Friday, November 11, 2011

Lightning Bolts All Over

In much of the heated discussion and horror about the antics at Penn State there is once again the gay angle.

Child molestation is a crime regardless of the orientation of the perpetrator. All of us should be outraged by these cases where adults abuse kids. There has been some talk about reforming the laws to a more practical approach. An 18 year old having intercourse with a 16 year old is a different animal than a thirty year old having a relationship with 16 year old. The conduct of Sandusky with ten year old boys was clearly criminal and apparently not isolated. Sadly, the priorities seemed more concerned with protecting a great but flawed football program than minors.Paterno made an inexcusable mistake and he has stated so.

The real tragedy is that Joe Paterno is in most ways an exemplary human. His program had high graduation rates and he played by the rules and personified dignity. He was mentor to many of his athletes. Along the way he made an inexcusable error. Why he did not take action is known only to the Coach himself.

Coach Paterno wrestled with a demon most of us face daily in our lives albeit in a much smaller scale. How many of us have honestly seen serious wrongdoing at work and have failed to step forward? How many of us have remained silent when coworkers were bullied or harassed by abusive bosses? How many of you have seen members of management act like they were Bill Clinton? If you are in government how many of you stepped up when coworkers took ethical shortcuts for whatever reasons. The reality is that as herd animals most of us do not like to make waves. We are afraid of the consequences to our careers if we speak up.

Paterno was an otherwise great human who failed albeit on a much larger scale, in a way that many of us fail each and every day.

Now the usual suspects who rationalized Clintonian predatory sexual behavior and ignore sex crimes at Occupy events are pointing a finger at Herman Cain. I want to point out the similarity
of the left's lynching of Justice Thomas and character assassination of Robert Bork. The charges against Clarence Thomas were laughable and had zero credibility. Nobody in their right mind follows a person who sexually harasses them to another job and goes out of their way to seek out their advice multiple times. Anita Hill was conveniently rewarded by the leftist academic mafia with a cushy job in academia which requires about twenty hours of work a week.

One Hermain Cain accuser lives in the same building with David Axlerod, has a litany of financial
problems, has a spotty employment record and is described by those that know her as a gold digger. The second accuser appears to have filled a second dubious complaint to advance her career.

The whole mess reminds us of the realities of daily life and our human failings.


beamish said...

I've heard that Herman Cain's accusers are all suspected oxygen-breathers, just like Hitler!

beakerkin said...

Mr. B

Anita Hill never had credibility despite the media spin since that time.

The Cain accusers have zero credibility. Being represented by Gloria Allred is a negative. Seeing her dismantling by Greta on another matter shows what a her skill is imagined.

beamish said...

I'm pretty much sold that Herman Cain was a liability for the National Restaurant Association as a serial sexual harasser, just as he was a liability for Pillsbury when Jesse Jackson was suing them to create affirmative action executive positions for black people at Burger King in the 1980s.

Herman Cain is everything a conservative should despise.

Always On Watch said...

Check out my recent comment over at The Pagan Temple.