Sunday, March 15, 2009

Happy Birthday to the Beloved Rav Roov

This blog is named after the Beloved Rav Roov. My younger brother used to complain that he didn't want to go through life known as my brother. As an inside joke I used
a variation of his nick name Beaker as my pen name.

My younger brother turned 40 last week. He is much beloved by his congregation, friends and family.

Now some of you get the wrong idea about how religious people think based upon the rather insane writings of Khanist fools. The fact remains that these fools speak for a loud but insignificant percentage of the Orthodox. They do not speak for Rav Roov, Sunbeam or anyone I know in my lifetime of dealings with the frum community.

These Kahanists are egotistical frauds who pretend to be supporters of Israel while consorting with our enemies. Sorry, but this supporter of Israel is well aware that all of the enemies do not look like bug eyed versions of Jack Elam shouting Jihad. In fact one can find Muslims who are decent people with no difficulty. However, Communists by definition are evil and are enemies of the Jewish people.

Now some of you out there allow commies to rebrand themselves with fantasies of Trotsky the messiah or reinventing a deadly failed Marxist mess. Communism is evil and its followers should be treated in mental health facilities or deported depending on if criminality is evident.

Rav Roov nor Sunbeam willingly spend their time socializing with Trotskyite goons whose blog comment section reads like Der Sturmer or Mein Kamf. As an American Communists are anathema to my way of life and beholden to a hostile foreign ideology
as evil as Al Queda.

It would seem that those who scream about a Torah state are almost as insane as their traitorous antisemitic pals. If Israel ever became a theocracy, I would not support it. The people of Israel are more than capable of deciding their own future.


The Pagan Temple said...

Yeah, okay Beak, but it just so happens that the Kahanists are the only ones who have the balls to actually point out the fallacy of trying to come to any kind of compromise with the Palestinians. It has never worked, and it is never going to work. You of all people should understand that, after all your talk about "Pseudonstinians" (a phrase I personally never use and don't agree with), and your talk about how the Arabs have plenty of colonized real estate and should resettle their own people (which I do agree with). The point is, the Kahanists are the only ones willing to say this publicly. I don't necessarily agree with the Torah state idea either, but how bad can it be? It's not like they are intending to take over the whole world, they just want the historical land of Israel. They could never achieve that without a support of the majority of the people, and there would almost certainly be safeguards for minority rights, so what's the problem?

beakerkin said...


In general with the exception of Communists I respect Israelis to govern their own affairs without my two cents. I do not lecture them or try to be more patriotic than they are.

There are no Palestinians and Arabs need to settle their own refugees. The fake ethnicity was a Soviet creation to make populist antisemitism virtuous to left wing vermin and form alliances with Muslims and Nazis.

A Torah state would be the Jewish version of Iran. Sorry, but even Orthodox Jews like Rav Roov would tell you is an abomination. How are these Kahanist lunatics going to have their theocracy? Do Jews really want a state that persecutes gays, people for adultery or just eating non kosher? Rav Roov would be the first to tell you about recognizing free will and repentance is who we are.

The truth is MZ like me was not always religious. However, he has no clue about the spirit and nature of Judaism beyond his narrow hatreds.

Look at who Kahanists are and their enemies. What sort of super patriot befriends a person that seeks the destruction of Israel and has a blog comment section that does read like the Protocols of the Elder of Zion.

Now one can say Beatroot has similar comments. However, Beatroot does not allow the most rabid of antisemitic comments such as 9-11 and neocon conspiracies to pass on his site without noting his disagreement.

MZ is typical of Kahanist fools. They cling to idiotic rescue fantasies of commies who have betrayed our people in search of their Utopia. Even as these modern capos betray America and Jews, Kahanists see no evil.

Sorry, but one need look at the enemes of MZ to know what a decoy Duck and fool he is. Messianic Jews who support the State of Israel are his sworn enemies as are secular supporters of Israel who scoff at a Torah State. The man is a fool, a dope and real Jews readily know he is a clown. This holier and more patriotic act can only fool outsiders unfamiliar with Judaism.

The Pagan Temple said...

Yeah, but Beak, you didn't answer my main question, which is really a two-parter:

1. Is it remotely possible the Kahanists could ever come into power without the support of the majority of the Israeli people.

2. In the highly unlikely event that they did acquire such majority support, don't you think its highly probable that there would be enough minority opposition to insure minority rights?

Remember, we're not talking here about a country with a history mainly of totalitarian regimes and oppression, we are talking about a modern, developed nation with a sixty-year tradition of democracy and the rule of law.

Forget about your feud with MZ and Ren, they are not the issue here. The point is, the Israelis are presently encumbered by what has devolved gradually over the last couple of decades into a corrupt system that doesn't seem to be able to grasp the need to deal with a situation that threatens the survival of every Israeli man, woman, and child.

If they have their way, they are going to compromise the nation of Israel out of existence. How can anybody support anything like that?

If the Kahanists come to power, they are not going to install cameras in every bedroom and hotel room to catch people jacking off, that's utterly absurd. You will be able to eat oysters to your hearts content. Your argument against them is predicated on a false set of suppositions that really don't apply, IMHO.

beakerkin said...

1 No Kahanists could never come to power in a democratically elected Israel. This is why Kahanists have such disdain for Democracy.

2 A theocracy would not worry about minority rights. The right of free will would be replaced with coercion
and thugery. A Utopian vision requires the other to justify its manias and the other would be expendable. This is not to say that Kahanists would resort to concentration camps or gulags. However, there would be some form of severe punishment for the unfaithful.

Israel is rotting from within and needs to get the left wing radicals out ofpositions of power.

The_Editrix said...

I am not Jewish and I don't know much about Judaism, but from an outsider's point of view it seems that the Kahanists are the only ones among the Jews who have a grip on reality, sad as that may be.