Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Whose Park

The Occupy Movement is amazingly successful in annoying people of all walks of life. Many of these
imbeciles and airheads are not NYC or tristate residents. A frequent claim is that they have ownership of the park. As we speak Bloomberg has acted following the leads of other Mayors in clearing the park.

In America we respect the right of free speech. This does not include stealing parks and annoying local residents. The notion that these Occupations would stir up dissent ala Arab Spring was a leftist delusion. The Arab Spring movements did have goals and reached out to others. Whether the new Egypt, Tunisia and Libya will be a more humane place will be written in the five years to come.

In contrast the American Movement was initially run by commies and then hijacked by anarchists.The incoherence and aimless message was apparent to anyone who did boots on the ground time and did not rely on MSM rose colored depictions of obnoxious poorly behaved ignorant people.

The NY Post ran a picture of an ex NYPD officer dragging an Occupy Protester out of a Public Assembly by the shirt collar. The picture summed up how NYC feels about these obnoxious protesters who have taxed the patience of the most liberal enclave in NYC.

It is time for a post mortem on the Occupy Movement

1) Incoherence What exactly was the point of all the 99% rhetoric
2) Annoying Locals: Rather than being a good member of the community these protests annoyed
everyone from small peddlers, ordinary office workers and residents.
3) No leadership no direction proof anarchism is a bad idea. Drug overdoses, theft, deaths and a rape or two remain facts.
4) Lack of a coherent media strategy.

The truth is Mayor Bloomburg had no choice. The Occupy Camps were a serious health hazard
and spreading crime. The residents and locals were getting fed up and a serious riot of locals taking matters into their own hands ala Hard Hat Riots was probably a week or two away.

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