Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The whining left

The left is in panic mode over the execution of two NYPD cops. The rhetoric is part of the Obama version of bread and circuses. Obama destroyed the lives of ordinary lower income people by foisting
a healthcare bill that led directly to layoffs and underemployment of millions of citizens. Now he seeks to give people who knowingly broke the law employment authorization cards for jobs that are as real as Bigfoot. Have an Obamaphone while you look for work at a fast food joint part time at minimum wage.

This idiocy got him stomped at the polls. Obama depends on his surrogates at OWS and big media to keep the Black community in a state of paranoia. Odds are all of us are far more apt to die from criminals and the actions of illegal aliens  than at the hands of cops or George Zimmerman types. A recent exchange with a lefty over my being profiled by Vermont police because I have Nee York plates. This is okay because drugs come from NYC but don't profile people because of their race. Just what type of people in NYC are most apt to be drug dealers. I didn't like being profiled but I was respectful and did what I was told to do. Why are you at KFC? JPs doesn't open for two hours. This demonstrates local knowledge. It also allowed the cops to ask the staff at the restaurant if they were familiar later. Humor is even okay if it isn't making fun of the cops. One cop made a smart remark about Captain Crunch and I told him I am not quite old enough for Grape Nuts. Cooperate be pleasant
and if you get arrested argue in front of a judge. Even at the judge be respectful and state your case in a professional tone.

Our own Ducky has grown unhinged. He is blaming Rudy for comments made by others. Oddly will the person who makes racist remarks about Condi Rice and Clarence Thomas explain how those comments never made by the Mayor are worse than his own rants.

Lefties rant about alleged racial epithets at TEA party events and sing another tune when their buddies at OWS are linked to Crime and terrorism. Mayor pothead needs to decide whether he wants to govern or rule a mob. He can't have it both ways


Ducky's here said...

Now let's go real slow for Dopey.

Your hero Rudy the Douchebag was whipping the cops to a lather at a rally when Dinkins was called a washroom attendant.
Now when Rudy and the police union demonstrate that kind of disrespect AS AGENTS OF THE GOVERNMENT it is a different matter than myself showing disrespect for two of the most vile government representatives (Rice and Thomas) of recent memory.
They are probably surpassed only by Cheney.
Even a government paper pusher can understand the difference so give it some effort.

beakerkin said...

The remark in question was said by Bob Grant not Rudy. Why that remark should be offensive to someone who used the term Slappy and Aunt Jemimah to describe Black Conservatives is amusing.

Your sources are not credible and any NYC resident would state you are not even close.
You are not even quoting the insult correctly.

Funny but when Public service unions are in bed with democrats you see nothing wrong. You also see nothing wrong with stealing member dies to support communist political activities like OWS.

You are wrong on facts and substance DUncy.

Michael said...

Hey, Cumwad:

I notice that you've gifted us with another of your "chopped word salad" specialties. A page straight out of the Cumwad Playbook: throw a lot of words at the wall and hope some of them stick.

KFC? Cap'n Crunch? What the hell are you writing about now, Cumwad?

Always On Watch said...

The left is in panic mode over the execution of two NYPD cops.


And damage control mode as well.

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-FJ said...

Happy holidays, beak!

beakerkin said...

Thanks FJ. Celebrating Christmas Guyana style Duck and Heineken. Jewish Head of Hindu household.

Hope your holiday is more Norman Rockwell than Asams family.

beakerkin said...

You seem apoplectic Cumwad. Based upon your distress Cumwad you grasp the points quite well