for years. He describes the irrationality of non Muslim "activists" in American Universities.

The truth is that what he is describing are Communists. Communists need Israel to form entryist alliances with Muslims. Left to themselves Arabs and Jews would likely have found peace long ago.
Palestinianism is a Soviet creation and prevents peace in the region. Israel could have easily made deals with Jordan and Egypt including population transfers and have solved the problem long ago.
Syria will never accept peace because its Marxist/Nazi Alawite clique needs the other to justify its oppression.

Tomeh says what we have been saying for a long time. Commies do not care about Palestinians.

It is all about stoking populist Joooooo hatred.

Commies, Nazis, Jihadis and Anarchist freaks unite!!!! You have nothing to lose other than reality.

Make America a better place send commies to North Korea.


Anonymous said...

Make America a better place send commies to North Korea.

North Korea doesn't need more unproductive mouths to feed. They've got a whole country chock full of them.

I think we should do a carbon dioxide reduction experiment and just dump some commies in the ocean and see what happens...

troutsky said...

maintain that focus.

beakerkin said...


Let me know when you are ready to depart. North Korea needs you.

Anonymous said...

For some unfortunate reason, too many Muslims seem to get seduced by Communism. When the Cold War was "hot" most of the Arab states took the Soviet side. Then Sadat got smart, moved more-or-less to the US side and recognized Israel. That was a great move for his country but he paid for it with his life. Why religious Muslims get attracted to Communism, which is atheistic, is a mystery to me though. I agree that Muslims and Jews got along pretty well before Communism.

mah29001 said...

It's kind of funny the way Communists, Leftist shills whom often attack anyone whom is pro-war to be a "chickenhawk".

Yet apparently, they don't live up to their own in really living in a Communist-socialist country for a year or two. They always bitch about anyone pro-war should join to military. How about they go and live in a socialist-Communist nation like Cuba for about five years?

Who seems to be the chickenhawk here?