Saturday, March 21, 2009

TPS Haitians and you

TPS is an immigration acronym that stands for temporary protective status. It was designed as a temporary status for people whose country was undergoing natural disasters or political turmoil. The idea was to grant people in the USA a semi legal
status renewed annually and eventually they would return home or more likely marry an
American. It was never designed to be a permanent arrangement.

Over time this has evolved into a political entitlement. The revenue sent home has become very important for several countries, notably El Salvador.

It is important that we return to the spirit of the official program and remember this is not and was never designed as an entitlement. We need to save these spots for countries whose situation warrants it.

Haitians are the beneficiaries of one type of program HARIA. We should consider giving them another. However, we need to create a similar program for Venezuelans fleeing Hugo's hell hole.
Venezuelans should be granted TpS and should be eligible for permanent status based upon Hugo's misrule.


Ducky's here said...

Yes sir, "give me your tired and poor ..." and Beak will crap all over them.

beakerkin said...

Haitians are already the beneficiaries of a special immigration bill HARIFA. There was no crying need for that one.

There is a need for a bill to allow people to flee Hugo's hell hole. Let the brain drain commence and leave the commies yet annother example of failure.

There is no reason to grant Haitians TPS or continue granting this indefinitely.

Always On Watch said...

So many immigration policies started out fine, then became subject to abuse. Isn't that just typical of government "oversight"?