Thursday, November 17, 2011

Ghost Town

I did visit the Park last night. I thought there were about 50 people in the pouring rain. The Park was clear and I could see the nice little space that I occasionally visit for lunch. In the summer after work I might grab a Dew and sit and read a paper there or at nearby City Hall Park.

There are massive protests scheduled for today in Foley Square. Perhaps some of the Freaks were sleeping in the Churches. I urge members of the Churches that permit these freaks and pariahs to foul their building protest and with hold donations.

Among the threats heard were plans to disrupt Wall Street, rush the Federal Court with a human wave. The ominous threat of a visit from the infamous Black Block is hanging in the air. NYPD is up to the challenge and will ultimately deal with whatever these losers come up with.


Always On Watch said...

Does the park stink?

Rita said...

I've noticed the idiots are getting hardly any notice on the network news now. Just a bit on clearing the park and now nothing. I get most of my information from the OWS websites, GA Meetings and livestream, all of which reflect just how out of touch the protesters are. The most entertainment is found on the requests for funding. Rarely do they deny the requests and the discussions about buying 90,000 PLASTIC stickers about some luncheon to be attended by a couple hundred people was the best. TWINKLES!

Recess is over kids.

Tammy Swofford said...

I have also had a concern for the regular and daily patrons of some of the parks. I have a favorite park, and I would hate to see it occupied in such a manner that the peace and solitude, beauty and enjoyment factor were diminished.

That being said, I do not support vagrancy-based politics. It does not seem a healthy way to engage freedom of expression.


Ducky's here said...

You watch the news today, Rita?