Sunday, March 29, 2009

Boycott Spain

The United States should impose immediate tariffs on all Spanish products. The demented far left radical wackos in their judiciary have gone way too far. The far left lunatics have decided to pursue cases of torture against US officials for actions in Gitmo.

Do note that Spain court seems to ignore Cuban despots and thugish Arab dictators and terrorists.
Furthermore, the internees in GITMO are not POW's. They are unlawful combatants and have zero protection under International treaties unlike a certain Israeli soldier who was kidnapped and has not seen the Red Cross. Have the folks in Spain raised a peep about genuine POW's?

The folks on the far left need to be slapped in the finances. Let unemployed workers in companies that export goods to the USA deal with the radical foolishness.


The Pagan Temple said...

What's with these damn Spanish judges anyway? Who do they think they are? Are they suffering under some delusion they still have an empire and control vast sections of the world. Is Spanish wine that good?

Anonymous said...

Why don't you get informed before talking? Why do Americans think that they're entitled to talk/act without knowing anyhting about what they're talking about/doing? Is this trait cultural or biological? Why don't you boycott yourself?

beakerkin said...

Your comments reveal your own ignorance and the utter stupidity of much of the far left. The sole determination of who or what is legal in the United States is the Constitution.

If the little leftist pissants in Spain want to start trying criminals they can start with Hugo Chavez, Castro and the wonderful Marxist loon Kim Jong Mentally Ill.

The United States should immediately place trade sanctions on all Spanish products. The ambassador for Spain should be booted out as well.

The USA should let the little Marxist twerps of Europe know that there is a limit to their infantilism. Let the unemployed
workers deal with the ignorant Marxist buffoons. It would be very good to hear Marxists explain to
unemployed workers that their infantile needs for attention are
more important than their jobs.

Your comments about America indicate you are not the sharpest crayon in the box. Then again far left types are simpletons whose next intelligent thought will be their first.

Chris from Ga said...

All I can say to the Spanish is...COME TRY TO TAKE THEM!!

Chris said...

All I can say to the Spanish is....COME TRY TO TAKE THEM!

Troy said...

Is your definition of Whacko a judiciary that thinks through a decision before acting? A judiciary that is considering indicting people who have committed crimes against citizens of their country?

If I follow your argument, these criminals shouldn't be tried until the rest of the world's bad guys are put in jail. Are the rest somehow worse than the Americans who broke the law? Are American allies Mubarrak and Bin Saud included in the list of thuggish Arab dictators you mention?

Besides, if they haven't broken any laws, why should they be worried?

Since when was Europe Marxist? Indeed Marxists can be found over here, but freedom of thought generally means that people are allowed to think as they please as long as they don't break the law. I guess McCarthyism never really got foothold over here.

And as long as we are in a learning mode, before accusing someone of being a dull crayon, better double check your grammar. As far as I can tell, Spain is a noun rather than an adjective. I'll leave it up to you to sort that out.

beakerkin said...


Lets start this slowly as you probably had a few before commenting.This publicity stunt lawsuit was brought by an ex terrorist Gonzalo Boye. Boye political leanings are clearly Communist.

The sole determinant of what is legal in the United States is the US Constitution. The people in GITMO are unlawful combatants and have no protection under international treaties.

Spain is clearly a joke of a nation. What other people can be admitted to the Spanish bar Bin Ladden... Daffy Duck... Trotsky via a psychic medium.

The US should recall our ambassador
and expel the Spanish ambassador.
Then prohibitive tariffs should be placed on all Spanish imports.

FYI This is a publicity stunt by a third rate terrorist. The Spanish people deserve better governance.

Cosmic Surfer said...

The law of THIS LAND - A NATION OF LAWS clearly states in US CODE TILE 18 113C that it is illegal to torture on US soil....PERIOD.
US soil includes the continental US plus Alaska and Hawaii, Guam, Puerto Rico and any other protectorate, leased land or held land. That includes all military bases, embassies, prisons, ships at sea, aircraft in flight, office buildings used, leased or owned ain any other nation, et.
Regardless of you contentious contention that they are "not POWs" and have no rights under the Constitution (a ridiculous statement since they are protected BY the Consitution as long as they are on US soil as defined above).
NO ONE is above the law. GW BUSH, the DICK CHENEY and now Condoleeza Rice hadve all publicly on film confessed to having committed the crime defined in US TITLE 18.
They are admitted Criminals and should be tried as such (in the 50's they gave Japanese soldier the death penalty for waterboarding; Reagan's DOJ convicted a sheriff and his deputies of waterboarding under the law)......I would say 20 to life at Super Max in the great state of Colorado is just about right...put them in with the rest of the terrorists that have threateaned the country

beakerkin said...


Unlawful combatants have zero protection under international treaties and US Law. You are obviously not familiar with the case precedents in this area. Foreign law has no value in a US court proceeding.