Monday, March 16, 2009

The Fool

I have realized that my thoughts of love and passion are a bit weary to some. I thought that at 40 I was beyond such frivolities. The truth is that all of us need a healthy type of love. I thought I traded wisdom for the passions of youth. If you could make such a trade it would require the mind of a fool.

I am blessed that Sunbeam loves me with all her heart. I was a fool to have been frightened of hurting her or disappointing her with what I am not. She is like a ray of light that warms my heart and the gentle rain that nourishes my soul.

If any of you out there think that you are beyond love or it does not make a difference, guess again. Reach beyond yourself and tell that person how you feel. Look them in the eyes and say you mean everything to me and I love you. If it doesn't happen then try again, my office is full of stories of nice guys who were persistent.

When she smiles at me, I feel warm all over. When she holds me, I feel it was the most natural thing in the world. It is almost as if I have stopped wandering and found my home in her heart. It is almost akin to being purified of spirit and becoming something greater. I love her totally and she is all I need or ever will need.

In these tough times love is more important than ever. Hold your lover tight and let them know they have a place in your heart. Tell your children you believe in them and the future will improve no matter what lunacy Obama clown impose. If you parents are alive do an activity with them. If none of the above is available volunteer in a social setting or be an asset to your community like Junglemom.

Politics come and go but love is eternal and outlasts us. Someday when my life is reviewed it will be by my great loves and the people I helped that I am judged. I want more than anything to have my life summed up as beloved husband, officer and Uncle in that order. All my work would be meaningless if it were not shared with her.

Sunbeam is who I always loved even from my earliest days. Some of you might think that a woman can not compete with a dream. However, the reality is far better than any dream. When she called me out of the blue it was as if someone above was looking out for me. It did not take long for me to answer that call. In dreams everything comes easy. In reality there are obstacles and challenges to overcome and it makes the journey much sweeter. In real life she retains the sweetness of the archetype dream, but adds a fiery passion, quick wit and gentle manner.

We are but the sum of our loves, deeds and our character. Our wisdom comes from defining and nurturing our loves and good deeds. Those who live without love merely exist.

I thrive and my days are filled with the warmth of her love. The fool is gone and the man remains.


The Pagan Temple said...

Oh, I don't mind so much reading about you and Sunbeam, but since you have made her and your relationship such an integral part of your blog, I have an idea. You should really bone up on your computer technical skills, and then when the time comes, and the two of you finally tie the knot, you should make it a virtual wedding, so all of us can view the nuptials in real time.

beakerkin said...

I am convinced we will wed in time. For she is the fire in my soul and the zest in my life. I need her and can't imagine life without her.

FJ said...

Wisdom w/o love? Perish the thought. Philo-sophy. Love of wisdom.

The_Editrix said...

You are such a sweet guy, Beaky! I wish you and Sunbeam all the love and happiness in the world!