Thursday, March 12, 2009

Interesting Reading

I have to admit the reading selection in Sunbeam's cultural diversity class was very
interesting. One of the articles was from a writer who was critical of progressives (commies)discrimination against Christians.

The truth is that the far left really doesn't give a rats ass about anything other than power. When in power commies are quite brutal towards gays and every other segment of society. Yet the punk commie agitators will do things such as try to exclude people from social work based upon private religious convictions. Lets see a follower of Christ being prevented from serving the community by an acolyte of a death cult responsible for 100 million deaths is a poor joke.

The truth is that many gays are not hostile to religious Christians. However, it is the political scams of communist agitators that are inflaming the situation for their own designs. The average gay person makes more money than the average heterosexual and pretty much wants to be left alone.

The profession of social work has been too politicized and needs to get back to its purpose of serving the community. The profession needs to get rid of the political goons. People who are beholden to Marx should weeded out of all professions except hamburger flipping.


Z said...

I know a lot of gays and none of them (that'll be ZERO) want to MARRY, I assure you.
I know SOME do, but this is largely AGENDA, you're right.
Many got hitched in San Fran a couple of years ago and now are trying to get divorced and it's tough, very complicated.

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