Friday, November 11, 2011

Point Illustrated

Communists do not have the right to exist. Ideally, they should emulate Jim Jones and practice class genocide on themselves. Barring this they should be placed in collectives based upon their actions prisons or mental health facilities.

This was a classic illustration of the mentality Israel faces each and every day. The genocidal Arab opponents of Israel are quite open about their aims. Commies talk about Israel and apartheid while extolling the virtues of additional judenfrei real estate.

There is no case for Palestine. History does not begin in 1948 because communists deem it expedient for stoking populist antisemitism. A separate state was provided in 1920 and Arabs lost wars they started. The Soviets provoked the Six Day War by promising aid that never arrived. Then the motto changed from Jews into the Sea to a imaginary ethnicity.

Lefties are fond of the Jesus was Palestinian bit. This is quite amusing considering he was likely called Rabbi by his followers. Jesus is mentioned in passing by Josephus who makes zero references to Palestinians but talks about Jews at length. The New Testament talks about Jews but doesn't mention Palestinians. Obviously reading comprehension and being on the left are mutually exclusive.

Given the actual history of the region any claim that Muslims are persecuted by Jews is absurd.
Claiming that Jews oppress Muslims is as absurd as claiming Native Americans and Black Slaves oppressed American Settlers or that Blacks oppressed whites in the Jim Crow South.

The actual question should not be about Israel's right to exist. The question should be is there something in Islam that inherently requires ethnically cleansed real estate. This is something that a post leftist Muslim like Stephen Schwartz could answer excellently.

The problem with Islam is the most unreasonable voices are being promoted by the media and academic elite to further their own cause. in essence the media has given air to Muslim versions of David Duke while ignoring more mainstream voices like Schwartz.

There is a structural problem with anyone's implementation of religious law on the general populace. The aims of most Christians and Jews is for law to respect religious traditions, not place citizenry under theological law.

There is no logical reason why certain aspects of Shariah such as those laws that apply only to Muslims such as religious divorces or what is or isn't Halal shouldn't be left to the community.
Property divisions and child custody should be handled in a Civil Court unless all parties accept a religious court in the role of mediator.

The far left and radical Islam are maladies that enable each other. It is time that we cease being genteel with apologists for utopian totalitarian failed ideas

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