Sunday, March 08, 2009

Love is not mathematical

I spent some time with Sunbeam and was reminded why I have always loved her. She has a very giving and loving nature. She can read my slightest gesture and tone of voice with ease.

It isn't easy dating a single mother. It is even harder dating one who is going to school, but Sunbeam is special. I can not explain it but when I hold her it seems like the most natural thing in the world. It almost seems like she should have been there decades ago.

We fall in love with the people we are with for a reason, but love is not math. Sunbeam is my soul mate and my best friend and whatever time we have is special. Sometimes, the time demands have me feeling like an adulterous lover trying to steal a ray from the sun. However, I would not love her if she wasn't dedicated to her children. Someday, when the nest is empty that dedication will be directed at me.

The school semester is around half way done and I long for its end. These reports are
a drain.


Anonymous said...

The nest will never be completely empty beak, but don't worry. You'll become a part of it.

Z said...

FJ's so right, Beak....very wise words.