Sunday, November 06, 2011

OWS criminality

I would like to point to the wonderful site OWS Exposed for some excellent footage of Occupy Protesters harming children, abusing middle age women and menacing the public.

There is an excellent video from DC that shows the criminality of this group in action. At one point a woman is screaming incoherently and is enraged. Her husband drags her away by the coat. Apparently, the Occupy Crowd pushed her kids and the woman went into a rage. In the same video a woman is being assisted by the public and security guards after being trampled.

A second video shows a woman using her toddlers as human shields and placing them in danger while blocking a door. An angered bystander points out the danger and the idiotic mother is vulgar and states "they are my children".

I want you to remember this when there are staged videos of alleged police brutality. You don't see what the protesters did to provoke the treatment. You can see several where police officers tell protesters multiple times "Sidewalk" and the protesters do not listen.

There is a video of Bill " Little Lord Fauntleroy" Ayers giving pointers to the Occupy protesters.

In a shocking development (sarcasm) the Occupy arsonist turns out to be a Ron Paul supporter. When Mark Levin, Medved and the writers of the American Spectator write about Ron Paul and his freak show supporters most of us should listen. The YAF booted Ron Paul off its advisory board. The GOP needs to boot Ron Paul and his kooky followers out of the GOP.


Ducky's here said...

A woman using her toddler as a human shield?

That's different. How about a link?

The Pagan Temple said...

The Daily Callers Michelle Fields posted a good video of the Occupy DC protesters trying to storm a conference being held by Americans For Prosperity. Intimidating people with kids, pushing an old woman to the ground. I have it embedded. It tells you all you need to know about these animals.

beakerkin said...

Ducky go to OWS Exposed and there are
several examples.

Rita said...

Do you ever read anything besides dailykos and then comment on conservative blogs, Ducky?

That took all of 10 seconds to find.

I never take anyone's post, liberal or conservative as the truth without research.

This women should have her children removed from her custody. Even the local Occupy movement was condemning her actions.

Surely even YOU would not support this stupidity.

Ducky's here said...

Pagan, I saw some bourgeois class collaborator run over a couple demonstrators. They should have pulled him out of his car and beaten him.

Stinking pigs wouldn't make the arrest.

Ducky's here said...

Ows exposed has some good stuff.

Cop in Atlanta tries to ride his motorcycle into the crowd and they pull him down. Cops are discovering they're a minority.

Z said...

Bill Ayers, Obama's buddy who he claimed he didn't know........
BIG SURPRISE to hear what he's up to now. It all goes hand in hand but the libs see the dots connected and keep cutting and cutting those connections. Happily, it's getting tougher for them to do it. Just far too much to deny anymore

The Pagan Temple said...

Yeah, Ducky, and you obviously ignored the part where they were stopping people's cars and harassing them, like the one guy that actually had to practically beg them to let him pass by, and him with a two year old child in the car. Whoever run those two scumsuckers over deserve a medal. I hope they fucking die from their injuries, and I hope they're the fucking first of many to come.

What about that old woman they pushed down on the sidewalk outside the hotel. I guess that will teach that old wrinkled up bitch to be a class collaborator won't it?

Arrest? Anybody that runs down any of those scumbag hipsters should be given the keys to the city and a trip to Disney World.

Alligator said...

Duck, obviously you are one in spirit with the OWS protesters. I was just wondering if you have gone down to any of the demonstrations yourself? I know Beak went down for a look see.

The Pagan Temple said...


Ducky has been going down there and feeding them, or the ones in Boston I guess. He's actually performing a public service. If somebody didn't feed them people in the area would really have to watch their kids.