Monday, December 08, 2014

Even the stupid get it

My girlfriend decided the Maltese needed company and got a Pomeranian. I do not like the Pomeranian as he can be viscous and unstable.

The Maltese bonded with me from when he was a young puppy. I take him with me on long walks at crazy hours. When I eat I plan my menu thinking can I share this with my buddy. He sleeps next to me on the bed.

We have had several other dogs and the only one that was viscous was the Pomeranian. We had a pit bull that could be viscous. He was gentle with me because I had the food. He would play all day with the Maltese. We had to get rid of him when the daughter in law gave birth. The daugher in law had a Maltese also that followed me everywhere. He would sleep next to me with the other Maltese, He died in a car accident. We had a mixed breed small black dog that I liked but the Maltese hated. He was good natured and we gave him to a family that loves him.

Enter the viscous Pomeranian. He attacked my feet and had to be rescued before I kicked him in defense. When he growls I Toss  blankets over him and make him look absurd. After months of war he gave up and follows me wherever I go looking for food. He sees me reach for the treat bag for the Maltese he waits his turn. He follows me everywhere. He carries the rawhide bone I gave him wherever he goes. When he is eating he can be difficult. Feeding the Maltese by hand was natural. The Pomeranian is not natural in those interactions.

The Maltese is still my favorite and he is like a little comedian in the house. He is calm around food unless it is the chicken treats or chopped liver. If I lived in the country he wouldn't need a leash. He enjoys the doggy park so much he doesn't want to go home.

Even the stupid Pomeranian learns to go where the food is. He shadows me at all hours of the night.


Ducky's here said...

viscous - having a thick, sticky consistency between solid and liquid; having a high viscosity.

-- The Editor

beakerkin said...

Mobile phone editor.